MT Chapter 645


Chapter 645: Lord

The dog head man sent Nangong Yun’s mace flying with a single slash.

With another slash, Nangong Yun disappeared.


Vivian was a Flower Fairy right now, her little body was very agile.  She immediately spun around the dog head man, trying to divert his attention.  She never thought that with a single roar from the dog head man, Vivian’s mind instantly trembled like she had met a spiritual attack, falling down feeling dizzy on the spot.



With a single slash.

Vivian was also sent back to revive.

Meng Yingying had a look of panic, even Vivian had been taken care of.

“Go, go, go!  Everyone charge together!”

These people who could summon storms in the real world all charged forward.  In the end, the dog head men leader was fine even being hit with several dozen arrows, as it kept wildly chopping with its blades.  There were over a hundred people who died and even the Wind Moon Empress died with a surprised scream. Eunice, Lancelot, and these other real world experts couldn’t take a single hit in front of this dog head men leader.  They were all sent to heaven with a single hit.

“Don’t retreat!  You can’t really die, so suffocate him to death!”

“Whoever kills the dog head men leader will own this village!”

The dog head men leader’s vitality was very strong, even when being surrounded by people, he wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.  His twin blades slashed out and he raised an incomparably wild storm of blade qi.


Chu Tian, the Meng sisters, the Yun siblings, Feng Caidie, and the others were all caught in the blade qi.  The crossing white blade qi swept over them and they didn’t have a chance to dodge as they were enveloped, disappearing on the spot as they turned into white light.


Miracle Commerce’s group was all taken down!

This village was not destined to fall in their hands.

Miracle Commerce’s people were this tragic, it was clear they knew nothing about this.

The dog head men leader’s spirit energy seemed endless and the more it was injured, the stronger it became.  Each time it sent out a blade qi, it killed a group of people. But even if the dog head men’s leader was strong, it couldn’t resist this endless siege.

Finally with a pitiful cry.

The dog head men’s leader finally fell after being hit by a crossbow bolt and a large amount of loot dropped from its corpse.  There were the two blades he used, a large pile of pills, and other resources. There was also a golden glowing token, everyone knew that this token was the Lord Token for this dog head men village.

“Quickly steal it!”

The Wild Beast Emperor quickly roared out after seeing this.

Everyone had spent quite a bit of effort attacking this dog head men village, wasn’t it to gain an advantage and obtain a foothold?  Now that the Lord Token was in front of them, these people who had just fought together was immediately filled with hostility towards each other.  They began attacking each other in order to take this token.

The Wild Beast Emperor directly threatened, “Who dares steal from this emperor!  This emperor will exterminate their country!”

For a token, he actually threatened to destroy a country.

This fellow really was a good for nothing.

These people completely ignored him.  Everyone was on the Miracle Continent and they had all changed their faces, even changing their races.  How could the Wild Beast Emperor know their real race or country? Not to mention that the continent was that big and everyone wasn’t in the same area.  Even if he was an emperor, how could destroying a country be that easy?

When everyone was slaughtering for the token.

No one noticed that under everyone’s eyes, there was a little white fox that suddenly appeared.  She reached the token with a few jumps and grabbed it in her mouth, immediately escaping this group of people.

The Lord Token had to be held for a certain period of time before it could be used.

Whoever held the Lord Token would be a target for everyone.

After the little fox took the Lord Token, she suddenly disappeared without a trace.  The little fox was from the demonic clan, her natural talents didn’t disappear on the Miracle Continent.  Just based on her teleporting ability, she threw everyone far behind her. After around a quarter of an hour, there was a golden light that fell down to land on the little fox.

The first lord of the dog head men’s village was born.

Everyone who saw this was about to explode with rage.

Everyone had spent all that effort and time and finally it was taken away by this sneaky little fox?

The little fox suddenly turned into a jade like little girl with a flash of light.  Her eyes were already in the shape of crescent moons and her little hands held the large token as she said in a childish voice, “Selling this, who wants it?!”

Everyone was stunned.

The Wild Beast Emperor looked around him.  The others who were on the same level as him had already died in battle, so he immediately revealed a look of wild joy.  He quickly pushed through the crowd, “What price do you want, speak?”

The two began to bargain back and forth.

Finally the Wild Beast Emperor opened his back and sent a hundred million into the little fox’s personal account.

The little fox happily gave the Lord Token to the Wild Beast Emperor, this was a very happy scene for it.  Although a hundred million was not a small number for the Wild Beast Empire, it wouldn’t shear their meat. This dog head men village in the hands of the Wild Beast Emperor has a value of over a hundred million.

