Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife Chapters 1200 and 1201

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Hey guys~ sorry for ghosting for quite some times… I am busy in my course now so release will be unstable for a while. I find a way to get back my momentum. I am truly sorry for that. I will try to leave a note before I disappear if I really need to next time. Sorry for making people worried if you were and thank you for your patience ūüôā

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Here’s Unedited Chapters 1200 and 1201~

Chapter 1200

Chapter 1201



Miracle Throne Chapter 658 (End)

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Here’s the official last chapter of Miracle Throne!¬† Sorry this came late, my VPN dropped in China, so I couldn’t access my drive at all.¬† Overall, I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and Miracle Throne for the past three years, and I hope that everyone will support me with my new novel, Magic Industry Empire!¬† Without further ado, here’s the last chapter, enjoy!

Chapter 658

Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 10

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Hi all! 

It has been a while. Firstly, I do apologize for not posting any chapters for the last couple out mouths. After dealing with the loss of my loved ones, reservist and some other depressing situations, I’m finally able to restart my translations for Celestial Emperor Han.¬†

I’ll be posting about 1 chapter a week, so do stay tuned for new chapters!¬†

Thank you all for understanding !

Here’s chapter 10!


Hope you enjoy reading! ūüôā

TL: Frozenfirez

Editor: Gyrotrace

Miracle Throne Chapter 654

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Here’s the third unedited chapter of the week, enjoy!¬† Also, I’ve picked up a new novel that is like Miracle Throne, but focuses more on the business aspect instead.¬† It’s about a mechanical engineer from earth who transmigrates to a world dominated by magic with a low industry level, so he creates magical machinery and creates an industrial empire.¬† Please check out my new novel, Magic Industry Empire!

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Chapter 654



The Alchemist God Chapter 226 + Announcement

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Hey guys, well this chapter is a formal announcement that I will be dropping TAG.¬† For a long time, I haven’t enjoyed TLing this novel and some other circumstances have convinced me to drop this novel.¬† However, I will be picking up a new novel that is about a mechanical engineer from earth creating an industrial empire in a magic dominated world called Magic Industry Empire, I hope you guys will support me and give it a chance!

Chapter 226