MT Chapter 643


Chapter 643: Spiritual Shackles

The Big Dry Emperor was locked up in a Miracle City dungeon specially made for him.

The six emperors with the help of the Elven King Lancelot had captured him alive, but in the two days the Big Dry Emperor had been locked up, not to mention Chu Tian, not a single Miracle City high level member had appeared.  They just threw him into a cell, like he wasn’t an emperor, rather he was just a small criminal.

The Big Dry Emperor’s cultivation had been suppressed by a large array.

There were rune shackles on all four limbs, his neck, and his waist.


There were two thorns piercing his shoulder, completely sealing off his spirit energy meridians.

There were seven-eight Heaven Domain Experts not far away, sitting in front of the cell not blinking at all.  He was being watched twenty four hours of the day, so there was no chance of escaping at all.

The Big Dry Emperor looked very tragic at this moment, with his long hair falling over him and wearing a simple set of clothing.  His body was covered in blood and heavy injuries were all over him. Although he had a shocking cultivation, he couldn’t use it at all and even standing was too much for him.

What kind of great shame was this for an emperor?

It was like Chu Tian had finally remembered the locked up Big Dry Emperor, therefore he decided to go to the prison to find him.  After he passed through the strict layer of guards placed there, Chu Tian finally reached the dungeon where the Big Dry Emperor was locked up.

He saw the Big Dry Emperor having his cultivation being firmly suppressed by the giant source energy array.  The Big Dry Emperor didn’t have the prestige of an emperor that could split the sky, he didn’t even have the strength to move.

The Big Dry Emperor felt someone enter and he looked up at the youth in front of him.  He saw that the other side was very young and that he was wearing a simple robe. He had a helmet in his left hand and there was a fox on his right shoulder.  Although he had never met the other side before, the Big Dry Emperor knew who he was with one glance.

If looks could kill people.

Chu Tian would have already died several times.

Chu Tian said with a shrug, “Your majesty, please don’t look at me with this kind of gaze.  Actually, no one wanted things to develop to their current state. Have you not thought about it yourself?  You have to know from the beginning that Miracle City has not taken the initiative to invade a single inch of the Big Dry Empire, rather it was the Big Dry Empire that has attacked us three times.  So strictly speaking, for things to have developed to their current state, it is all your majesty’s fault.”

These words were indeed correct.

But to the Big Dry Emperor, how could he possibly admit his mistakes?

The Big Dry Emperor began giving cold laughs and the surrounding chains trembled.  It was a pity that he didn’t even have the strength to struggle, so he could only let out a low and hoarse voice, “You came here to shame me?”

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, “No, no, no.  I specially made something to help sir Big Dry Emperor to calm down.”

The Big Dry Emperor clenched his fists, “What do you want to do?”

“I’ve heard that sir Big Dry Emperor is filled with rage.”  Chu Tian gave the helmet in his hand to someone beside him, “This is a special helmet that I’ve made for sir Big Dry Emperor.  Come, let’s put it on the Big Dry Emperor and let him calm down.”

There were several undead Sages guarding the cell.

These undead Sages were sent to Miracle City by the Nether King to help Chu Tian.  the undead Sages not only had profound knowledge, they had strength in the Heaven Domain Realm.  Therefore, not only did they increase Miracle City’s overall knowledge, they also increased Miracle City’s strength.

A spirit Sage used invisible energy to take the helmet and slowly sent it into the cell before slowly placing it on the Big Dry Emperor’s head.  The Big Dry Emperor didn’t know what Chu Tian was doing, but even a fool knew that Chu Tian wouldn’t be giving him anything good.

“The Big Dry Emperor is an emperor in the end, if we let you suffer too much, outsiders will think that Miracle City does not understand hospitality.”  Chu Tian said with a faint smile, “The Big Dry Emperor is excited, so he needs a quiet place to calm down. This Spiritual Helmet was specially made for the Big Dry Emperor, it will let your majesty enter a spiritual world where the flow of time is one three hundredth of the flow of time in the real world.  This also means that one day in the real world is three hundred days in the spiritual world. The minds of normal people can’t withstand such a large variation in time, but the Big Dry Emperor’s mind can take it for a while. I hope that you can calm down during this time.”

Chu Tian said this and left.

“You bastard, I’ll chop your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

The Big Dry Emperor roared in his cell, but Chu Tian didn’t even look back.  Only the little fox on his shoulder turned its head to make a face at him.

This emperor didn’t struggle for long before the undead Sages activated the helmet together.  The Big Dry Emperor’s power was completely sealed, so he couldn’t use his spirit energy at all, naturally that also included his Divine Sense, so he couldn’t resist this helmet at all.

The surroundings of the Big Dry Emperor changed.

The chains on his body and the source energy array underneath him completely disappeared.

The Big Dry Emperor looked around to find that he was in a very normal room.  The room was empty, only have a single table and a single chair. The Big Dry Emperor shattered the chair on the wall in his rage, but after a few seconds, the fragments gathered together and returned to their original form.

