MT Chapter 648


Chapter 648: Causing a stir

It was unknown what kind of mood the Big Dry Emperor was in when he made this decision.

But one could be certain that the Big Dry Emperor was helpless in making this kind of decision.

The Big Dry Emperor already had no other choices since Chu Tian was just too ruthless.  If the Big Dry Emperor didn’t agree, he would be trapped for two hundred and fifty years in that cruel method of torture.

Two hundred and fifty years!


The Big Dry Emperor was willing to suffer the most cruel tortures in this world, rather than being trapped for two hundred and fifty years in cold and dark solitude.  Not mentioning the upgraded Spiritual Helmets two hundred and fifty years of spiritual imprisonment, even the previous Spiritual Helmet’s twenty five years of solitude was enough to change his attitude, thoughts, and mind towards this world.

Chu Tian crossed his arms at his chest and looked at the Big Dry Emperor with a doubtful gaze, “How can I believe you?  If you are just acting right now and don’t actually keep your word, wouldn’t I look like a fool?”

The Big Dry Emperor knew that Chu Tian still had his tricks, so he said with a look of exhaustion, “How exactly do you want to do this?  Don’t waste time, take everything out!”

“Good, good, good, since the Big Dry Emperor has said this, I won’t be polite.”  Chu Tian took out several pills and a spiritual contract, “These pills are all thought aware types of poison.  When you swallow them, they will immediately become dormant and even a high level alchemist won’t be able to find any problems.  This kind of poison will act accordingly to your thoughts, so as long as you have any thoughts of breaking this agreement, they will activate and swallow you.  Other than that, this spiritual contract will take care of any other eventualities.”

A double guarantee of pills and spiritual contract.

This way, they won’t be afraid of the Big Dry Emperor betraying them!

The Big Dry Emperor knew that he couldn’t escape this pass and any struggle would be futile, so it was better to directly accept it.  He swallowed the poison pills Chu Tian had carefully refined and put a part of his spirit into the spiritual contract to sign it.

“Very good, very good.”

Chu Tian was very satisfied with this ending because whether they could swallow the Big Dry Empire or not, at least they controlled the Big Dry Emperor.  As long as they controlled the Big Dry Emperor, the Big Dry Empire will never attack the Forest Alliance again and no matter what, Miracle City would be invincible.

Chu Tian sent the good news to the young miss in the Big Dry Empire.

The young miss never thought that Chu Tian would take care of the Big Dry Emperor this easily.

The Big Dry Emperor was one of the few emperors on the continent.  To make him submit to Miracle City was much harder than Meng Qingwu taking care of the motley crew in the Big Dry Empire.  But this was so called complementary actions. Meng Qingwu could do what was hard for Chu Tian to do and Chu Tian could do what was hard for Meng Qingwu to do.  With the two working together, wasn’t it easy for them to take care of the Big Dry Empire?

After the Big Dry Emperor compromised, he was released from the dungeon by Chu Tian.

Since the Big Dry Emperor had regained his freedom, Chu Tian not only used methods to make him submit, but he also wanted to him to understand that he had lost.  During this time, the Big Dry Emperor could freely move through the Forest Alliance’s area, he could freely look over Miracle City’s technology. Chu Tian even gave him a Miracle Helmet.

After the Big Dry Emperor experienced these things, he deeply understood the strength of Miracle City.  He deeply understood just how much of a difference there was between the Big Dry Empire and Miracle City.  The Big Dry Empire couldn’t beat Miracle City before and now there was no hope, so there was no other choice but to submit.

They could at least gain riches by submitting.

If they chose to resist, there was only death and destruction.

This went on for another half a month before Meng Qingwu suddenly contacted Chu Tian.  She had pretty much taken care of her work in the Big Dry Empire, so she wanted Chu Tian to bring the Big Dry Emperor back.  Chu Tian didn’t waste any time as he called the four leaders of the alliance to form a delegation, bringing the Big Dry Emperor back to the Big Dry Empire.

The two sides engaged in a reception and negotiation ceremony.

In the eyes of the forces that didn’t know the truth, Miracle City was just negotiating with the Big Dry Empire.  In the end, Miracle City agreed to send the Big Dry Emperor back to the Big Dry Empire and it was most likely the Big Dry Empire would give large amounts of compensation.  This was a large price to pay, but Miracle City was still Miracle City and the Big Dry Empire was still the Big Dry Empire, these were facts that would never change.

