Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 17

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Well guys… Despite the good luck thrown my way, the saga continues. So one the second replacement of my windshield, it had rained and made it dirty, and of course with the wipers not working, I couldn’t clean it properly. I went down to the shop to fix the wipers, and they cleaned the glass as a courtesy. With bright clean glass, it became readily apparent, the person who installed the glass, completely gouged the glass with a razor blade, attempting to remove the factory sticker. So there is a large patch of horribly scratched glass. So you guessed it! Need to have a fourth appointment with them, and have my windshield replaced a third time! Unreal… Shouldn’t effect releases though.




Translator: Roboarc


TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx

Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious, Deyna

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 17

Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 16

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Alright guys, slight change of plans. Found out that when they replaced my windshield, they broke the motor for the wiper on the driver side facepalm. So the saga continues and I need to wake up early to get that fixed before work. Won’t be able to get that second chapter out tonight. Will have it out by Thursday though.

Translator: Roboarc

TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx

Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious, Deyna

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 16


TSW update

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Sorry for the late announcement guys. Was a rough weekend. Had the battery die in my car, and had my windshield replaced on Thursday, only for it to stress crack same day, then need a second replacement today. Today’s appointment was set for 7am on an offsite location, and the guy was late… HE DIDN’T GET THERE UNTIL 3pm! I was also invited to go to a football game as an early b-day present, which ate up the second half of my day. Suffice it to say, I lost my full day and our two weekend chapters will be coming tomorrow night after work. I am sorry for this delay.

KawaiiDesuChan arrives with HC-24

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hey guys i just joined the team last week

u guys can call me kawaiidesuchan

ill be picking up heavenly calamity

i normally translate 10 words per day

so that means it’ll be 3 months till the next update


see you guys on christmas~~


Zither Emperor – [C78] Episode 3: Chapter 20.2

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Second regular release of the week~! (2/3)

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TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sugar

ED: Argos Yesu, Deyna

ZE [C78] Episode 3: Chapter 20.2

TEASER [C79] Chapter 20.3