MT Chapter 647


Chapter 647: Surrender

Chu Tian spent an entire ten days for his cultivation breakthrough before spending ten days to solidify his cultivation.  After this large success, Chu Tian wasn’t in a rush to leave his laboratory, as he fiddled around in the laboratory for a while.  No one knew what he was doing during this time.

When Chu Tian finally came out of the laboratory, it was because Meng Qingwu contacted him.

Meng Qingwu had reported to Chu Tian, saying that she had already made breakthrough progress with the Big Dry Empire!

It can’t be, right?


Why was it this fast!

Chu Tian knew that the young miss’ efficiency wasn’t low, but it had only been a week, how could she have made a breakthrough already?  Normally one month wouldn’t even be enough to stroll through the entire Big Dry Empire!

Chu Tian called the young miss with the spiritual communication so she could explain.

Meng Qingwu used the spiritual space to explain this matter in detail.

Meng Qingwu had not gone to the Big Dry Empire alone, rather she led a team of several hundred diplomats.  Meng Qingwu didn’t need to go through the trouble of running all over the Big Dry Empire, her work mainly consisted of coordinating everything and planning everyone’s jobs.  Most of the actual work was taken care of by her subordinates.

When the Miracle City diplomat team entered the Big Dry Empire, it was already in complete chaos.  This was because the Big Dry Empire had suffered defeat again and this defeat was even more tragic than the previous defeat, so the entire empire was covered in a dark cloud.

There was nothing left of their status as a large country.

The most directly impacted was their relationship maintained with nearby countries.

Many subordinate countries of the Big Dry Empire rose up and already decided to stop paying them tribute.  There were some that even directly betrayed the Big Dry Empire to become independent or fall under another power.

This was caused an unprecedented attack and loss for the Big Dry Empire.  This was because an empire level power had at least several warring kingdoms as attached powers and several hundred small and large kingdoms.  A large country would rely on the protection fee from smaller countries to earn a large amount and this was most of the country’s income.

After the Big Dry Empire had been defeated twice and the Big Dry Emperor was caught, the confidence of the Big Dry Empire citizens plummeted.  Even the nobles were feeling pessimistic towards the Big Dry Empire’s future. Miracle City right now was just becoming stronger, they were developing by miles each day and a new world was opened with each passing day.

In this kind of situation.

What would they use to protect the smaller countries?

The Big Dry Empire had such a large grudge with Miracle City, it was already a problem of it they could defend themselves.  The Big Dry Empire didn’t have the mind to care about the smaller kingdoms and because there might even be a bigger war, the protection tribute of the attached countries could become even bigger.  It would be strange if these smaller countries didn’t choose to rebel or flee!

The Big Dry Empire at its peak couldn’t destroy the Forest Alliance, so it was even more impossible now and in the future.  The Highland Alliance and the Howling Sky Empire that they could pull in were now breaking off relations with the Big Dry Empire because of this losses.  Those two empire level powers followed the general trend and like the other empire level powers, they began establishing diplomatic relations with Miracle City, which filled the Big Dry Empire with fear.

Of the empire level powers on the continent, other than those who had sealed themselves off for thousands of years, any power with a bit of secular influence was now cooperating with Miracle City.

It could be said the Big Dry Empire was alone in this world.

Miracle City’s position swelled and Miracle Commerce kept producing new technology, advancing the level of technology in each country on the continent.  Only the Big Dry Empire was still at a primitive level of technology.

Because Miracle City’s status on the continent became higher and higher, the national power of Big Dry Empire kept deteriorating.  Because everyone knew that the Big Dry Empire was set on fighting Miracle City, in this time of snatching for more technology, no one was willing to fall behind.  Countless small and large countries broke off relations with the Big Dry Empire and quite a few even declared hostile relations with the Big Dry Empire to please Miracle City.

Meng Qingwu was making use of this situation.

On the way to the Big Dry Empire, Meng Qingwu had held a spiritual conference with the leaders of the Highland Alliance and the Howling Sky Empire.  Finally she dispelled hostilities and reached cooperation agreements with these two empires.

Miracle Commerce would build basic transport, transfer, and communication networks in these two empire level powers.  The two empires would put pressure on the Big Dry Empire at the same time. Like this, Miracle City would not just have the six empire level powers and even the Highland Alliance and the Howling Sky Empire would be on Miracle City’s side.  From the western continent to the central continent, there was no power going against Miracle City.

