MT Chapter 639


Chapter 639: Miracle Continent opening

Chu Tian left after he finished speaking.

The remaining time was left to other high level member of Miracle Commerce to manage.

The Miracle Royal Palace’s feast would carry on for several days to allow the company to discuss cooperations with various parties, also allowing these people to socialize with each other.

Chu Tian held Yingying’s hand as they walked to a side palace of the Miracle Royal Palace.


“You two really showed off today!”

“That’s right, that’s right, you actually caused such a large stir!”

Several large characters from Miracle Commerce had been waiting here for a long time.  They all gave their congratulations to Chu Tian.

“It was all expected, it was all expected!”  Chu Tian walked over to Meng Qingwu and asked, “How are the preparations?”

“Relax, we’ve already prepared for this long, there won’t be any accidents.”

Vivian and Nangong Yung had mixed feelings about today.

They saw their best sister Yingying getting married, so they were happy for her, but they also felt a sense of lost when they saw their respected big brother or most worshipped person being together with their best sister.  The two of them had drank quite a bit at the banquet and now looked a bit drunk.

The Miracle Continent was about to open?

They had to play to relieve their depression!

The information on the Miracle Continent was already being released.

The Miracle Continent was a profound world that had unlimited possibilities.  In truth, the current Miracle Continent scale was not even 1% of the real world, but there were already several hundred cities.

Of course, the several hundred cities were separated by quite a bit and they had no owners at first.  Quite a few of those cities were already occupied by foreign races or beasts. Anyone could take those cities, becoming a ruler of the Miracle Continent, but the premise was that they had to defeat these virtual inhabitants first.

The main theme of the Miracle Continent was management, social interaction, business, entertainment, and peace.

There were already over six hundred cities that had been developed and each city could easily accommodate over ten million people.

The Miracle Continent had just opened and there was only a single city available, which was the main city of the entire continent.  It was named the Miracle Continent Sacred City. This was the only official city and the entire continent’s most important and extensive city.

Didn’t have an idea?  It was very simple!

This city could currently hold over a billion people!

What scale was a billion people?  Those small and large kingdoms added up couldn’t have this kind of population.  Miracle Commerce had created a city that could hold an entire billion people, this city could definitely become a kingdom.

The Miracle Sacred City’s area was just too big, so there were thousands of Transport Points all over the city, allowing the people who lived in it to quickly move through the city.  Other than that, the Sacred City was divided into over twenty different districts. There was the forest district, the swamp district, the wilderness district, the high plains district, the ice plains district, the underground district…..This kind of city could take in people of all different races, highlighting Miracle Sacred City’s rich diversity!

Whether it was the emperors or the common citizens, when they saw the information on the Miracle Continent, every person was filled with a deep sense of excitement.  This was because most places of the Miracle Continent moved at one fourth the normal time, so they could stay inside for four days while only one day passed outside. This was equal to increasing their lifespan be four times!

“There’s still five minutes!”

“Everyone, quickly put on your helmet!”

Chu Tian, Yingying, and the young miss all put on their helmets and a floating screen appeared in front of their eyes.  Currently the Miracle Continent option was still grey and there was a timer over it. Everyone patiently watched and waited.

Meng Yingying suddenly thought of a question, “How will everyone meet after we enter the Miracle Sacred City?  The Miracle Sacred City is too big and there are quite a few people heading in, it won’t be easy to find each other in the sea of people.”

“This problem isn’t a problem at all, relax City Lord’s wife!”  Jin Luo who was in charge of the spiritual department said with a smile, “Our communication numbers are stored inside the helmet, so after our minds go in, we can just use the number to use the spiritual communication.  Then again, we are all high level members of Miracle Commerce and have special rights on the Miracle Continent, what problems could there be. As long as it doesn’t break the balance, we can ask the god of order for help.”

The god of order was the Smart Brain that maintained the Miracle Continent. 

Miracle Commerce’s high level members had special rights, therefore it will be very easy for them on the Miracle Continent.  As long as they didn’t break the balance too much, the god of order could solve any of their problems.

“Five, four, three, two, one!”


