MT Chapter 638


Chapter 638: Released

West Sea City’s wedding.

It shook the entire continent.

Six people at the emperor level gave a present that was unprecedented.  Then again, for six existences that could cause trembles across the continent with a stomp of their foot to personally appear on scene was already shocking enough.  Just based on this, they gave Miracle City quite a bit of face.

Not to mention the incredible feat they performed?


Although Chu Tian’s fame on the continent wasn’t small, he wasn’t at the same level as them yet.

These six people actually captured an emperor on the same level alive and used him as a wedding gift for Chu Tian.  This was enough to show the attitudes of the six forces to the Forest of Chaos!

The Big Dry Empire had an established place on the continent and now their emperor had been captured, this would have a hard to imagine consequence on the Big Dry Empire.  Chu Tian could step over an empire to raise his own fame!

The six emperors decided to support Chu Tian to the same peak position as them!  This showed the decisiveness of the six large forces to cooperate long term with Miracle Commerce and Miracle City!  

Whether it was Chu Tian or the Forest Alliance’s influence on the continent, this wedding gift would bring a greatly influence it!  The Forest Alliance would soar into the sky with the support of the six large powers. Who would dare face Miracle City alone on the continent?

Miracle City would become connected to the core of hundreds of countries in the future.

Miracle City could even become the core of the continent’s economy in the future.

This was a big change in history, but also a big chance.

This wedding ceremony kept going and all kinds of rich gifts kept coming forward like snowflakes.  In the history of the continent, there had never been a wedding from an emperor that had as much influence as Chu Tian’s wedding.

Chu Tian was very satisfied with the performance of the six people, it was the so called, a wise man knows when to submit.  They seemed like they were acting good to Chu Tian, but they were just investing in him. Since they had no reason to stop Chu Tian’s rise, why not take advantage of it and help him?  There was no other reason for doing this other than getting a better position for themselves in the future!

“Let us raise our glasses for a toast!”

“We wish the City Lord and his wife will live in happiness forever!”

The guests in the Miracle Royal Palace all raised their glasses to give their blessings to this outstanding new couple.

Meng Yingying went around in her wedding dress to thank all the guests, the various kings and patriarchs.  These people all stood up, showing extreme respect to Yingying, even trying to flatter her. It made Meng Yingying feel like she was in a dream.  It had to be known, the people being respectful to her now, if it was three or four years ago, they could destroy the Southern Summer Country with a flip of their hands.

Meng Yingying of that time was a little girl who was worrying about her studies all day in a normal city of the Southern Summer Country.  Who would have known that fate would be this strange, letting a normal girl like her to directly reach the summit of the world in just a few years.

Meng Yingying had the vanity of a normal girl, but this vanity of hers was very easy to fulfil.  Back then, she just wanted to marry a good person that could help her elder sister stand forth in South Sky City.  Without knowing it, she became an empress and sat over a country with that man who created a miracle.

The banquet lasted for most of the day.

All the different rich gifts had been presented.

Everyone was warmly chatting with each other since this opportunity was unique on the continent.  To participate in this wedding, they didn’t mind shearing their meat to give a giant gift. There was a very important motivation and reason for becoming a VIP of the Miracle Royal Palace.

The higher the threshold of Miracle Commerce became, the more people would smash their heads to come in.

This was because the higher the threshold, the lower the number of members.  Each person that could become a VIP of the Miracle Royal Palace were at the top of the continent.  The current continent was different from before because with the appearance of the Transport Towers, it allowed the people who couldn’t be gathered before to come together and work together.  Therefore this was a very important social event, they could make friends with the various kings, patriarchs, and lords to welcome future developments and benefits.  

Meng Qingwu silently reported to Chu Tian, “With the rough expenditures taken away, we’ve earned around several billion source stones from this wedding.”

“That much?”

“Of course you don’t know this, but for this chance, there are many small countries that have emptied most of their treasuries for a single seat.”

Chu Tian felt very satisfied.  This was not just the most luxurious and influential wedding on the continent to this day, it was also the wedding that made the most money.

It was about time.

Chu Tian stepped into the conference hall of the Miracle Royal Palace.

It was the final step of the wedding and the step that people all paid attention to.

