MT Chapter 646


Chapter 646: Breakthrough

Night fell over the Miracle Continent and the Sacred City became even more lively.  The Sacred City’s Miracle Restaurant was the site that everyone favoured. Cups clinked with each other and it was very lively.

The Miracle Continent’s setting was very close to the real world, but it was not completely the same.  For example, whether it was in the real world or the Miracle Continent, people would feel hunger.

But the difference between the virtual world and the real world was that one couldn’t restore energy if they didn’t eat for a long time in the real world.  Even the strongest cultivators would find it hard to resist and would starve to death in the end. Although one could feel hunger on the Miracle Continent, one wouldn’t die of starvation.  In other words, as long as one could resist the discomfort and pain brought by hunger, even if one didn’t eat or drink for many years, they still wouldn’t die. That was the difference between the Miracle Continent and the real world.

The rich could indulge in the world’s treasures all day on the Miracle Continent.


Normal people could try many delicacies that would be hard for them to try in the real world.

If the poor people could endure the hunger, they could go several days and even months without eating without any problems.

Of course, the discomfort from hunger was not something normal people could endure.  Since they could enter the Miracle Continent, it was unlikely they couldn’t even afford to eat a meal.  Not to mention that when they were states of extreme hunger, their spirit energy would be greatly weakened, which would be dangerous when hunting or farming.

The flow of time on the Miracle Continent was slower than the real world.

This meant that three meals in the real world could be nine or ten meals on the Miracle Continent.  This meant that the food and drink industry was a very important industry. There would be hundreds of millions of people on the Miracle Continent in the future, Miracle Commerce would be able to earn a large amount just from the dining industry.

The superiority of the Miracle Sacred City was that from the moment the continent was opened, all the supporting facilities were opened.  This meant that for a very long time in the future, Miracle Sacred City would monopolize all the income from the dining, housing, and entertainment industries.

Of course smart people would never suffer.

There were smart merchants that had already noticed the potential of the Miracle Continent, so they were spending large amounts to buy any stores they could buy in the Miracle Sacred City.  They could sell them in the future when the price exploded, or they could start investing in the dining and entertainment industries.

These auxiliary services didn’t affect the balance of the Miracle Continent too much, therefore one could directly spend real world source stones on it.  If they could seize this chance before everyone else, there was a large space for harvest here.

The Miracle Continent was now filled with signs of life.

Everyone was fighting like they had been injected with chicken blood.

Because everyone here had a chance to become an expert on the Miracle Continent and there wasn’t only a single path in becoming an expert.  Some people could find special areas, ruins, or treasures, some people could kill monsters to gain precious resources or hidden techniques that could allow them to soar into the sky.  There were some that could gather people to form a force, stealing all kinds of territory to become a lord of an area. There were some that could stay home and purely walk the path of business, gaining large harvests from just reselling resources and investing in virtual property.  If they bought pills and equipment from the hands of adventurers, they could also become peak experts.

A diverse world couldn’t lack main play styles.

Adventuring, conquering, and commerce were the main play styles of the Miracle Continent.

But that did not mean that these were the only play styles.  There were unlimited possibilities on the Miracle Continent, these were only just the most common ones.  The Sacred City had a rich entertainment sector with arenas and other similar facilities, so there were those that became professional gladiators.  These gladiators dueled each other in the virtual arena and dominated others to gain large amounts of harvest. The gladiators could ignore running around hunting monsters and going around to trials, they could become stronger just by being a gladiator.

Other than that, the gladiators naturally attracted attention with their entertainment, with their duels attracting the attention of many commoners, even being broadcasted in the real world, letting everyone in the world enjoy the duels.  This was naturally a good chance to become famous, so many forces sent people with the talent for dueling into the arena to start their careers.

Other than the arena, there was studying or creating excellent works of art.  According to its entertainment value or importance, one could also have the chance to receive source stones or virtual world resources.

In short.

Whether it was adventuring, conquering, business, or even the arena, production, or studying, this world had created a very complex, but fair system.  Therefore, as long as one could reach the peak in any field, they would become one of the higher ups in the virtual world.

The most appealing part of the Miracle Continent was this.

Chu Tian left the Miracle Continent and first looked over some data. 

There were several million people on the Miracle Continent, but in just a few days, they had already spent over five hundred million.  The main source was from real estate, dining, entertainment sources, the Shopping Center, and various other services.

The first wave of people entering the Miracle Continent wasn’t big, but they had a shocking spending power.  The retention rate of these people were also quite high, even for noble emperors likes the Wind Moon Empress and the Wild Beast Emperor, they seemed like they were addicted to the Miracle Continent.

This was also reasonable, no matter which emperor it was, they reached the peak and a bottleneck whether it was in cultivation or in influence.  There was no room for them to breakthrough at all, but now they had found an interesting new world with endless potential, how could it not stimulate their desire to compete?

Chu Tian looked over the data.  During the last period, the emperor spent over 80-90% of their time on the Miracle Continent.  Unless there was something very important in the real world, they wouldn’t leave the game.

