Dragon-Marked War God 32

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Editors: Kiseki


I’ve decided to try something new, I’ll be doing 5 regular chapters each week for this entire month.

So, first of five here.



Enjoy! 🙂 

LDK Chapter Delayed

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I uhh. Kind of procrastinated some more so the LDK chapter has been delayed by a day to give the editors time to edit.

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 31

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Translator: Ares… As usual
Editor: Kiseki

In case you missed it the previous time, I’ve started adding an option adfly link. Whenever you press the adfly link, I get paid.


Once I earn 50$ from adfly, I will do an additional chapter!

Here’s a fun fact: If everyone who reads this novel pressed this adfly link, then that would be enough for me do to a sponsored chapter!



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Also, here’s an old shitty animation I made when I started media school

New DMWG Chapter Release! Chapter 30

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First of 2 regular chapters this week. I’ve also changed donation bar from 60$ to 50$


Also, I’ve decided on adding 2 chapter links, one adfly link (meaning, I get money whenever you press it) and one regular link.

The adfly link makes you watch an ad for 5 seconds before redirecting you to the chapter page (10 seconds if you use adblock), and it really helps!



Translator: Same ol’ God of War

Editor: Ikesik

[^^ Aka Kiseki as usual. You. Are. Enjoying. This. Aren’t. You. Ares. (¬_¬) – Kiseki]


[STOP DOING THIS ARES. pouts Why do you keep teasing me…-Kiseki]

Chapter 30 regular

Chapter 30 adfly

Status of Beseech the Devil – Recruiting more Translators

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Hey everyone,

Ares has decided to drop Beseech the Devil as stated in the release post of chapter 14. However, one of our new translators will be picking it up once she gets accustomed to editing and TLCing. So we’ll be taking a 1-2 week hiatus on it. Additionally, our new translator is busy with RL stuff so will at most be able to keep up 1 chapter a week. Thus, we are looking for more translators to aid in translating this fantastic novel by Er Gen.

Any inquiries can be sent to me at [email protected]