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Chapter 147: Distorted justice

After midnight, the horses gave snorts in the night breeze.  Lin Mu Yu had obtained the armour of a Silver Ranger which was crafted from black iron.  Although it was far from being able to be compared with the temple’s battle dress, it still helped increase his defenses.  He would not be cut in half by someone’s blade, but of course Lin Mu Yu did not have to worry about this.


The two Envoys, Luo Yu and Li Qian Xun mounted their horses and raised their weapons as he roared, “If we’re prepared, then let’s go.  We don’t have much time, so everyone should hurry.”

Everyone mounted their horses.  Other than Lin Mu Yu, there were three Gold Rangers, fourteen Silver Rangers, and over five hundred Rangers and Rogues participating.  This did not look like just an assassination, but rather a decisive battle!


Lin Mu Yu tied up his prairie sword on his back and tightened the rope.  He looked up into the night and the cold wind blew across his skin, which was a really bad feeling.

“Let’s go!”  Li Qian Xun ordered as everyone moved their horses down the mountain.

The Gold Rangers followed behind the Envoy, not even sparing a glance for Lin Mu Yu, the new Silver Ranger recruit.  Perhaps, in their eyes, Lin Mu Yu was already a dead person.

Out of the three Gold Rangers, only Long Yan had positive feelings for Lin Mu Yu.  He moved his horse beside his and said with a laugh, “Lin Yan, I never thought that you would become a Silver Ranger this quickly, but you’ll have to be careful on this mission.  Nie Yan’s Dragon Exterminating Palm is famous for being very powerful, you have to live through this.”

The corners of Lin Mu Yu’s lips raised,  “Thanks you Sir Long Yan for your concern, I will definitely live through this.”

Long Yan had a look of disbelief on his face, but he laughed and said, “Alright then, I hope that you’ll live for a long time.”


The Ranger cavalry rode for around four hours and reached their destination, Blue Lake Town by sunrise.  The little town was surrounding a blue lake and the houses were sporadically scattered around the lake itself.  With a glance, one could see that there were around two hundred families with a total of one-two thousand people present.

“Sir Long Yan, why would the Day After Mercenaries pick to attack this place?  It doesn’t seem like there is much to take here!”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Long Yan narrowed his eyes and said, “You won’t understand this.  The people of Blue Lake Town mainly fish and hunt for a living, but the mountains are filled with treasures.  There could even be something as precious as thousand year old profound iron there, so the blacksmiths of Blue Lake Town are filled with treasures.  Moreover…..”

Long Yan scratched the corners of his mouth and his eyes revealed a lewd look.  With a smile, he said, “The ladies of Blue Lake Town live by the water and are all quite beautiful, but they still can’t compare to the ladies of Orchid Goose City.  With hot blooded mercenaries roaming around, who wouldn’t want women?  I think…..the reason why Nie Yan chose to rob this place is mainly because he wants to steal the women.  Fifteen to thirty year old women are considered treasures for them!”

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath and his heart filled with helplessness.  This really was a barbaric world!

Before they had entered the village, Luo Yu led their group into the dense forest and shouted in a low voice, “Everyone prepare the ambush, no one is allowed to make a sound.  We’ll kill the Day After Mercenaries before they can enter the village and Sir Lin Yan will be responsible for killing Nie Yan!”


Li Qian Xun raised his hand and said, “Envoy Luo Yu’s plan is wrong.  From my opinion, we should attack the Day After Mercenaries after they have begun to raid the village.”

“Why?”  Luo Yu was astonished.

Li Qian Xun laughed, “It’s very simple, they will be relaxed after they begin to raid and we should attack while the greedy mercenaries are raiding the village.  That way we can prove their crime and we can show off the righteousness of our Swordsman Hall.  Isn’t that right Envoy Luo Yu?”

“This…..Envoy Li’s plan is……”

Luo Yu was stunned, but he only nodded in agreement.  However, the trace of hate that flashed through his eyes under the moonlight did not escape Lin Mu Yu’s eyes.  It seemed like the two Envoys did not get along with each other.

Kneeling down in the snow, Lin Mu Yu gave a secret sneer.  Letting citizens be attack and then helping them, they really were hypocritical.  These people were even worse than wandering mercenaries.

Not long passed before the sun ascended, but they could not see a trace of the mercenary group.

There were some Rogues and Rangers that were looking impatient as they took out pieces of dried meat to swallow.

Lin Mu Yu was just sitting in the snow.  He looked like a respected war lord, not moving at all, completely suppressing his aura.  His eyes looked into the distance and he said nothing, not revealing a trace of impatience.

Luo Yu looked at him and couldn’t help revealing a look of praise.

It was noon when they finally heard the sound of horses in the distance.  They were here!

From the snowy woods came a patch of red which was the flag of the mercenaries, the blood red flag that the Day After Mercenary group used.  The hoofbeats continued on as the cavalry soldiers appeared in front of them.  More and more appeared and they seemed like they blotted out the sky.


