Merry Christmas~

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A bit late since it’s nearly over where I’m at and for most of the world, but merry christmas!

As some of you may have noticed, a few novels haven’t had their regular releases yet (TSW, RE, BF). Those will be released tomorrow when I finally have a chance. So look forward to it~

Zither Emperor – Episode 5: [C121]

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Merry Christmas/Boxing Day everyone~

Here’s the final regular chapter of the week!

Orz. Sorry for it being so late, but I literally just got to my paternal grandfather’s place 1564 miles away. It’s nearly midnight here… whoops.

And… well… starting from now on, donation queue is back to $60. Explanation is in the author’s note summary in this chapter (C121), but essentially, TJSS increased the chapter length by about a thousand or so characters per chapter part and decreasing a full chapter to only three chapter parts.

Anyways~ No Christmas Special (sorry! But road trip for 22+ hours over two days…)


But here’s the chapter after one quick PSA (again):

I’m looking for translators to help me with Zither Emperor or my side-project Unrepentant in order for the release pace of either or both of the novels to increase. If you want to help, please check out the Recruitment Page.Read More