This was the international practice.

After all, an emperor couldn’t be killed when one wanted.

What everyone paid attention to now was the Miracle Continent and competing for Miracle City’s newest technology.  When this matter came out, the media sources controlled by Miracle City reported little on it, therefore there weren’t that many people who cared about this matter.

This peace continued for another half a month.

Meng Qingwu and Chu Tian frequently appeared on the Miracle Continent and the Big Dry Empire was a frequent guest as well, so everyone thought the two powers had already put their differences aside.  As for what kind of compensation agreement Miracle City and the Big Dry Empire reached, the various sides tried asking about it, but they received different responses.

But there was nothing important to care about.

The Big Dry Empire was far from the Forest Alliance and there were many small and medium sized countries in between them, so it was not too likely the Big Dry Empire ceded territory.  At most they provided compensation in terms of money. But Miracle City didn’t lack money at all, they had over ten billion source stones in their account. But the current facts were just icing on the cake for Miracle City.

Who would have thought that at this time.

A piece of news that shocked the entire continent would be released.

Chu Tian, the Big Dry Emperor, the six leaders of the alliance, the Sea Race representative, and the underground representative, all these people gathered in Miracle City, releasing an earth shattering piece of news that would shock the entire continent.  They were prepared to group themselves into a Miracle Federation.

This Miracle Federation would be the first federation on the continent, with Miracle City being the leader of this federation.  The entire federation would be divided into three hundred states and there was only a single highest leader. This leader would be appointed by a vote from the federation council.

When this news appeared.

The entire continent exploded.

People never would have dreamed that the situation would become like this.

Actually the alliance around Chu Tian could already become a new empire level power, this was expected by everyone, so they already made their preparations.  Although the continent would have another power on the same level as them, it was not that much of a bother to them. But with the influence and status of Miracle City, people had already accepted this, so this ending was inevitable.

But now it was not the same.

The Big Dry Empire announced they were joining the Miracle Federation.

Perhaps no one truly understood what this news meant.

If Miracle City who could already become an empire level power with their alliance were to add in a Big Dry Empire, that was not a simple as adding one and one.   The result of this alliance would be Miracle City becoming a super overlord that would control the western continent, becoming a super empire that surpassed any empire level power on the continent!

Miracle City’s alliance area, the Big Dry Empire’s area, and the Western Sea, they all had the potential to become empires.  Once the three were linked, hundreds of small and medium sized countries would be forced to join, which would equal the resources of at least four-five empires.

No one on the continent could stop the Miracle Federation!

This caused all the emperors of the continent to panic.

This was because Miracle City’s ambitions truly shocked them this time.

Now the entire continent was benefiting from Miracle City’s technology and were in a honeymoon phase with them, but who would have thought that they would play this trick and cause large amounts of pressure to every power.  How they should face Miracle City now was this generation’s most painful and hardest decision.

Among them, there were several empire level powers that denounced Miracle City’s methods.

They felt that Miracle City wanted to rule alone, they wanted to dominate the entire world.  So, they called the other empires to ally together and control Miracle City’s ambitions.

This kind of worry quickly spread all over the continent and everyone was worried that because Miracle City became bigger, they couldn’t stop them in the end.  Because at that time, there would be no power on the continent that could resist Miracle City.

Although there were many empires responding, there were more empires hesitating.

Especially the six empire level powers close to Miracle City.  Although they found it very hard to accept Miracle City’s methods, they could feel that Miracle City was very strong.

Once Miracle City and the Big Dry Empire came together, no one could shake their power in the Western Sea.  Even if the entire continent attacked Miracle City, they could still protect themselves. This will cause long term consumption, even turning into a world war that could last for decades.

Once they began fighting with Miracle City.

The Outer Space and underground ruins, the communication and transportation networks would all be shut down.

Meng Qingwu saw that the continent became very anxious, but she wasn’t panicked by this at all because the responses of these emperors was expected.  For such a large matter, if these emperors happily accepted it and didn’t make any reaction, it would make people feel strange.

Meng Qingwu sent an invitation to all the emperors at this time.  Miracle City was prepared to hold an empire summit, inviting all the emperors on the continent to let everyone gather and discuss this matter.  Meng Qingwu knew that although they had taken care of the Big Dry Emperor and the Big Dry Empire, if they didn’t stop the outside people from talking, the Miracle Federation could never be truly established.

This conference was very important.

It could even influence the future of the world!

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