Meng Yingying quickly found a place to lie down first.  When the Miracle Continent activated, a wave of spiritual energy surged into her mind, instantly lighting up the world in front of Meng Yingying’s eyes.  That light started bit by bit, but it quickly spread across the entire world.

She was surrounded by darkness.

Meng Yingying felt her body float over the void that had no gravity.

A clear voice resounded in her ear at this time, “Welcome to the Miracle Continent.  As this is your first time on then Miracle Continent, please create a character.”

As soon as the voice fell.

There were over a hundred different forms that appeared in front of her.  There were humans, spirit beasts, elves, and all kinds of different races.  The human form was standing in the center, looking just like Meng Yingying.

Meng Yingying asked, “Is there any difference?”

“One’s own race character is free and it can directly enter the Miracle Continent.  If one wants to become a foreign race, the first character will cost ten source stones, the second will cost one hundred source stones, and it will keep increasing without stop.  Each person can create an infinite amount of characters in theory.” This voice continued to explain, “Different races have their own specialties and characteristics……”

Meng Yingying felt this was very interesting.  After being a human for several years in real life, she could experience something unprecedented like becoming a different race in the virtual world!

The system then said, “The character model can be changed while it is being created.  The appearance can be increased or decreased by 20% and anything after that scale will require extra fees……”

Meng Yingying didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Miracle Commerce really know how to earn money.

Before she even entered the Miracle Continent, there were already several fees.  She chose to become an elf and she adjusted her height a bit, but she didn’t touch the other things too much, so it was only an increase of 8%.  Therefore, she didn’t have to pay a few.

“The first foreign race character has been created, ten source stones have been deducted automatically.  You are now connecting to the continent.”

When Meng Yingying opened her eyes, she found that she appeared in an elven forest city.  There were tens of thousands of people appearing around her, each one looking like an elf, even though they weren’t elves in the real world.  Each person was appreciating their new bodies and faces with a sense of novelty.

Because one’s appearance could be changed on the Miracle Continent and the free range was 20%, even people with ordinary faces could become beauties and handsome men with that 20% increase.  Not to mention that some people even took out source stones for a 50% or 80% increase, so there weren’t too many people who were too ugly on the Miracle Continent.

Of course, that didn’t include the people or beauties who deliberately decreased their appearance.

Meng Yingying looked over her body.  She was dressed like an elf, wearing a simple set of robes and holding a bow in her hand.  The status window in her line of sight showed her current cultivation which was in the 1st Body Refinement Layer.  Even cultivation could be suppressed here?

Whether it was an emperor or a normal person, each person would be at the same starting point.  This kind of world allowed people to give their all!

“Yingying, where are you?”

“I am in the forest area’s elven city!”  A sound rang in Meng Yingying’s mind and she could instantly tell it was her elder sister, “Elder sister, where are you?”

“Gather at the city’s center area!”


Meng Yingying wasn’t appreciating her appearance like other people, she directly asked the god of order for a path to a Transport Point and then teleported to the square at the very center of Miracle City.  This square could hold three-five million people at once and the entire square seemed like it was made of fine jade, with each detail being carefully carved on. There was a giant fountain in spewing out water mist in all directions, as well as several golden dragons perched above them, who were the guards for the Miracle Sacred City.  If anyone dared to cause trouble, these golden dragons would come out to teach them a lesson.

One couldn’t die on the Miracle Continent, or accurately speaking, one could revive after seven days if one died.  Of course, if one was willing to take out some source stones, they could revive immediately in a safe area. So each person in here were undying people.

“Yingying, over here!”

Meng Qingwu became a Winged Race with snow white wings, Vivian had become a little Flower Fairy who was only the size of a palm, and the others all chose to become strange races.  Only Chu Tian remained as a human.

“Where is Nangong?”

“Is someone looking for me?”  The sounds of heavy footsteps rang out.  When everyone looked over, they all revealed smiles.  They saw a muscular, red haired female orc with buckteeth who was over two and a half meter tall walking towards them.

Meng Yingying was speechless, “Why did you turn into this?”

“You won’t understand!”  The orc Nangong Yung laughed and let out a thick female voice, “It can be tiring being a beauty, I feel like this is also fun!”

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