Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 4

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So, how many of you like this novel as a refreshing change to most translated Chinese web novels around, and how many like it because they are a fan of Mecha/Sci Fi? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can share some of our favorite shows. Personally, I have been re-watching some old anime from when I was a kid. Every night as I lay in bed, I will watch an episode or two. Finished re-watching Outlaw Star, and almost done with Cowboy Bebop. Will either watch Ghost in a Shell or Trigun next.




Translator: Roboarc


TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx

Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 4

TSW quick update

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of update. This was all on me, and we actually have a few chapters just waiting final approval. This will be a 4 chapter week starting tomorrow night so be ready!

(for those who are want more info, I just had to put in a few more hours at work due to call ins. Was averaging being awake for about 31 hours at a time and 2-4 hours of sleep a night. Don’t expect this to happen again crosses fingers)

Heavenly Calamity Status Update

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So all of our translators for HC have either gone missing, or chosen to focus on other projects. We have some work done on chapter 24, but it’s nowhere near completion.
Thus, Heavenly Calamity will be on an indefinite hiatus from this point onward. We’re open to translators joining us to continue it, or if anyone wishes to pick it up, then please contact me so we can sort things out.

Zither Emperor – [C51] Episode 2: Chapter 13.3

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Final regular chapter of the week~ (3/3)

Okay – so I’m going on vacation next week around the 20th for a little over a week. I should still be able to post chapters, but the release schedule will be wonky. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the regular 3 chapter releases.

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Pseudonym


ED: Argos Yesu

ZE [C51] Episode 2: Chapter 13.3

TEASER [C52] Chapter 13.4

The Legend of the Dragon King – Chapter 40 + MAJOR TERMINOLOGY CHANGES

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Sponsored chapter + terminology changes!

Here are the current changes:
Battle spirit –> Martial Soul
Spirit Power –> Soul Power
All Spirit Master Ranks –> Soul Master Ranks
Soul Pagoda –> Spirit Pagoda
Soul Master –> Spirit Master
Spirit devices –> Soul Devices
Spirit beast –> Soul Beast

Now for the why. I had originally used Bagelson’s terminology for the sake of continuity, however, the differences between “spirit” and “soul” are simply too big in LDK to continue using the old terminologies and for them to remain accurate in this context. Much of the stuff pertaining to the soul pagoda and spiritual strength stuff, was using the character “灵” which is usually translated as spirit. This type of spirit in LDK references mental strength. On the other hand, what was originally translated as spirit and is now “soul”, used the “魂” character. This new “soul” references to something more akin to the essence of one’s person. I’m not sure if my explanation makes much sense to all of you readers, so just comment below if you need further clarification.


I am currently in the process of correcting all the terms in the previous chapters. So I ask any new readers to refrain from reading for a day so I can finish the corrections.


All finished with the corrections~

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Zither Emperor – [C50] Episode 2: Chapter 13.2

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Second regular chapter of the week~! (2/3)


We finally broke the 50 chapter milestone! (Well – for publishing at least) ♥

Hmm… as a gift, here’s the summary for that side-project I’m working on for fun.

It’s a CN romance novel set in Ancient China ღ


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