MT Chapter 642


Chapter 642: Inflated ambitions

Chu Tian walked over to Meng Qingwu’s side and sat down, “What is our harvest this time?”

“It’s a large success!”  Meng Qingwu gave him a simple appraisal, “Our direct income is several billion source stones, we also greatly damaged the Big Dry Empire by capturing the Big Dry Emperor alive, and we’ve smoothly welcomed the opening of the Miracle Continent.  After this matter, Miracle Commerce will firmly establish our place on the continent.”

Although Chu Tian had guessed that this wedding would bring quite a large harvest for the company, he never thought that it would be this shocking.  Other than the direct influence increase and the other harvests, this wedding had laid a firm foundation for Miracle Commerce to spread across the entire continent.

This was because hundreds of forces that had never had any contact with Miracle Commerce had all participated in this wedding to link themselves with Miracle Commerce.  Most of those forces had already formed preliminary cooperation plans with Miracle Commerce.


Miracle City’s Transport Towers, Shopping Centers, and communication networks would soon spread to the various regions of the continent.  After this wedding, Miracle Commerce will jump out of the western continent and their influence and products would move across the entire continent!

Although in terms of strength and military power, Miracle City was far from being able to compare to an empire and there were many parts where they couldn’t compare, Miracle Commerce had still formed the first business empire in history on the continent.  This was something that no empire level power had ever dared to imagine before.

Chu Tian asked, “What is our next step?”

“Miracle Commerce will develop to the peak of the empire’s business world, there won’t be another company that will be able to compete with us.  We need to strike while the iron is hot.” Meng Qingwu was not satisfied with these giant gains because her job was to gain even more from these opportunities, “Right now we are in a honeymoon phase with our relationships with the empire level powers, not to mention that the opening of the Miracle Continent has attracted everyone’s attention. We can use this chance to officially form a federation!”

Meng Qingwu’s federation’s plan had been in the works for a long time.

Miracle City’s influence on the continent was already not inferior to any power, even surpassing many empire level powers.  Miracle City had the fame of a super power, but they just lacked the strength of a super power. Miracle City was only a city in the end, in this world where strength was respected, not having enough strength and only relying on strategy, there was no way to maintain long term stability.

Therefore, Miracle City wanted to force their power another step further, directly allowing them to become a super power of the empire level.

Chu Tian also felt the opportunity was good.

West Sea City’s wedding was very famous.

Meng Qingwu had already raised this proposal with the Elven King, the Dragon Lord, and the others and it was unlikely they would reject it.  After all, Miracle Commerce’s rich future had just begun, so they wanted to deepen their cooperation with Miracle City. They would be able to obtain benefits in the end and no one wanted to give up benefits, even if it was the elves.

The influences with Miracle City at head was not just the Forest Alliance and the kingdom alliance, but also the Sea Race Alliance and the underground alliance.  These powers by themselves were not considered strong on the continent and they were still quite scattered. If they could be gathered together and they would follow a single highest leader, a new empire level power would be born.

Meng Qingwu shook her head and said, “If it’s only this, I’m not satisfied.”

Chu Tian looked at her in surprise, “Could it be the young miss wants even more?”

“Other than our headquarters in the Forest of Chaos, the northern kingdoms, the entire Western Sea, and the underground world, I’m very interested in a very important area.”  Meng Qingwu softly tapped her finger and a large map of the continent appeared in front of them. Miracle City’s influence on the continent’s map was marked by a small part on the western side.  Meng Qingwu softly tapped at another area, “I want to merge the Big Dry Empire into our territory!”

Chu Tian suddenly took in a cold breath.

Meng Qingwu was an ambitious driver, Chu Tian had actually underestimated her.  The Big Dry Empire was a super power with close to ten thousand years of history.  Although they had been beaten miserably by Miracle City, with the Big Dry Empire’s background, if they wanted to fight Miracle City to the end, it was too early to say who would win.

The Big Dry Empire had tens of thousands of soldiers die at Miracle City’s hands.

The deep seated grudge formed by the sea of blood was not easy to dissolve.

How could Miracle City’s greatest enemy instantly become their ally and it was as a subordinate.  There had never been an empire level power of the continent that was willing to become another power’s attached power!  Meng Qingwu even dared mention this!