Miracle Commerce through various broadcasts sent the entire conference to every corner of the continent, letting everyone know the most recent developments.

This conference hall was already filled with people.

The first row was filled with the various emperors.

The second row were delegates sent from the empire level powers.

The third row were the warring kingdom level kings and the various large clans’ patriarchs.

“First, I am very grateful to everyone for supporting this one’s wedding.  In order to not let down everyone’s expectations, I won’t waste any more time.”  Chu Tian walked to the center over the red carpet and stood on the high stage. He didn’t give any pleasantries and announced to the guests on site, as well as the whole world, “I’ll take advantage of this auspicious day to announce a few things.”

Everyone instantly became silent.

Each person held their breath with rapt attention as they tried to hear every word Chu Tian said.

“First, Miracle Commerce will cooperate with the entire continent with our core technology, including the teleportation, spatial transport, communication, and other domains.  We will connect the entire continent within three years. To thank everyone for their support, everyone will receive priority!”

Although Miracle Commerce’s technology had a very high fame on the continent, the places that it could directly influence was still only the western region of the continent.

Of the guests that came to the West Sea City wedding today, most of these forces and their areas had no Transport Towers built there.  There also hasn’t been the Space Warehouses that represent the new era of commerce.

Miracle Commerce’s cooperation was not just limited to their allies, any area of the continent and any force all had the chance to cooperate with Miracle Commerce.  This kind of cooperation model was very simple. Putting it simply, the various places would take out resources and provide protection while Miracle City took out their technology and provided maintenance.  The final product would be split accordingly, with Miracle City usually only taking half.

With the appearance of Miracle Commerce, these other powers were very anxious.  Especially with the six empires taking the lead, already building a fluid transport system and a communication system that covered their entire territory.  Not only did they start earning a large profit, they also had the production of the Miracle Helmet earning them a large amount.

Since that was the case.

Were they willing to fall behind other powers?

The powers of the continent were not willing to fall behind others.  Miracle Commerce couldn’t be threatened or moved against, so even if they gave high conditions, this could be discussed.  As long as Miracle Commerce was willing to give them the technology to develop as soon as possible.

With just Miracle Commerce promising them priority.

It was worth them spending all that capital to come here.

“The second matter is, Miracle Commerce will be opening all our platforms to cooperation.  Our Miracle Shopping Center is looking for merchants from all over to come together and create the largest commercial platform on the continent.  We are also looking for more partners to develop Outer Space and the underground world. Other than that, Miracle Commerce has large amounts of information on hidden treasures, with seven coming from the great ancient era and over twenty coming from the ancient era, as well as countless smaller ruins.  We are prepared to develop all of these with everyone!”

Miracle City had the strongest commercial platform on the continent.  The Miracle Shopping Center was based on the Space Warehouse, already becoming the western continent’s most popular method of shopping.  It broke the limits of area and space, allowing people to buy the best items on the continent without even leaving their houses.

The elves, the undead, the giants, and many other small races.

These were enclosed races and didn’t like interacting with others or they were very weak, so it was hard for them to trade with other races.  Now they could use this commercial platform to solve those problems.

The spirit beasts and dwarves were races weak at trading, but now they could use this public platform to earn large amounts.  This was indeed a very good thing for all people.

What surprised everyone was that.

Chu Tian actually announced that Miracle Commerce held many ancient ruins and hidden treasures!  This was information that had a value that couldn’t be estimated, but he was willing to share them!

“The third and most important matter is that the Miracle Continent that Miracle City has spent an immeasurable amount of blood, sweat, and tears building will be open today!”

Everyone stood up and applauded.

Of the people who came to the wedding, a part of them had charged over for this piece of news.

“We’ll announce the information on the Miracle Continent after this and it’ll open in another hour.  As long as one has the Miracle Helmet at the appointed time, they can use it to enter the Miracle Continent!”

While Chu Tian was giving a simple introduction, Meng Qingwu released detailed information on the Miracle Continent to the various Miracle Commerce departments or directly through the Miracle Helmets.

The Miracle Continent was a world of infinite possibilities.  There were many things that people hadn’t thought of, but they could do if they had the ability to do so.

After this brief and shocking announcement was over.

Chu Tian left the stage.  The wedding ceremony came to an end with this.

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