Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 10

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Volume 2: Chapter 10

I’m not dead yet!  ∑(。・Д・。)

Probably the only chapter of the week since I’m still really busy with the end of school stuff.

I’ll probably be back to a more regular schedule in a week or two before getting really busy for two weeks in the beginning of July.  However, I’ll definitely be able to go full speed at translating beginning sometime in mid-July. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

And I’ve changed essence to elements as that was just a arbitrary choice I made in the beginning and element should be more accurate. Also for idioms, you guys may have noticed but I don’t really put those in there. That’s cause I use MDBG for a lot of the phrases I don’t recognize. Since it gives the meaning of idioms, I just directly use those instead of trying to decipher what the original idiom was. Basically this saves a lot time translating but comes at the cost of all those ancient Chinese idioms that most people don’t understand.


Enjoy the chapter!

Statistics of May

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Hey readers, here’s our first monthly statistics to commemorate the first full month of translating.  (ノ>▽<。)ノ


Views: 293,552

Total Views: 298,129

Visitors: 37,366

Total Visitors: 38,854


Likes: 356

Total Likes: 364

Most Page Views in a Day: 19,391

Most Visitors in a Day: 4541

Comments: 421

Cliffhangers: 2 (More To Come)

Potato Count: 8

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 9

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Volume 2: Chapter 9

Finally got the chapter out. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Not sure if there will be any more this week. Been quite busy. I’ll probably be busy for another week or two. So it’s schedule is uncertain. Since I feel a bit guilty not releasing the donated chapters, I might release a few more to clear it.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

P.S Is there some sort of potato cult I don’t know about?


Busy week, reduced chapters? And a teaser.

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Hey guys.

Unfortunately I’m quite busy with school stuff and work this week, so I probably won’t be able to do too many chapters. I think I may be able to pump out the 4 chapters I’ve been doing these past few weeks, but don’t count on it.  (´;ω;`)

I have some good news though. I’ll be able to release a lot more chapters in a few weeks once my exams are over!  ҉*( ‘ω’ )/*҉

However, if I do manage to release 4 chapters this week, then you can all look forward to meeting the age old foe of the common reader, the cliffhanger! Yep! That’s right, there are going to be many cliffhangers in the upcoming chapters.

Anyways, enough with the cliffhanger tease, I’ve got a real teaser for you guys here! This is the Volume 2: Chapter 8 teaser. ୧(˃◡ु˂)୨


Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 7

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Volume 2: Chapter 7

Donated chapter courtesy of Nathan C.

Quite the nice pet isn’t it?

Now, time to get you all hyped up a bit. From the upcoming chapter titles, it seems we’ve got some battles, feels, reactions and of course some power-ups coming! Oh wait, did I mention cliffhangers? Yes, our lifelong enemy, the cliffhanger! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

Also, for anyone who posts the chapter on Reddit whenever I’m too lazy, please link to the chapter release page as I’ll put  any announcements here. Unless I make an actual post for the announcement of course.


Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 6

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Volume 2: Chapter 6

Final regular chapter of the week. With one bonus chapter currently in queue.

OP mc is OP. Once again, we get to see Zhang Gong unknowingly screw himself over.

And see? I told you guys. There would be more cliffhangers! (/^▽^)/

About the side project, I’ll most likely be taking up Tian Yu Cang Qiong as the side project. Before I said I would do 1-2 chapters a month, but I may bump that up to 1+ chapters a week once summer starts. Depending on if I like it of course. I will also  be doing 1 chapter of Wu Dong Qian Kun since I already have some parts of the chapter translated.


And just so you guys know, I usually post around 12:00 AM MDT +/- 2 hours.

Well, that’s it. Hope you all enjoy the chapter!  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

P.S What do you guys think the pet will be? I bet it’ll be pretty damn OP in some unusual way.

Side Project

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m planning on taking up a side project, now I’ve narrowed them down to a few choices. Keep in mind that I have no idea what any of these are actually about due to the vagueness of their descriptions, so if anyone has read it and can give a brief description, that would be appreciated. If anyone is already translating it, please inform me.  (。・ω・。)

This would not affect release rate of Guang Zhi Zi. Side project might be released 1-2 times a month depending on length of chapters.

