RE Chapter 100


Chapter 100 Celebratory Banquet

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Dunerk city hall was brightly lit. Along the road outside the hall was an extremely long line of carriages. There were at least two to three hundred luxurious carriages pulled by purebred horses. The coachmen huddled on the carriages while smoking pipe, cursing the damned weather while trembling.

However, there was nothing to be done, Dunerk city hall was very old. In addition, Baron Mirro was such an ‘honest’ official. He never spend even one copper to renovate city hall’s auxiliary buildings. So the small parking lot of the city hall was already occupied by the carriages of those big shots in Dunerk while their coachmen also occupied the narrow driver lounge. The drivers of smaller families could only endure the north wind outside.

On the contrary, bodyguards whose position was way higher than a driver was given a side hall near the city hall banquet hall to rest. They had hot tea, wine, and light refreshments to eat and could even play with some delicate maids, yet they had to be a lot more powerful than those struggling drivers.


As for the banquet hall, although owing to the corrosion of time and the fact that it hadn’t been renovated for a long time, many of the mural on the dome was already coming off, yet under the bright lights, it still emitted a dazzling luster. Like a woman in her forties, after covering her face with a layer of rogue and powder, she could unexpectedly still look somewhat beautiful.

Several hundreds of Dunerk leading figures gathered within the banquet hall, forming small circles while interacting with one another. They smiled happily, especially the shareholders of Trident Whale-hunting Company. They were grinning from ear to ear. White, yellow and black teeth reflected lights of different brightness.

Even Old Man Pompeii put on an old-style suit he couldn’t bring himself to wear for several years. It was said that the suit was handed down from his paternal grandfather. He earnestly mingled in the crowd of small shareholders of Trident Whale-hunting Company while loudly praising the heroic deed of the two youngsters, Lin Qi and Enzo.

One Single-horned Whale King was simply too wonderful, making them receive ample profits two years in advance. Moreover, the abundance of this profit was simply beyond imagination. Hearts untroubled, eyes delighted, everything was so miraculous, every person’s face was flushed red, everyone was beaming with happiness.

It was a banquet to celebrate Lin Qi and Enzo’s heroic deed, arranged independently by the honest Barong Mirro using the administrative funds of the city hall. Of course, owing to Baron Mirro’s constant honesty and self-discipline, one could imagine the quality of the dishes and beverages during the banquet. Probably, not even Dunerk’s middle-class people would serve such food and drinks during a banquet, not to mention the various Dunerk leading figures currently attending the banquet!

However, Baron Mirro did it this way, and no one voiced any objection ⎯ everyone was already used to it early on!

Holding a glass of wine that tasted like bad vinegar, Lin Qi, encircled by a group of high officials and aristocrats, smilingly described how he and Enzo killed the Single-horned Whale King. He already held this glass of wine for a full 15 minutes, yet he simply didn’t want to touch it. Even if it was just a sip, he simply didn’t want to touch the wine with killer flavor.

“That’s right, its movements were very nimble, more nimble than any sea beast you’ve ever encountered.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Lin Qi lightly said, “Enzo, we shot seven or eight whale-hunting prongs in succession, didn’t we? None of them hit the target!”

Enzo stood next to Lin Qi in a very serious manner. He actually didn’t dislike the terrifying wine at all, he even drank dozens of glasses in succession just now. Hearing Lin Qi’s words, Enzo slowly nodded and said in a deep voice, “Right, very nimble movements. Moreover, it has extremely powerful strength. The waves it raised nearly overturned Big Maritime Windmill!”

“Oh~~~” The surrounding high officials and aristocrats cried out in unison. These tall middle-aged men and old people covered their mouths like cute girls, as if they could faint in the next moment. Next to these middle-aged men and old people, the genuine young mistresses already started to roll their eyes. If Enzo had said another thrilling thing, they would certainly have lost consciousness.

During a banquet on West Continent, if dozens to twenty young mistresses didn’t lose consciousness, the banquet couldn’t be counted as successful – it only meant that no amusing thing actually happen during the banquet, otherwise there would definitely be some young ladies who collapsed.

Lin Qi looked deeply at Enzo. He nodded and said, “Right, it was a big fellow!”

Enzo drank a mouthful of wine and his fair face started to flush. He said in a low voice, “A very big fellow!”

Lin Qi shrugged his shoulders and vigorously said in a deep voice, “At this moment, I personally controlled the whale-hunting prong and shot the big fellow that was about to overwhelm Big Maritime Windmill. Did it hit its belly? I was a bit in a trance, I kind of forget!”

Enzo raised his thumb and exclaimed in admiration towards Lin Qi, “Right, it struck its belly, cutting open a hole on it.”

The audience once again exclaimed in astonishment. Lin Qi laughingly said, “But Enzo was even bolder. He grabbed a whale-hunting prong and jumped onto the head of the injured fellow and ruthlessly stabbed its head!”

“Heavens!” The surrounding high officials and aristocrats cried out in unison. Jumping onto the head of an injured Single-horned Whale King? How much courage was needed to do this kind of thing? Simply inconceivable, truly unimaginable, practically too crazy!

“Oh~~~” Five young ladies whose skin-tight dresses were too tight fainted. They finally fainted smoothly, completing their role at the banquet tonight. Several tall and healthy noble young masters hastily caught them and politely loosen their clothing before fanning their faces with a handkerchief, giving them enough fresh air.

Lin Qi raised his brows with a smile and said in a low and deep voice, “It was Enzo, unafraid of danger, who killed the big fellow! A Single-horned Whale King, aha, not to mention other things, after this big fellow is auctioned off, Dunerk can receive millions of gold coins merely from collecting taxes, right? This is all Enzo’s merit!”

Everyone glanced at one another before simultaneously applauded. What Lin Qi said was indeed true, otherwise, why would Baron Mirro hold a celebratory banquet out of his own pocket, wasn’t it because the Single-horned Whale King would bring in a huge amount of tax for Dunerk?

Enzo smiled and said leisurely, “Honorable ladies and gentlemen flatter me, in truth, the risk we faced wasn’t merely this.”

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