MT Chapter 644


Chapter 644: Snatching territory

When Chu Tian came online, the other people knew as well because the Miracle Helmets had a built in friend function.  As long as people had recorded each other’s communication number, when the person with that communication number logged onto the Miracle Continent, the people on the Miracle Continent already would receive a notification.

Meng Yingying quickly called Chu Tian over to meet up with them.

“You are the little fox?”

“Wa, too cute!”


“Quickly let elder sister pinch your face!”

When everyone learned that the demonic race little girl was the little fox, they were all stunned.  Because of this, they all became very intimate with her. After all, it wasn’t like they didn’t know the little fox’s personality.  Just based on her innocent and pure cute appearance, she would kill all men and women, making them feel affection for her.

The little fox was very proud, not being shy at all.

She was also very happy right now.  After all, with her normal cultivation method, if she wanted to cultivate to a nine tailed demon fox, it would take a very long time.  But now, because of the Miracle Helmet, she could directly gain the ability to change forms, so naturally it was a very good thing.

“Where are you prepared to go now?  Yi, young miss, why are you also here?”

Chu Tian was surprised to find that other than Yingying, Nangong, Vivian, Feng Caidie, Jin Luo, Yun Yao, and Yun Xiao, there were also several emperors with a large group of people and half of the high level members of the Forest Alliance, as well as many nobles from the kingdom alliance.

There was a very familiar form among them.

Young miss Meng Qingwu?  Didn’t the young miss secretly run off to the Big Dry Empire!

Chu Tian thought about it and understood.  There was no Transport Tower in the Big Dry Empire, so if the young miss wanted to go there, she could only ride a transport vehicle through the sky.  It would take at least two-three days before she reached her destination. The young miss had nothing to do, so couldn’t she use the helmet to play with everyone?

She could appear in front of these people all day, so no one could guess that the young miss was currently heading to the Big Dry Empire.  It could be considered achieving a goal of deceiving others, the young miss really was cunning.

“Boss, you and the little fox came right on time!”  The orc Nangong Yun slapped the table and said, “Everyone found a dog head men village outside the city and our previous few attempts to attack it has failed.  Tonight, we’ve gathered several thousand people and everyone is determined to take down this village! Come and help!”

Chu Tian didn’t have anything else to do, so he nodded, “I’ll play with you all then.”

The Miracle Continent was rich in entertainment and there were many different kinds of challenging ways to play.  The main thing is that it had competition between people, either in the form of trials or adventures in the wild. For the wild adventures, other than killing prey and monsters, the most important part was attacking and occupying cities.

Every city other than the Miracle Continent’s Sacred City could be attacked.  Whoever could capture the city in battle would have the right to control that city, which had an extremely high value.  After all, each city had important places like the Transport Towers or the warehouses.

Just a single Transport Tower was an attractive enough benefit.

For example, the dog head men village they had found.  It was actually just a small village, but it was still half a day’s travel from the Sacred City.  If they didn’t capture the dog head men village first, it would take them half a day’s journey if they wanted to go out further.  However, if they could capture the village, they could teleport from the Sacred City to the dog head men village and explore other places from there.

Wouldn’t this save them a large amount of time?

Whoever could take the city first would immediately reap a large amount of benefits, but they could also reap very enticing loot from attacking these places.  Therefore, for people with ambition, they would not let such a good chance go.

There was an entire three thousand people participating.

Of the three thousand people, there were people from Miracle Commerce, people from the Forest Alliance, people from the empires, and nobles from various kingdoms.  When these people saw that Miracle Commerce and Chu Tian also came to play, they were all very surprised.

Your Miracle Commerce already has the Sacred City!

Do you still feel it’s not enough and want to snatch this place?

But this at the same time showed how fair the Miracle Continent was.  Even if Miracle Commerce wanted to obtain this small town, they still had to fight to snatch it.  It was clear that no one had any form of superiority and there was no bias at all.

The dog head men village was already in front of them.  According to their reports, there were over ten thousand dog head men in the village, with cultivations from the 3rd Body Refinement Layer to the 6th Body Refinement Layer.  To the players of the current stage, this was a bit difficult. This was because even if one’s luck was good, they were still at around the 3rd Body Refinement Layer.

But that didn’t matter.

The Body Refinement Realm was the most basic realm, so the difference in strength wasn’t that much.  These people in the real world were generally at the True Spirit Realm or above, with a large amount of them being peak experts of the Heaven Domain Realm.  Even if they dropped down into the Body Refinement Realm, using their skills to cancel out three or four layers of cultivation wasn’t that hard.

Not to mention that most of these people were filthy rich, they used source stones to buy mechanical crossbow weapons.

They didn’t pay attention to these weapons in the real world, but in a place like this, this weapon had a large value in front of people who only had cultivations in the Body Refinement Realm.

“Prepare to attack!”

Although there were three-four thousand people in this battle, they could be split to around ten different forces.  Everyone was wary of each other, after all, they were all competing with each other!

Some people couldn’t stop themselves from taking action before even more people came.

The Burning Heaven Emperor chose the rock person race.  He raised his stone arm and pointed, “Quickly, quickly, charge!”

It was like he was afraid that others would steal it if he was a step late.

Several hundred warriors immediately charged in.

