MT Chapter 636


Chapter 636: Wedding

The news of Jing Wu Ying’s death traveled through the army like a plague.

Especially when it reached the center army from the front army, it made all the expressions of the Big Dry Empire’s alliance army’s high level members change.  This was something they never expected! Jing Wu Ying was not just a king of the Big Dry Empire, he was also a great general, which was one of the highest positions in the military.

“Forget the front army!”  The Big Dry Emperor was filled with rage, but he could only do this.  Although as an emperor he couldn’t show himself, the armrest of his throne was quickly filled with cracks.  He said in a low voice, “Reassign fifty thousand dragon cavalry from the center army and reform the attack formation.  This emperor will personally command the vanguard and the army will prepare to charge!”

Everyone understood from hearing this.


The Big Dry Emperor had been completely enraged.

The vanguard was the part of the army that was easiest for large scale casualties to appear.

Therefore, it was not too suitable for the alliance armies to be in the vanguard.  But the Big Dry Empire’s vanguard had already fallen into chaos, so they sent out fifty thousand core soldiers.  This will inevitably cause more chaos in the Big Dry Empire’s army and will increase their casualties.

The Big Dry Emperor didn’t care about this.

The fiercely enraged him only wanted to end this battle as soon as possible!

The Big Dry Empire’s army was in chaos.  Although Miracle City’s side had consumed most of their forces and could only barely defend, as well as making it impossible for them to attack, it wasn’t easy to reform a large army.  The Big Dry Emperor bypassed the scattering vanguard to attack the enemy, gathering the middle, back, left, and right armies. It would take at least half a day before they could barely contain the chaos.

But there was an ear grating sound that rang out at this time.

It was like a boulder thrown at space behind the Miracle City’s army, as fluctuations appeared in space itself.  Finally, it gradually formed a giant gate. The Big Dry Empire’s army had never seen the Space Gate before, but they could feel the powerful spatial energy coming from the Space Gate.  The expression on the faces of each person fell.

What was this thing?

Why did such powerful energy suddenly appear!

“This is bad!  Quickly attack!  Destroy the gate!”

The Big Dry Emperor remembered some rumours from when Miracle City pacified the Subterranean World.  He had only half believed it at first, but he never thought that there would really be something like this in the world.  Therefore, he had to attack before he even gathered his army.

An army of a terrifying scale charged forward.

Lancelot knit his brows seeing this, “The enemy army is too big, we’ll avoid them for now.”

The Dragon Lord agreed to Lancelot’s idea.  The Space Gate had appeared this far away, it was impossible for the Big Dry Empire to stop the gate from opening.  So once the war reached this point, there was no suspense at all. With what happened next, the Forest of Chaos would just provide support as the battlefield turned into a fight between empires!

Too late!

Too late!

The Big Dry Emperor could feel the Space Gate stabilizing and a powerful pressure coming out of it, as the armies of the six empires appeared.  The powerful dragons, the powerful Soul Devouring Beasts, the powerful One Horned Sacred Beasts……The most elite forces of the continent suddenly filled this space.

The armies of the six empires all fought independently.  Although there weren’t many of them, they were all elites, so they quickly demonstrated a powerful battle strength.

The Big Dry Empire’s army didn’t even have a chance to approach.

The Dragon Territory’s twenty thousand dragons charged in first.  They did not release any attacks, as they joined together to release their Dragon Might.  The Dragon Might was a special ability of the dragon race, it acted as a deterrent of the spiritual domain, directly breaking the minds of low level demon beasts.  If it was serious, they could only lie on the ground twitching without being able to move at all, completely at the whim of the dragon race.

The Big Dry Empire’s army was mainly made of airborne units and few of these soldiers had the ability to fly themselves, so they had no choice but to depend on flying demon beasts.  Once the wave of Dragon Might was released, it achieved substantial effects, much better than any attacks.

The Big Dry Empire’s army fell into chaos again.