The little fox had no use for the village, so she used this chance to ruthless earn a large amount.  She had opened her own spiritual bank and having a hundred million in there made the little fox very satisfied.  Although her master was very rich, that fellow was too stingy, she still needed to earn her own money. With this bit of startup, the little fox could become independent.  The little fox was prepared to earn a large amount in the real and virtual world.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

The Wild Beast Emperor roared out with laughter.

His other competitors had been killed by the dog head men leader, otherwise how could it be that easy?  He only spent a hundred million to become a lord? It had to be known, this was the first lord on the Miracle Continent.  Just based on the face it brought, it was worth over a hundred million!

The Wild Beast Emperor began searching the village.

“Emperor, we have found many treasure boxes in the storage room!  They are all filled with loot!”

“Emperor, we have found a Transport Tower in the center of the village!  It has been activated and connected to the Sacred City!” 

“Emperor, we’ve found a training field in this village’s barracks!  We can use source stones to buy dog head men who will guard this village for us!”

“Emperor, we have found an exclusive trial tower in this dog head men village!  It seems it can open a village exclusive trial space!”


All kinds of gains were being reported making the Wild Beast Emperor unable to close his lips.  There was no need to mention the value of the Space Warehouse, the loot, or the Transport Tower.  The dog head men training field was a very important place because the dog head men village could be attacked by others.  In order to protect their territory, they need to buy large amounts of dog head men, this was source stones that had to be spent.

But what was this bit of expenditure for an emperor?

The final happy surprise was the dog head men trial field.

Although the Wild Beast Emperor was a spirit beast, since he could become an emperor, he definitely wasn’t dumb.  He also began to understand what the value of a foothold was.

First was the geographic location.

For example, a city was in a very good position.  There were very rich hunting grounds and resource fields around it, and the town could be on the fringe of an exploration area.  If they wanted to explore further, they had to pass through here first, so a city itself would have a very high value.

This dog head men village was half a day’s journey away from the Sacred City, it was without a doubt the current furthest place.  Moreover, there were many hunting grounds and resource fields that were very suited for raising strength in the early stage, so it had a very high value in the early stages at least.

The geographic location and the surrounding resources were only external factors, the internal factors of a city was more important.  If a city was completely equipped, for example with a Space Warehouse, an arena, a trial field, a business street, taverns, movie theaters, theaters, houses, and other facilities, it would easily draw people in to settle there which would naturally create value.

The dog head men village was only a village, so it was not that fully equipped, but it surprisingly had a trial field.  This exclusive trial field was called the “Herb Garden of the Dog Head Men”, containing low level Yuan Essence Grass and Life Grass.  Yuan Essence Grass was known as a spirit energy restoring herb and Life Grass was a well known healing herb.

The Miracle Continent had just opened, this kind of resource was in demand.

Countless people in order to save money will teleport to the dog head men village to challenge this trial field, obtaining large amount of herbs from it.  Whether it was for personal use or selling it, it was very valuable. Whether they spread the fame of the dog head men village or if they came to challenge the trial field, this would all create value.

The Wild Beast Emperor had gained a large bargain.

After the Wind Moon Empress and the Burning Heaven Emperor learned of this, they were seething with rage.  They never thought that a barbarian would get such a large bargain. But they weren’t discouraged, it was just a broken village.  There were many places like this around the Sacred City, they had to discover one to seize.

This was not just a struggle for benefit.

This was also a struggle for face for the emperors.

The Wind Moon Empress gave an order to her country’s helmet factory.  For the helmets that were made from now on, 20% would be bought internally.  She now realized that selling all her helmets was a mistake, she should have prepared an army in the virtual world.  If she had done this earlier, she wouldn’t have lost to others.

The other emperors also gave the same orders.

The Miracle Continent had only been open for a few days and these people were burning, playing very passionately.

Other than the bustling snatching of territory and collecting resources, the Miracle Continent’s academy was also opened.  Other than this, the spiritual library, the spiritual research facility, the arena, and other facilities had officially begun operation.

The Miracle Continent’s charm was quickly expanding.

“I’m almost at the Big Dry Empire.”  Meng Qingwu received a real time notification, “After this, I’ll be starting my work in the Big Dry Empire.  How is it going on your side?”

Chu Tian revealed a smile, “I’ve already finished half of it, there’s no need to worry about my side.”

“Good, then I can be assured.”

Meng Qingwu said goodbye after saying this, she took off her helmet and prepared to start working.  

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