Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 8

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So some of you have mentioned Overwatch before. I have played a little myself and was able to get a season high or rank 61. 200 comp points smell good. For those of you who have played, how high have you got?

Chapter 1/3


Translator: Roboarc

TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx


Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 8

Recruiting Editors for Lord Xue Ying

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So with the recent influx of sponsors, we don’t have the manpower to edit with the release pace.

So if anyone is highly confident in their technical English skills and has an eye for detail, then please check out the recruitment page and apply!

Battle Frenzy – Chapter 1

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Welp guys. I’ve done it again.

I was looking through Qidian last night when I found this new novel written by Skeleton Wizard, the author of Tempest of the Stellar War. So next thing you know, I began translating the first chapter and I’ve decided to pick it up as a side project.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As always, since this is a new project I started semi-solo, I’m looking for new translators and editors to join me in working on this project. Hopefully someone joins so I can go for at least 3 chapters a week. Check out the recruitment page for more details~

Anyways, here’s the link to the index, which has some character art of the two characters introduced this chapter.
And here’s the link to the chapter.

Chapter 1


Lord Xue Ying – Book 4: Chapter 16

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First regular chapter of the week!
The sponsored chapter is ready, but will take a few days since we currently don’t have enough editors to maintain the increased pace due to sponsors. So if any of you readers would like to help speed up the releases for LXY, the please check out the recruitment page!

TL: Luna
TLC: Ruze
Editors: May, Ruze

LXY Book 4: Chapter 16

TSW update

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Sorry for the lack of communication guys. Had to go out of town expectantly. We’ll resume chapters with 2 on Thursday and 1 on Sunday.

New Novel Release: Unrepentant – Chapter 1

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So, this is a small side-project I’ve been working on whenever Zither Emperor angers/frustrates me too much.

Such a lovely CN romance novel too~! I’ll be updating once a month or so; I’m not actively translating it, unfortunately. My main focus is Zither Emperor. If there is anyone wanting to help me translate either of my novels (I don’t bite! much), please check the Recruitment page.


Unrepentant (不悟) – Ze Mu (则慕)


cover image

Gu Hong Jian practically lived for Lin Si Ze.

Then one day, she died.

Afterwards, she found herself as a ghost—incapable of leaving Lin Si Ze.

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sonic

ED: Goorin, May

Unrepentant Chapter 1