The armies of the six empires kept appearing and they launched their first wave of attacks.  The Dark Night Forest’s One Horned Sacred Beasts were the fastest. With the wisdom of several Dark Night elven elders, they gathered together.  At the front was the One Horned King, which had the power of an expert in the 7th-8th Heaven Domain Layer. The entire army released a bright power that formed a sword covered in sacred light, charging into the enemy with an unbelievable speed.

The Dragon Territory’s twenty thousand dragons followed behind them.  The dragon race was a powerful and ancient race, so even when they were lacking in quantity, they could easily crush their enemies.

The Big Dry Empire’s army faced this terrifying attack and was thrown into confusion.  There were pitiful screams and wails that filled the sky, as flesh and blood fell down like a storm.  Several tens of thousands of living beings dyed the ground completely red.

The Dark Night Forest’s One Horned Sacred Beasts were rare life attributed demon beasts.  Their horns could link to their allies and whenever one of them was injured, as long as it was within a limit, they could split it with their allies and use the healing energy contained within to quickly heal themselves.

The Netherworld Sea’s Soul Devouring Beast was a kind of monster people feared even hearing the name of.  This kind of monster could swallow the souls on a battlefield to release undead monsters. Although these undead monsters wouldn’t last forever, their strength was comparable to before.

This also meant.

The Big Dry Empire’s soldiers that died, as long as their souls didn’t dissipate, the Soul Devouring Beasts could use their undead power to make them appear on the battlefield again.  This kind of ability not only increased their power, but also attacked their morale.

The armies of Wind Moon, Burning Heaven, and Wild Beast weren’t simple either.

This battle lasted for another half a day before the Big Dry Empire’s army completely collapsed.  The Howling Sky Empire and the Highland Alliance saw the heavy casualties and withdrew their remaining forces.  With his two allies already leaving, how could the Big Dry Emperor find any value in fighting them alone?

There was no other choice!

This battle was a complete failure!

When the Big Dry Emperor was about to leave.

There was someone who appeared behind him.  It was the dragon race’s great elder Bo Jing.  An energy that the naked eye couldn’t keep up to was released from his mouth and the Big Dry Emperor felt like he was being slammed down.  He fell from the sky to the ground and created a large hole in the side of a mountain.

“You all actually……”

The Big Dry Emperor never thought that the six emperor level characters would attack at the same time.  If it was fighting them alone, the Big Dry Emperor didn’t fear any of them, but against all six, the Big Dry Emperor didn’t have any hope of winning.  Not to mention that among the six, the Nether King and the dragon great elder were peak existences among emperor level characters.

The Big Dry Emperor was a decisive person, immediately burning a part of his essence blood.  A large blood mist came from every pore of his body and instantly spread out in all directions like a plague.  Every living being covered by this blood mist would have the blood inside their body burned and they would release a blood mist in an explosion.  This blood mist kept spreading, reaching several thousand meters.

Eunice’s expression became ugly, “It’s the Blood Demon Soul Burning Art.  He actually sacrificed a bit of his cultivation to use this evil and poisonous blood escaping technique?”

The Big Dry Emperor’s blood mist killed at least a few thousand soldiers, with most of them being from the Big Dry Empire’s army.  After the blood essence of these soldiers were lit, they finally turned into a power that entered the Big Dry Emperor, letting him fly to the horizon like a meteor, instantly disappearing from sight.

The six emperor level characters attacked at the same time to stop the blood mist that seemed like it would envelope the entire battlefield.  When they finally worked together to suppress the blood poison, the Big Dry Emperor had already disappeared.

“Damn, he escaped!”

The Wild Beast Emperor’s face was filled with rage.

Letting the other side escape with six people surrounding him, this lost them quite a bit of face.  Of course, the Wild Beast Emperor didn’t think that as an emperor, to escape while throwing away your army, how much face would the Big Dry Emperor lose from this?  This was simply shaming one’s country! This had never happened since the Big Dry Empire was established. Even in the history of the continent, this rarely ever happened.

“Everyone relax, he can’t escape.”

There was an elegant form that appeared in front of the six of them.  It was no one other than the Wood Elf King, Lancelot. Lancelot appeared in midair and released his energy, creating a silver hourglass in the air.  The moment this hourglass appeared, it caused the tracks of the blood escape technique to appear.