The Big Dry Emperor found that in this spiritual space, no matter what he did, no matter what he broke, he couldn’t change the tiniest bit of it.  Even the sunlight piercing through the paper window didn’t change at all, this place was like a picture that didn’t change after millions of years.

This spiritual space had a time flow of one three hundredth of the outside world.

This meant that a single day in Miracle City would be three hundred days in this place.  If it was ten days, it would be three thousand days! What about a month or two months? What about a year?  What about ten or twenty years?

The Big Dry Emperor felt a hard to control fear suddenly appearing in his heart.

Chu Tian seemed like he didn’t want him to suffer, but this kind of treatment surpassed any punishment the Big Dry Emperor could ever imagine.  The Big Dry Emperor was someone that could summon storms, he had controlled the Big Dry Empire to kill in all directions. Wherever he went, when had he not dared to do something, when had he not acted arrogantly?

Now he was trapped in a little room that would never change, he could even be locked up in this cell for up to a hundred or a thousand years.  No one to talk to, nothing to do, and no way to resist. This turned the Big Dry Emperor from someone who controlled the lives of millions of people to a worm that was trapped in a never changing picture, this kind of change was hard for normal people to imagine.

“Chu Tian!”

“Let me out!  Let me go!”

The Big Dry Emperor wildly roared in the spiritual space, but this kind of action had no meaning at all.  Chu Tian wanted this kind of effect, he knew that Big Dry Emperor was definitely filled with rage towards him.  This kind of situation meant there was no hope of discussions, so he didn’t discuss anything and threw a helmet on him first.  He would let him happily curse for ten-twenty years in the spiritual space before he even talked to him.

In this kind of environment, even the most violent, angry, or cruel person would cool down after ten-twenty years.  After all, they couldn’t do anything in this ten-twenty years, they couldn’t leave, they couldn’t cultivate, they couldn’t communicate, they could only sit in this broken place with their thoughts.  This kind of thought made people feel fear just thinking about it!

Chu Tian didn’t feel it was overboard.

This was a good way to deal with extraordinary people.

Meng Qingwu had brought a delegate to the Big Dry Empire to discuss with their nobles, it was unknown how long this would take.  It was a good thing the large and small matters of Miracle City had the super Smart Brains taking care of them. These Smart Brains would not make mistakes in their decisions, but they had a flaw of not taking risks which wasn’t a problem.  Miracle City was in a stable position right now, there was no need to take risks.

There was already no threat to Miracle City, their biggest task was to expand Miracle City’s technology investment.  They needed to coordinate with the local projects, especially the construction of Transport Towers and communication networks in new countries, and the production of Miracle Helmets.  In short, Miracle City was opening several lines at once and it was hard to gather the manpower to arrange everything, so it was most suitable to hand everything to the Smart Brains to take care of.

Chu Tian directly gave the Smart Brain an order, “Zero, I need to make an order for materials.”

Zero immediately replied, “It’s an honour to help you, what materials does the City Lord need?”

Chu Tian directly gave him a list of materials, with there being over twenty different Immortal Herbs listed.  The initial investment for this would require at least around a billion source stones. What concept was a billion source stones?  This was an amount that a normal kingdom would find hard to gather even if they emptied their state treasury!

Zero said without hesitation, “The requests have been sent through the channels!  City Lord, please wait for the good news!”

Chu Tian was very satisfied with this.

Didn’t he establish Miracle Commerce in the beginning just for this?

Any one of these materials was scattered all over the continent.  If there wasn’t Miracle Commerce’s Space Warehouse and their powerful communication system, even an emperor would need several years to gather these resources.  Moreover, it would cost quite a bit for this entire process.

Chu Tian simply gave a list of materials to the Smart Brain.

Now he could wait as the materials were gathered one by one.

After Chu Tian took care of these two matters.

The little fox excitedly ran in front of Chu Tian, holding something in its little claws, dancing with joy as it came over.

“This is……a Miracle Helmet!”

Chu Tian noticed the thing in the little fox’s hands, it was actually a miniature helmet that was smaller than a fist.  When Chu Tian wasn’t in Miracle City for a few days, the little fox ran to the laboratory and had Miracle Commerce’s people custom build a helmet for it, one that was suited to its size.

“You also want to play on the Miracle Continent?”

The little fox nodded before placing the helmet on its head, gesturing to Chu Tian with its claws.

Chu Tian was very curious what the little fox would be like on the Miracle Continent, so he placed his own helmet on.  After he entered the Miracle Continent, he found the fox at the arranged place.

“Damn, you’re the fox?”

Chu Tian was stunned by the person in front of him.  It was a little girl who seemed to be carved from jade, looking to be around seven-eight years old.  She had twin pigtails and looked very sweet and cute. Her appearance was no different from a normal human child, but there were five long fox tails behind her.

“This is the secret race the god of order specially made for me, the demonic race!”  The little girl spoke at this time. Her voice was very exaggerated, but it was still very childish, “I’m not strong enough yet.  If I can cultivate nine tails, I can also take this form in the real world!”

Chu Tian was instantly speechless.

This little fox could speak on the Miracle Continent and it could create a secret demonic race, it really was hard to imagine.

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