Although the Miracle Continent tried to be as fair as possible, it was impossible to be one hundred percent fair.  Real world source stones could be used to create characters, revive your character, and manage your business, but one couldn’t directly buy herbs and secret techniques from the stores.  Even when trading between people, there was a tax levied.

But that didn’t stop the emperors.

Which one of them in the real world didn’t control an entire area, controlling over several billion people?  Was it possible to have them start at the same line as normal people? They could directly give their most elite followers a helmet and wouldn’t these people be able to help them fight?

Although they couldn’t buy herbs, they could buy supporting items like crossbows.  Because they had a high value in the current stage, the price of the crossbows were also very high, but did emperor level characters care about this bit of source stone?  They could directly buy large amounts of crossbows to hunt monsters with.

Although there were tax restrictions on trades, that didn’t affect the emperors too much.  The obtained many pills and secret techniques from their subordinates, as well as having the support of many resources, so how could the growth of an emperor be slower than others?

The army the Burning Heaven Emperor brought were all his elites.  They did not expect to come to the Miracle Continent for a few days and be called useless.  They were now killing in all directions, trying to restore their image.

The dog head men village looked very crude.

Just like its name, this village was built on a mountain, which increased the difficulty in attacking it to a certain extent.  The Burning Heaven Emperor was eager to earn great harvest, so he led his most trusted subordinates in an attack. He then realized that the others were watching far from behind him and there were no people around at all, making his heart tremble.

[TL: It’s 山寨, which is a mountain village, but I shortened it to village.]

This is bad.

It can’t be that they all didn’t come, right?

It was already too late for the Burning Heaven Emperor’s worries.  From the open parts of the fence came the sounds of dog howling, as several strong dog head men carrying all kinds of weapons charged out to kill the invaders with faces filled with rage.

“Sou, sou, sou!”

The arrows flew out with whistles.

The Burning Heaven Emperor could not retreat, “Kill, kill for me!”

His several hundred people clashed with the dog head men warriors.

The dog head men warriors were agile, fierce, and there were more of them.  With both sides shooting arrows at each other, the Burning Heaven Emperor’s men fell one by one.  The Burning Heaven Emperor roared out in rage like he personally wanted to make a move, but a few arrows landed right in his body, causing him to fall to the ground like a hedgehog.


“All you fellows!”

“You actually let this emperor send myself to death!”

The Burning Heaven Emperor angrily roared out behind him.

He helplessly turned into light and disappeared.

With the Burning Heaven Emperor dying, he could choose to revive in seven days or he could choose to pay source stones to revive immediately.  Who told this fellow to be eager for success and rush into battle?

The Wind Moon Empress was filled with schadenfreude from seeing the Burning Heaven Emperor being taken care of, “Seeking death yourself and blaming us, you really are an idiot!”

But with this probe from the Burning Heaven Emperor, everyone found that the dog head men were stronger than they had imagined and began to adjust their strategy.  Faced with this kind of situation, it was not time to attack separately. With the people who had come to attack, if they wanted to capture this village, everyone needed to work together.

“Let the people with defensive cultivation techniques come out.”

“The archery skills of those dog head men are very strong.”

“We must form a defensive line to resist those arrows, otherwise it will be very hard to attack them.”

The major powers gathered the people who had defensive cultivation techniques together and had these people resist the dog head men in front while the others attacked the village from behind.  The Sacred City team and the dog head men began fighting again, as their group slaughtered their way to the gate.

Finally with a large booming sound.

The gate to the village had been destroyed.

Everyone charged into the center of the village from the gate.  Although the dog head men wasn’t lacking in quantity and strength, they didn’t have any knowledge in the end and didn’t fight with any strategy.  As for the Sacred City warriors, they were all famous experts in real life, so although they had become weak now, the mind of experts still remained.  Therefore, they quickly used their superiority to push the dog head men back.

After two hours.

There were less than a thousand dog head men left.

When everyone thought they had won, something they never expected happened.  From the large tent in the center of the dog head men village, there was a very strong and tall black furred dog head men that charged out, creating a whirlwind with his two blades.

A large group of people instantly turned into light.

This was simply like a bulldozer.

Several dozen people were killed.

The Wind Moon Empress roared out in rage, “What is this?  Hey, Miracle Commerce, this fellow is clearly in the Body Refinement Realm, so why is his strength at the Awakened Soul Realm!  How did you design this!”

“That’s right!  This is absurd!”  The Wild Beast Empire’s Wild Beast Emperor was very dissatisfied, “Your designs are unreasonable and you clearly knew that this would happen, but you didn’t warn us at all!”

“Everyone has misunderstood!  This dog head men leader is the monster leader of this area!  We have already estimated that the leader monster would be several times stronger than normal monsters, so them having this kind of battle strength is normal.”  Meng Qingwu was dodging to the side while explaining, “As for this design, it’s not us. The Miracle Continent has over six hundred main cities and tens of thousands of small villages like this, as well as all kinds of wild terrain, thousands of trial fields, and thousands of hunting areas.  If our company were to design every single one of them, we couldn’t make the Miracle Continent even in a hundred years.”

Chu Tian added, “The Miracle Continent was created by several super Smart Brains working together, we only gave them the basic foundations and the plans for the main cities.  As for details on the continent, even the people who participated in making it don’t know that much.”

So it was like this.

“What is the use in saying this now?”  Nangong Yun raised her mace and charged at the dog head men leader, “Kill it first before talking!”

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