The emperors had already begun building virtual real estate and royal palaces in the Miracle Sacred City.

It could be seen that they were prepared to shift their real world businesses onto the Miracle Continent.

The real estate on the Miracle Continent was an important source of income.  With how big the Sacred City was, the luxurious palaces and residences filled people with the desire to buy them whether they were emperors or normal people.  In the future, the profit from real estate on the Miracle Continent would be even bigger.

Chu Tian was instantly filled with confidence towards the Miracle Continent.

The super Smart Brain Zero said to Chu Tian, “Sir City Lord, the resources you requested have all been purchased.  Do you need to use them now?”

“It’s been collected this quickly?”  Chu Tian was very surprised because these were not normal materials he requested.  Only this bit of time had passed and it had all been purchased. It was impossible for people not to be surprised by this speed, “Send them all to my laboratory’s Space Warehouse, I’ll use them now.”

Chu Tian came to the special laboratory for him and opened the Space Warehouse, taking out all of the materials.

Several beautifully carved immortal jade boxes filled with the top quality material.  The material in here were enough to make countless Heaven Domain Experts rush to snatch for it.  But now in just two short days, Miracle Commerce had purchased these materials from every corner of the world and transported it millions of miles from many different kingdoms.

This was the current strength of Miracle Commerce.

This was the present influence of Miracle City!

The little fox was like a cat that had smelt fish, immediately revealing an expression like it wanted to steal something.

“Scram to the side, don’t think I don’t know about the large amount you just made in the Miracle Continent.  If you add in the materials and herbs you regularly steal from the Miracle Gardens, you have at least three-five hundred million source stones.  If you want to secretly eat a single one of my Immortal Herb, I’ll directly freeze your account and confiscate all your things.”

The little fox was so angry that it was about to explode.

That was gained with this fox’s skills, what are you doing this based on!

Even if things were stolen from the gardens or the warehouse, it was stolen with this fox’s skills!

Chu Tian waved his hand at the little fox filled with righteous indignation and said, “Alright, alright, I want to do some alchemy.  This is very important, so go play on the side and don’t disturb me.”

The little fox was indignant.  This fox has been through life and death with you for this long and you actually don’t give this fox any face.  The little fox directly left in a fuss. The little fox had already gained some benefits, she was now prepared to wander around Miracle City.

Wasn’t it easy to rely on its skills to earn money now?

The little fox was prepared to start a business on the Miracle Continent!

Chu Tian sent the little fox off and he began to gather his mind and Divine Sense.  He reached out his left hand and a plain bronze cauldron floated up. Chu Tian sent his Divine Sense into the ancient cauldron and he saw the source energy array on the surface starting to glow.  Chu Tian raised his hand and with a loud roar, waves of source energy surged out, filling the auxiliary equipment of the laboratory with source energy.

Several forms of energy pushed together.

The ancient cauldron’s source energy arrays were activated.

Chu Tian himself wasn’t weak and Miracle City’s laboratory kept supplying a stream of pure source energy, which was directly absorbed from source stones.  It was so pure that it was no different from the spirit energy inside people’s body, so Chu Tian’s spirit energy guided it along.

The Divine Herb from the Moon God’s Palace was taken out and a small piece was placed into the cauldron to refine.

After seven days and nights.

The cauldron was releasing a dazzling light.

A pill came out from within.

It was as bright as the rising sun.

Chu Tian didn’t delay at all, even with Miracle City’s abilities, it was hard to find a material that could seal this pill.  Moreover, once it was left for a long time, the medicinal power would disappear. Even if a bit of this Divine Pill was drained, it would be a great loss!

Chu Tian swallowed this Divine Pill and sat down to cultivate.

Vast streams of spiritual energy flowed through his body like waves.  He had already been in the 1st Heaven Domain Layer for a long time and Chu Tian hadn’t made any progress during this time.  Miracle Commerce had such a powerful production and resource collection ability, so each high level member would swallow a pill each day.  Chu Tian was not an exception, he swallowed an Immortal Pill each day to raise his cultivation.

This kind of accumulation without breaking through allowed the foundation of Chu Tian’s body to become even stronger.

This pill without a doubt detonated the spirit energy sea inside his body and spiritual energy seeped into every corner of it.  It refined his meridians before turning into pure spirit energy, allowing him to feel like every meridian was filled with bursting streams of water.

Without any suspense.

Chu Tian directly broke through the 1st Layer.

This was just the beginning because most of the spirit energy stored in his body hadn’t been refined.  Especially the divine power inside the pill, a pill with this kind of power was rarely seen. When Chu Tian’s was absorbing his spirit energy, he quickly reached a bottleneck before smoothly breaking through another layer.

The 3rd Heaven Domain Layer.

Chu Tian’s cultivation was far from that of the emperors, but based on his abilities, it wouldn’t be a simple matter for a single emperor to deal with him.  He now had the ability to fight with the top leaders of the alliance and was now one of the peak experts on the continent.

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