MT Chapter 640


Chapter 640: Virtual world

This fellow Nangong Yun had a taste that couldn’t compare to normal people’s therefore this wasn’t that strange for her to do weird things.  However, this was also the charm of the Miracle Continent. Every person can have a fresh start here, every person would be at the same starting line, every person could experience a life that they couldn’t experience before.

Whether one wanted to become an orc, a dragon, or an undead.

Everything is possible!

Real world source stones could help in the Miracle Continent, but it was mainly for picking characters, reviving after dying, as well as other added services.  Even if a person had money, they couldn’t completely dominate in the virtual world. This gave many normal people very large opportunities.


When they were all gathered.

Everyone decided to stroll around.

There was a clear sound behind them, “City Lord Chu Tian, I never thought that I would meet you here.  The Miracle Continent has really shocked me, this is simply a new world. This product really is great.”

Isn’t that nonsense?

Do I need you to say this?

Chu Tian turned around and a tall, absolute beauty appeared in front of him.  Although quite a few changes had been made to her appearance, Chu Tian could still recognize her with one glance, “Wind Moon Empress!”

The Wind Moon Empress was dressed in a set of elven clothes, looking almost exactly the same as Meng Yingying.  This empress of peerless grace and style now gave people a very simple and normal feeling, not giving off any aura that pressured people at all.

The Wind Moon Empress looked over her body, “I never thought that I would become an elf one day!”

Chu Tian asked while laughing, “The other majesties?”

“Don’t mention them, they are going wild with designing characters, trying out different races.  That old man from the Burning Heaven Empire actually created characters of over thirty different races, trying them out one by one.  As for that undying old man from the Netherworld Sea, he was finally freed of his undead form and regained the abilities of the living.  He can finally enjoy the happiness of eating and drinking, so he should be wandering around with a group of his followers.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what to say.

These fellows were truly rich.  With these kind of people around, they didn’t need to worry about the Miracle Continent earning money.

“But speaking of this.”  The Wind Moon Empress admired Chu Tian very much, “City Lord Chu Tian really is a master of the era.  This place is not only perfect, it is filled with pleasant surprises. Only on the Miracle Continent, this empress can’t adapt to losing my cultivation.  Can you help you recover some of my strength and allow this empress to play happily?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“What?  You can’t even give me this bit of face?  I can give you source stones, how much do you want?!”

Chu Tian seriously replied, “This is not a problem of source stones.  Our Miracle Continent’s biggest charm is that each person can have a new start here.  If I made an exception for your majesty this time, the other majesties will look for me for a second and third time.  There will be no fairness left and this will just become a place of exchange. Would it destroy the beauty of this place?”

The Wind Moon Empress had knit brows, but she felt this was reasonable.

“Actually to guarantee the fairness of the Miracle Continent, we have given the power to manage this world completely to the god of order formed from the Smart Brain.  Even if it is me, I can’t easily change the god of order, so I hope the empress will forgive me.”

The Wind Moon Empress look dissatisfied, but she didn’t force Chu Tian.  She very confidently said, “Forget it, forget it. This empress can stand at the peak in the real world, then naturally I can stand at the peak of the Miracle Continent, I disdain using that kind of backdoor methods.  But, you should tell me how to increase my cultivation and my influence.”

Chu Tian laughed, “It’s very simple.  The difference between the Miracle Continent and the real world is that this is a world that mixes reality and gaming.  It can be distributed into two different areas, the city and wild. Actually it is very easy to increase your strength, you can go and challenge the trial towers in the city area for materials to cultivate and create equipment with.  You can also go to the wild and look for demon beasts to kill who will drop all kinds of materials.”

“As for increasing your influence on the Miracle Continent?  When you explore far enough in the wild, you will be able to find many cities and towns in the wild.  These cities and towns are occupied by powerful monsters or locals and the first one to subdue them will obtain the rights to tax them and receive other benefits.  Naturally, these cities can be attacked and occupied, which makes competition on the Miracle Continent more interesting.”

The Wind Moon Empress’ eyes instantly lit up.

Now she finally understood why entering the Miracle Continent early had advantages.  This Miracle Continent will have a giant virtual market in the future, so whoever establishes their power on the Miracle Continent first will be able to have large amounts of influence.  This influence did not just exist on the Miracle Continent, it could also affect the real world.

“Interesting, interesting.”

Nangong Yun said in a loud and deep voice, “Since we have time to talk about it, how about we just go take a look!”

“That is right, we can just take a look.”

The people from Miracle Commerce led the empress to the Transport Tower.

Meng Qingwu picked a location and they teleported to the southern outskirts of the Sacred City.

The southern outskirts of the Sacred City was a large patch of grasslands that didn’t have a single figure on it.  After all, the continent had just opened and most people were still wandering inside the Sacred City. It would probably take several days before other people came out.