  1. 天域苍穹 (Tian Yu Cang Qiong) Heavenly Domain’s Blue Dome
    Some xianxia/fantasy type story (Ranked #1 on some of Qidian’s weekly rankings)
  2. 黑色纪元 (Hei Se Ji Yuan) Black Era
    Some sort of time travel or reincarnation fantasy/xianxia story I think? Looks like there’s skeletons, so maybe demon lord? (Ranked top 10 in some Qidian rankings)
  3. 武動乾坤 (Wu Dong Qian Kun) Martial Movement of Heaven and Earth
    Written by Tian Can Tu Dou (Unending Potatoes), author of Battle Through the Heavens
    MC steals some secret technique then does OP stuff (Xianxia)
    (IDK ranking, but it’s BTTH author.)

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 5

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Volume 2: Chapter 5

The second regular chapter of the week, and quite the exciting chapter this time as well as the first cliffhanger! Fear not though,  for there shall be more cliffhangers to come as we truly enter the school arc.

We finally get to see what Zhang Gong is like when he’s not “meditating” and actually has motivation. 😀

I want to thank Nathan C. for donating a chapter! This donated chapter is in queue and will be done on the weekend once I finish the weekly regular chapters. 🙂

Hope that hyped you guys up and enjoy the chapter! 😀


Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 3

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Hey everyone.

Chapter 3 of Volume 2 is finished! It’s available here!

It’s a wonderful chapter about op MC being OP. 🙂

This is the first donated chapter courtesy of David C. and Samuel D. 😀

Hope you enjoy the chapter!


Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 2

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Hey readers!

Volume 2: Chapter 2 is done!  This is the 3rd and final regular chapter of the week! 🙂

But fear not, there is still a donated chapter coming up tomorrow thanks to the generous donations of David C. and Samuel D.

Also, if anyone can help me implement a “Next Chapter” and “Previous” Chapter” button at the bottom of pages, it would be much appreciated.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy the chapter! 😀


Implemented Donation System

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Hey readers, thanks for the feedback yesterday! 🙂

From the feedback I have decided to implement a donation system for bonus chapters. 😀

Some key points regarding this:

  • It is now $40 per bonus chapter (experimental price)
  • 3 Regular chapters per week
  • 7-10 chapters a week max(including regular chapters)
  • Donations go towards site upgrades/ getting a new host
    And Twizzlers.
  • Once summer comes I’ll review how the system is working and make any necessary changes.
    I will also probably be able to release 2 to 3 times more chapters in the summer.

So there you go guys, the donation button is on the sidebar if you want to donate. 😀

Translation Pace/Donation system yay or nay?

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Hey readers, with the completion of the first volume of Guang Zhi Zi come some announcements.

First of all, this first volume has been a sort of trial period for me. Just to see how well I can translate, how quickly, etc. And well, I’ve found that I like it. However translating takes time away from other things I could be doing. So from now on I’ll be maintaining a constant pace of 2-3 chapters a week. Hope you guys weren’t mislead by my release pace these last two weeks. 😛

Second of all, I’m considering a donation system similar to Wuxia World’s which has gotten so popular.  Some points about how it would work over here:

  • I would continue releasing 2-3 “regular” chapters a week regardless of donations.
  • For every $60 (Subject to change) I would add 1 “sponsored chapter” to the weekly amount of chapters
    i.e $180 = 3 regular chapters + 3 sponsored chapters = 6 chapters that week
  •  Of course this would be capped out at some point as there is a limit to how many I can translate a week.
    I feel confident in releasing 8-10 chapters max at the moment. This number would increase to ~15+ in summer.
  • Donations would mainly go to:
    1. Website management/upgrades for more website functionality.
    2. Maybe get a new domain, forums, chatroom, etc.
    3. My Twizzlers addiction (Don’t judge, it’s my translation food.) 😛
    4. More Twizzlers.
    5. Would be willing to translate for boxes of Twizzlers or Snickers

Final bit: I’m considering taking up a side project for those days where I don’t feel like translating Guang Zhi Zi. So if anyone has any recommendations for a Xianxia/Fantasy Chinese webnovel available online that no one else is translating, that would be appreciated. Note: This would be an extremely slow translation.

So there ya go.