Enchantress Amongst Alchemist: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 16

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Hey~ To those that read COL, how did you like my tiny devilish prank? 😛 And to EAA readers, don’t worry~ I don’t prank often. 😉 Comment if you don’t want any pranks forever or alright with occasional pranks~ I’ll determine which have the higher percentage and go with that as I don’t want you to hate me for some of my fun, since the main point of translating is for you guys to enjoy the novel that I like. <3

TL: Miki
TLC: Grenn
Editors: Bella, Argos Yesu

Chapter 16




TSW minor/major update

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Hey guys! Sorry for the week off, I took some time off at the start of the week for my birthday. The second half of my week was lost to mandatory overtime at work. Due to the weather on the South East coast, some of my centers had to close, we had to pick up the slack.

So anyway, onto the announcement I meant to make last week. Some things have come up and I need to take an indefinite hiatus from TSW. This is only a personal hiatus, while the team will still be around to get chapters ready, and posting chapters will be taken over by someone else.

What does this mean for release pace? I am not sure. Give it a week to normalize.

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