The Big Dry Empire’s attached countries rebelling was actually related to Meng Qingwu’s tricks.  The emperor had been captured, the attached countries were revolting, and there was trouble inside and out, there was danger all around.  Meng Qingwu had officially entered the Big Dry Empire at this time, but she didn’t directly meet the Big Dry Empire’s upper class. Rather she used various methods, spending several hundred thousand source stones to bribe all of the Big Dry Empire’s media sources.

The media sources in the Big Dry Empire were very traditional, mainly using the newspaper to transmit news.  There would be a large difference in media companies in this place, so it was impossible for it to have a central control.  The Big Dry Empire’s states all published shocking content, either directly or indirectly blaming the Big Dry Empire’s upper class.  With half truths and half lies to discredit them, the middle and lower class citizens thought that the Big Dry Empire had reached this power purely because of the arrogance and greed of the Big Dry Emperor and the upper class.

The main criminal in sending over a million soldiers from the Big Dry Emperor were these people in charge and Miracle City was nothing more than an innocent group resisting this invasion.  Other than that, they used this chance to advertise the changes Miracle City’s technology had made to the continent and the consequence of the Big Dry Empire sealing themselves off. It made countless people understand and yearn for Miracle City’s technology.

It had to be said.

Meng Qingwu’s move was very well done.

Miracle City and the Big Dry Empire’s main contradiction were these battles.  These wars not only caused great casualties to the Big Dry Empire, it had also affected and deteriorated the Big Dry Empire’s national power, therefore the citizens hated Miracle City to their bones.

The Big Dry Empire’s upper class gave their conditions.

They were all rejected by Meng Qingwu.  On one hand, it was to drag it out and wear down their spirits.  On the other hand, she was applying pressure using external methods, internal methods, and the public support, controlling the situation from top to bottom.  She had already made very good progress now.

Meng Qingwu felt the conditions were ripe and she began negotiating with the largest families and nobles of the Big Dry Empire.  Meng Qingwu’s current strategy was very simple, if they submitted it was good, it was also good if they could be bribed, but she could always threaten them if it didn’t work.  If it still didn’t work, she could attack them or even assassinate them.

The Big Dry Empire was a headless dragon.  Without the Big Dry Empire and no one controlling them, the citizens swelling up, the attached kingdoms breaking off, and external pressure falling on them.  In this kind of situation, Meng Qingwu used her excellent mediation methods. She was confident that she could take care of the Big Dry Empire’s upper class in another month.

Meng Qingwu said, “Now I need two things.  First is source stones. As long as there are enough source stones, we can buy all the upper class.  The second is quickly taking care of the Big Dry Emperor. As long as the Big Dry Emperor agree to our conditions and let the strongest royal family follow us, then everything will be complete.”

“Miracle City can casually spend source stones.  Whether it is two billion, three billion, or even ten billion, it is worth it!  If there aren’t enough, borrow from the other powers! If there still isn’t enough, we’ll sell our resources!  As long as we can take care of the Big Dry Empire, it isn’t much no matter how much we spend!” Chu Tian gave Meng Qingwu his absolute support, “As for the Big Dry Emperor, you don’t need to worry.  I have my ways to make him submit.”

Meng Qingwu nodded, “Un, since it’s like this, then we better make use of our time!”

After Chu Tian left the call, he calculated the time.  The Big Dry Emperor had been wearing the Spiritual Shackles or thirty days now, he should have spent around twenty five years in the little spiritual world.

Twenty five years!

In that tiny, tiny room!

Perhaps even the people with the strongest wills would find it hard to withstand twenty five years of boredom.

No matter how irritable or bad tempered someone was, twenty five years of solitude should be enough for them to calm down.

Chu Tian felt it was about time, so he went to the dungeon and decided to look at the Big Dry Emperor.  Based on his outer appearance, the Big Dry Emperor didn’t change much since it had only been thirty days in the real world.  Chu Tian waved his hand at the Undead Sage guards and the Undead Sages took the helmet off the Big Dry Emperor.


The Big Dry Emperor suddenly came back to the real world, he looked around at the familiar and strange environment in a daze before looking at the familiar and strange person.  He used to want to chop this fellow into pieces, but now that he had appeared in front of him, he wasn’t filled with the same sky rending anger and hatred, rather all that remained was weakness and helplessness.

In these twenty five years of living in the Spiritual Shackles, the Big Dry Emperor had wildly cursed out, but he had calmed down in the end.  He began to think over his life, thinking about how he ended up here. He started to realize that going against Miracle City was a mistake since the beginning.