“Good!”  The Burning Heaven Emperor broke out in laughter, “With this Elven King’s innate time energy showing us the escape path, even if he ran to the ends of the earth, he wouldn’t be able to escape us!  Let’s chase!”

The six emperor level characters brought Lancelot to chase after the Big Dry Emperor.

The battle was still continuing on the battlefield.  The Howling Sky Empire and the Highland Alliance had already escaped.  Even the Big Dry Emperor had escaped, so when the Big Dry Empire’s army faced the powerful allied army of the six empires, their morale completely collapsed.  No, not only did they lose their morale, they were filled with despair.

Even the Big Dry Emperor couldn’t hold on.

Would the empire still have face to exist in this world?

The Big Dry Empire would definitely go into a decline after this campaign!

When the Miracle City army advised the other side to surrender, there was no hesitation in the remaining over two hundred thousand remnants who all threw down their weapons.  This even included elite legions like the Golden Dragon Hawk Army.


Chu Tian did not watch the rest of the fight because Chu Tian was very clear that when the reinforcements of the six empires appeared, his mission had already been carried out.

One could imagine what would happen in this battle even if they thought about it with their toes.

Chu Tian had something to do that was hundreds of times more important than this battle!

His wedding!

When Chu Tian used the Transport Scroll to return to West Sea City, the entirety of West Sea City was filled with joy, not looking anxious at all like they were about to be invaded by a powerful enemy.  There were dozens of airships flying over the beautiful Crystal Bay, suspending incomparably large screens, each showing experiences Chu Tian and Meng Yingying had experienced together. Of course, these were filmed memories and to make it more artistic, many of the major details had been changed.

The entire West Sea City had the theme of Miracle City’s City Lord’s wedding, all the Merpeople in the city had come out.  They were singing all over the city with thousands of elves dancing to their singing.

The Merpeople’s Crystal Palace was completely decorated for a wedding.

All kinds of large characters came from every corner of the continent, just to witness this wedding that could change the history of the continent.  But these people hadn’t been in West Sea City for long when they learned of the Big Dry Empire allying with the Highland Alliance and the Howling Sky Empire to rally an army of one million to attack West Sea City.

This piece of information instantly made them panic.

The power of three empire level powers forming an army together was not small.

West Sea City was the Forest Alliance’s western strategic point, its defenses could only match the defenses of a warring kingdom’s capital city.  Could this kind of city block the attacks of three empires working together?

These people were worried about their safety, but they were also worried about whether the wedding would be cancelled or delayed.  This was not just a wedding, it was also the opening day of the Miracle Continent. There were billions of people on the continent waiting for this moment!

Although this rumour had spread, Miracle City’s side was very calm.  Miracle City’s vice City Lord Meng Qingwu came out to receive the guests as Meng Yingying’s elder sister.  Miracle City’s high level members like Vivian and Nangong Yun had all come to partake in the celebration.

Since these high level members weren’t worried, what were they worried about?

West Sea City had celebrated for several days and there was no sign of the armies of the three empire level powers.  When everyone felt their heart relaxing, West Sea City’s grand wedding had begun.

This wedding was personally presided over by Meng Qingwu.  She stood in the magnificent Merpeople Square with a microphone in her hand, as her voice spread all over the city, “Welcome guests from all over the continent.  For accepting the invitation to Miracle City’s grand wedding, I represent Miracle City and the Forest Alliance to thank everyone.”

Meng Qingwu gave a bow after she said this.

Meng Qingwu could be considered a well known person on the continent.  For this kind of person to bow to them, what kind of honour was this? Meng Qingwu continued to say, “Our wedding will last for three days!  And West Sea City’s celebrations will last for an entire month! During this month, West Sea City’s Transport Array will lift their restrictions and all can come to West Sea City.  Good wine and delicacy are for all to enjoy and it will all be free!”

Everyone broke out in cheers.

The Forest Alliance really was filthy rich.

Only Miracle City had the confidence in doing something like this!

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