But speaking of this, if the Big Dry Empire was really absorbed by Miracle City, the results it would produce would be unimaginable.  This was because Miracle City itself already fulfilled the requirements to become an empire level power and the Big Dry Empire that fought against Miracle City before was one of the top three powers on the western continent.

The Big Dry Empire did not just have several attached countries on the western continent, it had already reached its hand into the Western Sea for a long time.  When powerful Sea Race’s Deep Blue Empire was destroyed, it was very likely the Big Dry Empire had played some tricks there. Now the Big Dry Empire controlled around a fourth of the Western Sea and the benefits there were hard for people to resist.

If Meng Qingwu could accomplish this and the Big Dry Empire was really absorbed by Miracle City, it would not be as simple as the fusion of two empire level powers.

The Forest of Chaos and the Big Dry Empire were relatively close together and there were quite a few smaller forces around these two forces, with many of them sitting on the fence between them.  If the two super forces were to combine together, the direct result of that would be that the entire region would be linked, with many of those sitting on the fence having no choice but to rely on the new giant overlord.

In addition, the entire Western Sea would also fuse into this new power.

The Big Dry Empire, the Forest of Chaos, and the Western Sea, any one of these places had the qualification to become an empire or an empire level power.  Like this, a new giant would be born on the western continent that would sweep over it and dominate it.

There had never been a force that could dominate like this.

Miracle City would become worthy of being an overlord of the continent!

Of course Chu Tian knew the benefits of doing this, but he couldn’t help saying with a frown, “How much confidence do you have?”

Meng Qingwu asked back, “Whether it is using hard or soft tactics, how much confidence do you have in taking care of the Big Dry Emperor?”

Chu Tian thought about it, “Although the Big Dry Emperor hates us to his bones, he is still a person in the end.  If we don’t care about the methods, I think it’s not that hard to change a person’s thoughts of me. The main problem right now is not the Big Dry Emperor, but rather the entire Big Dry Empire.”

Chu Tian’s methods was only used on one person.  Although it was relatively hard for someone of the Big Dry Emperor level, he still could do it.  But the problem now was that the Big Dry Emperor was indeed the emperor of the Big dry Empire, but the Big Dry Empire had billions of citizens who had lived in the Big Dry Empire for generations.  They already had the pride and dignity of people of an empire, so was it easy for them to submit to Miracle City?

The most difficult group to take care of was the nobles because once there was a large reform, no matter how well it was done, it would harm the benefits of the large noble families, so it would incite resistance.  The Big Dry Empire as an old power, the noble powers inside it was very complicated, so how could they be easy to deal with?

Meng Qingwu confidently said in a slow voice, “Let’s split our work.  You’ll take care of the Big Dry Emperor and I’ll take care of the Big Dry Empire.  We’ll set the deadline for two months from now and it’ll depend on this period of time if we can do it or not.”

Miracle Commerce was very efficient with their work, otherwise they wouldn’t have reached their current scale in less than four years, but Meng Qingwu wants to take care of a ten thousand year old empire in just two months.  This kind of task was not a normal kind of daunting. In comparison, Chu Tian only had to take care of the Big Dry Emperor, which was much more relaxed.

“The young miss is this confident, how can I not support this?”

Chu Tian’s marriage to Meng Yingying was already known to the entire world, also spreading the Miracle Continent to every corner of the continent.  Because there was a limited amount of Miracle Helmets, there weren’t many people that can enter the Miracle Continent, so they needed to produce more helmets as soon as possible.

The six powers authorized to construct helmets had already placed the helmet production line as their most important goal.  They had invested even more manpower and resources to increase their production lines by more than ten times.

The powerful nobles of each country, including the emperors.

They dived into Miracle Continent for most of the day, working hard on expanding their territory and exploring the trials, so they didn’t know certain things were happening on the continent.  Especially an important piece of news like Meng Qingwu bringing a large group of people running around the Big Dry Empire.

This was something they couldn’t do anything about.

Who let the Miracle Continent have so much charm and challenge!

Everyone that has experienced it couldn’t stop at all!

The Miracle Continent didn’t just have power over the nobles, it even had a large attraction to the lower level normal families because each person had the same beginning.  Normal people could also experience the adventure and fortuitous encounters, they could also surpass the famous kings of the continent. Not only would this give them a large sense of accomplishment, it would also give them rich benefit!

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