The Legend Of The Dragon King – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Here’s the first sponsored chapter ever for The Legend of the Dragon King! A big thank you to David B and Andrea K!

Big eyes unite!

Translator: Ruze
Editors: Kiseki, Burning Ice

All spoilers of related novels (DD1-2.5) will be removed in the comments! However, I am working on a minimal spoiler background post for LDK.


The Legend Of The Dragon King – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Sorry about the late chapter! I’ve been really busy with exams this whole week. So the next chapter should be out on Wednesday or Thursday.

On another note, damn does TJSS move fast! The first physical book for LDK is already available for pre-order!

Translator: Ruze
Editors: Kiseki, Burning Ice

Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 20

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Editors: Kiseki

I’ve been playing a lot of Blade and Soul lately… In case you were wondering why this release was so slow..

I’m currently on Cardinal Gates, EU! You’re there too? Add me, Riko Pandere!

I’ve created a Xianxia/Wuxia guild, so I’m just gonna shamelessly advertise that here.. Future worlds best guild!

Enjoy! 🙂


Also, I’ll throw in 2 bonus chapters if we get 20 members (One for DMWG and one for BTD)

Recruiting Translators!

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Hey readers, we’re recruiting Translators!

We could really use some more translators for Lord Xue Ying and Magic Chef of Ice and Fire! We’ve also got a New Mystery Project in the works which could use more translators. Contact us if you’re able to speak or read Chinese and try it out!

We could use some more translation checkers too! Translation checkers are basically “translators lite.” For each chapter they may spend about 10 – 15 minutes on checking specific sections that we’re unsure of how to translate.

Editor recruitment is closed as of today! I’ll slowly be replying to those who have already applied over the weekend.

If you’re interested in helping out, please send an email to me, including some basic info about yourself, to [email protected]. You can head on over to the recruitment page for more information.