Chu Tian said to the Big Dry Emperor with a smile, “Your majesty, we haven’t seen each other in thirty days and you seem much calmer.  It seems like this helmet was very useful to you.”

The Big Dry Emperor said through gritted teeth, “What do you want?  Let me go!”

Chu Tian shook his head, “Do you think I’m lacking anything?  I have money, territory, status, and even a wife, do you think you have anything that can exchange for your freedom?  I’ll honestly tell you that I’ve recently upgraded the spiritual helmet and now the flow of time in the spiritual space has reached five hundred to one.  Moreover, when you are trapped in the spiritual world, you will lose all sense of touch, hearing, sight, and even the ability to move, the only thing you will have left are your thoughts.  As the matter stands, for the next hundreds or thousands of years, you will be in a world of torture and pain.”

The Big Dry Emperor began to feel fear.

Although he was an emperor and shouldn’t have anything to fear, this bastard Chu Tian was just too terrifying.  The torture devices he created surpassed any punishment in this era. Even if it was a person with the strongest will, they couldn’t keep their sanity in this kind of punishment.

Chu Tian calculated with his fingers and said, “I’ll just take your majesty’s lifespan as a thousand years.  Even if you have five hundred years left, if you spend those five hundred years with this helmet on, that is five hundred times five hundred.  You will be trapped in the Spiritual Shackle for two hundred and fifty thousand years. Oh, a truly astonishing number, it’s even longer than going from the great ancient continent to the current era.  I think that with all that time, one should be able to think through the mysteries of life.”

“Stop!”  The Big Dry Emperor was like a small piece of grass covered in frost as he bowed his proud head, “What do you want?  Just tell me!”

Chu Tian said with a smile, “I don’t understand your majesty’s meaning.”

The Big Dry Emperor weakly said, “I’ll agree to any request you have!  Just set me free!”

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “This is what your majesty has said, then I won’t be polite.  I want to cooperate with your country, or accurately speaking, combine with your country……”

He outlined the federation plan to the Big Dry Emperor.

“After the federation is formed, you can still sit on your throne as an emperor, with most of your authority and partial military rights.  However, some administrative rights and most of your military power will be controlled by Miracle City. Only by doing this can we ally ourselves, becoming a giant that will have no enemies on the continent!”

The Big Dry Emperor’s face changed.  He already knew that Chu Tian’s condition wouldn’t be simple, he was already prepared to give the entire state treasury of the Big Dry Empire to exchange for his freedom.  But the Big Dry Emperor never would have imagined that Chu Tian wouldn’t be after the state treasury with billions of source stones stored after close to ten thousand years, but rather he wanted the entire Big Dry Empire.

The Big Dry Emperor was filled with rage from his shame, “Chu Tian, don’t go too far!  The Big Dry Empire was built with the blood of countless previous generations of emperors, you think that you can swallow the entire Big Dry Empire with just a single battle?”

“Your words are wrong, we’re not swallowing the Big Dry Empire.  The Big Dry Empire will remain the Big Dry Empire, the emperor will remain an emperor, and the citizens will still be the citizens, this will never change.  We are exploring a more scientific and perfect structure. After we perfectly integrate, we will use Miracle Commerce’s technology and products to give the billions of Big Dry Empire citizens unprecedented riches and power.  Is there anything wrong with that? You’re just sacrificing some of your power for benefits.” 

“In your dreams!”

“It’s fine if you don’t agree because there is still more time for you, an entire two hundred and fifty years.  I want you to properly think of this matter. Other than that, I want to remind you of something. The Big Dry Empire is already collapsing and all your attached countries have either broken off or stopped paying tribute.  The Highland Alliance and the Howling Sky Empire have already become Miracle City’s allies and are planning to invade the Big Dry Empire. As for the Big Dry Empire itself? It’s truly a mess, over five hundred million citizens are rebelling against the empire and over fifteen families want to leave the empire with their territory to become a country.  The royal family has been pushed aside and all kinds of high level members are trying to take the royal palace. No one cares about your life and death at all.”

“I only have this much to say.”  Chu Tian snapped his fingers, “Someone help the Big Dry Emperor put on the new helmet, we’ll talk after another two thousand years!”

The Undead Sages came towards the Big Dry Emperor with a new helmet.

“Stop!”  The Big Dry Emperor was filled with complete despair as he said in a dejected voice, “Even if I agree to your conditions, that doesn’t mean everyone will agree.”

“That is our job, naturally we will take care of it.”

“Alright, I agree……”

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