Luo Yu knit his brows and said, “There are at least a thousand of them, far surpassing our calculations.  We’ve only brought six hundred people this time.  From what I can see…..should we cancel our mission?”

Li Qian Xun raised his hand and said, “No, since we’re here, then don’t speak of retreating.  When they are slaughtering the village, we’ll kill our way in after them and route them all.”

Luo Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Alright!”

Lin Mu Yu was secretly confused.  They were both Envoys, but why did Luo Yu always listen to Li Qian Xun’s orders?  If he could find the answer to this, it would be of great use to him.

Whistles came from the distance and the members of the Day After Mercenaries charged into the village.  Suddenly the sounds of slaughtering, crying, and screams filled the air.  Not only was there robbing, there was also arson and many buildings quickly caught on fire, turning Blue Lake Town into a sea of flames.

Lin Mu Yu gripped his prairie sword and his killing intent was released.  No matter what his mission was, just based on the actions of these mercenaries, they all had to die.

“Let’s go!”  Li Qian Xun loudly shouted, “Prepare to attack.  Whoever tries to run away will be cut down for being a coward!”

Everyone mounted their horses and with a “hua la” sound, the flags of Swordsman Hall were all raised.  If he did not know the evil hidden beneath, then Lin Mu Yu would have thought that they were fighting for justice.

Li Qian Xun raised his spear and said, “Sir Lin Yan, you are the main actor in this assassination mission, so you will take the lead.  Charge!”

Lin Mu Yu knitted his brows  and then charged forward with his horse.  Was his true mission really just to be cannon fodder?

“Lin Yan, be careful!”

Luo Yu’s voice came from behind him which made Lin Mu Yu feel grateful.


The hooves of his horses moved across the snow and he instantly reached the village, but the scene he saw was appalling.  Entering the town, he found corpses all over the bridge who looked like militia.  They had harpoons and other cheap weapons in their hands, so how could they fight against full armoured mercenary enemies?

There were heart rending screams from girls to the side.

Lin Mu Yu did not stop and drew the prairie sword as he charged forward.  He condensed a sword qi with true dragon flames to attack the mercenaries and instantly slashed down three mercenaries.  Blood sprayed to the ground and the war horse neighed as Lin Mu Yu continued to slaughter his way through the village.

“It’s someone from Swordsman Hall, stop that little brat.  Archers, shoot him to death!”  A mercenary shouted.

Lin Mu Yu saw that he had already left the Rangers and he charged his horse forward.  Raising his hand, he released his gourd source spirit, activating the Black Turtle Shell and Dragon Scale Wall at once, protecting the war horse as it charged forward.  In the distance, under the Day After Mercenary flag, there was a soldier wielding a long sabre.  There was a golden badge on his neck and this was the third captain Nie Yan!”

“Dirty thing!”

Nie Yan saw Lin Mu Yu kill his men and did not care about why.  He charged forward and as his sabre was covered in true qi, whistling as it fell down from above.

Lin Mu Yu had decided to kill, so he waved his hand and lightning covered the prairie sword as it soared forth.  With a “dang” sound, it hit Nie Yan’s sword.  At the same time, his hands were covered in battle qi as luminary energy condensed within his palm, exploding as it shot out!

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!

Nie Yan was stunned, “Battle qi?  Heaven…..Heaven Realm……”

His blade had already been shattered and he quickly raised his hands as he shouted, “Earth Destroying Dragon!”

The dragon’s roar sounded.  This Dragon Exterminating Palm was quite good.

But there was too much of a difference in strength.  How could a third rate skill like the Dragon Exterminating Palm compare with the First Luminary, Mortal Coil?  With a “peng” sound, the Dragon Exterminating Palm was swallowed by the Seven Luminary Power.  Nie Yan’s palms were shattered and even his horse was blown away.

Without waiting for him to react, Lin Mu Yu’s left hand raised and lightning was condensed.  Thunderstorm’s Rage!


Blood scattered over the ground and the prairie sword pierced through Nie Yan’s chest, penetrating through the wall behind him.


Nie Yan’s mouth was gushing blood and his eyes filled with unwilling disbelief.  He could not believe that he would die here and did not believe that he would die so simply at the hand of an unknown little boy.


Lin Mu Yu called back his sword and chopped off Nie Yan’s head.  Raising it high up, he also called back his battle qi and gourd wall before loudly shouting, “Nie Yan has been beheaded, do you still want to fight back?  Put down your weapons and maybe you won’t die!”

The mercenaries were all stunned and quite a few people put down their weapons.  Having a Heaven Realm expert as their enemy was simply just a nightmare.

At this moment, Li Qian Xun, Luo Yu, and the other Rangers finally killed their way over.  Without waiting for the mercenaries to react, Li Qian Xun quickly ordered, “Kill, kill them all for me!”


Lin Mu Yu stood to the side holding Nie Yan’s head as he watched the slaughter carry on.  Out of the over a thousand soldiers of the Day After Mercenaries, only 30% had escaped Blue Lake Town with the rest all becoming ghosts under their swords.


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