The Wind Moon Empress called out in surprise, “Why are there so many beasts here?”

The grasslands had all kinds of beasts on it.  There were wolves, bulls, alligators, and other kinds of beasts.  What was strange to people was that these beasts could see each other, but they lived in peace.  This kind of scene was impossible for the real world.

Jin Luo explained to the empress, “This is the hunting area of the southern outskirts.  The wilds of the Miracle Continent can be divided into hunting areas and wild areas. The wild area has an ecosystem like the real world, with a normal biological chain.  The hunting areas doesn’t have a biological chain. After the monsters die in the hunting area, as long as a period of time pass, they will naturally respawn. It is a special place for us to hunt.”

“We’ll use this region as a starting point and we’ll begin to explore the continent.”  Nangong Yun raised her giant axe and charged forward like a ram, “I’ll kill one first before talking!”

Wild sheep were the weakest monsters.

If a wild sheep in the real world saw an orc raising a giant axe charging at it, it would run away without even thinking about it.  But this hunting area was for people to hunt prey, so it couldn’t be filled with creatures running around, right?

“Ba, ba!”

The sheep called out and raised its horn to attack.

Although Nangong Yun’s cultivation was very weak now, it wasn’t like she couldn’t beat a sheep.  She quickly knocked the sheep to the ground, but her body was covered in several wounds.

After the sheep died, its corpse scattered into balls of light and there was only a pair of sheep horns left on the ground.  Nangong Yun picked up the horn and happily said, “Ha, ha, there’s loot!”

The Wind Moon Empress felt this was very novel.

The monsters would drop loot as soon as they died.

These things could be taken to the city to exchange for resources or used to create equipment or medicine.  This kind of method of slowly increasing one’s strength, even if an emperor wanted to become stronger, they could only use this method.  So, each person needed to spend the same amount of time, there was no shortcuts at all.

“Let’s go!”

They began to hunt prey, killing sheep, bulls, wolves, and alligators.  The more monsters they killed, the more loot they had. These monsters would mainly drop refining items, but they also dropped herbs, which was a very precious resource in the beginning.

But when they went deeper into the grasslands.

There was suddenly a powerful roar that swept over them.

Vivian’s expression fell, “This is bad, a big monster has appeared!”

Before they could get their guard up, there was a golden lion that jumped out of the grasslands.  It was over two meter tall and had a powerful body, releasing a mighty aura.

“Damn!  Everyone run!  This is an elite 9th Body Refinement Layer monster!”

Everyone quickly turned to run.

The Wind Moon Empress knit her slender brows, “Just a trivial 9th Body Refinement Layer monsters and you want this empress to run?  Where would this empress’ prestige go?”

Chu Tian said to her, “You are only a little cultivator of the 1st Body Refinement Layer!  Is dying better than not having any face?”

The Wind Moon Empress felt this was reasonable, running was better than being killed, but it was already too late.  The golden lion sent a beam of energy out its mouth that landed on her body. The empress was shattered to pieces with a cry of shock and disappeared without a trace.

The respected empress was actually killed by a level one demon beast!

The others couldn’t escape either, after all, the difference in strength was just too big.  The golden lion caught up and with a single slap for each person, they were all sent to heaven.

There was no true death on the Miracle Continent, but when a character died, they could only revive after seven days.  Of course, one could use source stones to quickly revive and the amount was based on the character’s cultivation. A character in the 1st Body Refinement only cost five source stones to revive, so everyone revived without hesitation.

The Wind Moon Empress appeared in front of everyone with a face covered in embarrassment and anger, “This weak level one demon beast, if this was the real world, even if there were ten thousand of them, this empress could destroy them with one finger!  I never thought that I would be killed by them here!”

“Empress, don’t be angry!”  Vivian quickly comforted her, “We have gathered large amounts of resources, we can exchange them for pills later that can increase our strength.”

“Right, right, right!”  Nangong Yun also said, “We don’t have to go to the wild, there are over a hundred trial towers in the Sacred City.  We can go try out the trial towers, that way there will be a greater chance of getting herbs and we might even obtain rare cultivation techniques.  When we become stronger, it won’t be too late to take revenge!”

The empress’s anger had already disappeared and it was replaced by interest for the continent, therefore she had a large interest in trying out the trial tower.  She looked at Chu Tian, “City Lord, come with us.”

“I won’t participate this time.”  Chu Tian gave a helpless shrug, “You all know, my wedding isn’t over yet, I don’t have that much time to play with you.  Isn’t that right? Yingying!”

The empress was very disappointed.

Forget it, one or two people won’t matter.

The empress directly ignored him and impatiently said to the others, “Then let’s go!”

“Alright!”  Vivian and Nangong Yun were people who loved to play.  Meng Qingwu, Jin Luo, and the others had nothing to do right now.  This group of people formed a small exploration team and headed to the closest trial tower.

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