MT Chapter 634


Chapter 634: Weak battling the strong

The attacks of Miracle City’s deep space weapons stopped.

Of course this was not Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu showing mercy.  Although the deep space weapons had good effects, the process of loading ammunition into them was very troublesome.  Each time it was loaded would take seven days, therefore they could only currently use it to harass the enemy and couldn’t use it to destroy the enemy army’s main forces.

But Miracle City’s deep space weapons had accomplished their goal.  The casualties caused by the few attacks wasn’t considered much, but they had succeeded in creating chaos in this army.

This kind of chaos was basically a disaster, the thousands of small units were all close to collapsing, scurrying around like a bunch of headless chickens.  There was no way to send down attack orders, so the army had completely lost the ability to fight.


Chu Tian watched the enemy army from afar.

He saw the dense army charging forward like a tidal wave, but after a few fireworks, they were running around like headless chickens.  Chaos completely filled this group of headless chickens.

“Not bad!”  Chu Tian revealed a faint satisfied smile, “Now we can make a move!”

Chu Tian’s orders were sent to the entire army through a Smart Brain, so everyone was prepared for combat.  The four central warships began to move forward and the combat units quickly took their places.

Each warship was around two hundred meters long and each ship was covered in Source Energy and Laser Cannons.  Each ship had a powerful defense system, as well as being surrounded by twenty combat airships and three hundred Black Thunder fighters.  This was a very powerful modern army.

When the Big Dry Empire’s army faced the powerful Miracle City army, they all revealed looks of shock and disbelief.  But their formation was in complete chaos and there were no orders being sent. The army had lost their cohesive power and could only fight as individuals.

Individual fighting led to some people running, some people defending, some people attack, and some people watching.  There was not a single effective tactic.

Could there not be chaos in this kind of fight?

Could there be cohesiveness in this kind of fight?

All of the legions looked like they were completely broken!

If it was said that Miracle City’s perfect coordination allowed their strength to increase by a further 30%, then the Big Dry Empire army’s chaos caused their original strength to decrease by 30%.

So now was the best time to attack!

Miracle City’s Smart Brain deduced their attack routes, so Chu Tian didn’t need to direct anything and the army could attack when they wanted.

“Hong, hong, hong!”

The hundreds of weapons on the warships fired at the same time.

The weapons were like a dense storm falling onto the enemy army.  The battle airships followed behind them and another energy storm fell down.  The Big Dry Empire suffered heavy casualties from this wave of attacks.

The heavy losses from this direct confrontation was a large blow to their morale!

Although the Big Dry Empire’s army was not weak, once they lost their morale, their soldiers didn’t have any intent to fight at all.  How could an army that had lost all intent to fight possibly win?

Miracle City seized this opportunity to keep sending out powerful attacks, as the three hundred fighter planes began to move.  These fighter planes were like swords in Miracle City’s hands. Although their destructive might could not compare to the large warships loaded with cannons, they were far more mobile and flexible compared to the warships.

These fighter planes were all supported by Smart Brains, so they charged at the enemies like meteors, sweeping down large groups of enemies like a sickle cutting down wheat.  They saw another chance and attacked deep into the enemy’s camp, causing heavy casualties to prevent the command posts from reforming.

The Big Dry Empire already had no way of sending down orders.

When the Big Dry Empire’s collective was operating independently, Miracle City’s main army finally saw a chance to attack.  There were Mech Suits and robots that took off into the air, adding up to a total of around one hundred thousand. Although they were quite large, they didn’t need orders at all.

Whether it was the Mech Suit soldiers.

Or the robot soldiers.

This army received centralized orders from the far Miracle City, they saw plans that were formed after Smart Brains had analyzed the situation.  These plans were all adjusted for each individual, accurately sending instructions to each soldier. No matter what happened in this kind of situation, the Smart Brains could analyze the current situation to create the most suitable method.

This was a perfect and invincible command system!

The fifty thousand robot soldiers were made of the robots Miracle City built.  These robots were not weak, having very strong attack systems. Just a single heavy Source Energy Gun was enough to wreak havoc on the Big Dry Empire’s army, not to mention that the robots didn’t just have a single heavy Source Energy Gun, but rather also Source Energy Cannons, Laser Cannons, and even a self destruct device.

They didn’t have emotions, they didn’t have pity, they didn’t have fear.

They were truly cold and perfect soldiers.

The fifty thousand Mech Suit soldiers were soldiers carefully picked from the Forest Alliance and the Purgatory World.  These soldiers already had pretty good strength and adding in the Mech Suit, each one had a terrifying power. Going all out, their strength was not inferior to the soldiers of the Big Dry Empire.

When the Big Dry Empire met the third wave of continuous attacks, the army of a million was close to collapsing.

The Dragon Lord watching from afar couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh, “We have still underestimated Miracle City!”

“That’s right.  I never thought that Miracle City’s army had reached this kind of level!”  Thunder’s Fury also sighed with emotion. Although Miracle City had only come to the Forest of Chaos for one-two years, their strength had already surpassed them, “Miracle City’s technology is becoming stronger and stronger. With this kind of advanced army, perhaps no one will be their match in the future on the continent.”

Lancelot said, “Don’t waste time, we need to make a move too!”

The reinforcement of the Forest Alliance also joined the battle.

This time, the Big Dry Empire had been beaten into the ground.

It wasn’t strange for an army of over a million to fight for several days without stop.  Miracle City had completely scattered the Big Dry Empire and it would take them a day or two if they wanted to regroup.  They had been fighting for half a day and the Big Dry Empire had suffered heavy casualties, with Miracle City being at an advantage.

The Big Dry Empire was not foolish, they couldn’t retreat.  If such a large army were to retreat before they even reached the Western Sea, whether it was their face or their prestige, it would be greatly affected.  Not to mention that it would take them several days to retreat and West Sea City’s wedding would already be over, so it would greatly reduce the effect of this battle.


They couldn’t stop!

The Big Dry Empire sent out his senior generals, completely ignoring the normal elites.  He gathered the trump card army of the empire which was a power that could easily defeat Miracle City’s army!

It was impossible for the six empires cooperating with Miracle City to join this fight, their army was far weaker in comparison.  How could Miracle City’s army possibly fight against the combined armies of the three empires?

Chu Tian held his sword as he led his soldiers in killing quite a few enemies.

At this time, the young miss sent a message through the Smart Brain, “We have noticed that the Big Dry Empire’s strongest powers are gathering.  They seemed to be preparing to throw away the normal army and gather together the trump card armies. It is best if you don’t collide with their strongest armies.  This is after all the trump cards of an empire level power, so it is best to leave it to the six empire level powers to handle.”

“These fellows are reacting quite quickly!”

The distribution of the strongest soldiers of the Big Dry Empire was a line crossing through the middle, but now that line was prepared to form a ball.  If they were allowed to clump together, their battle strength couldn’t be underestimated.

Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Send the live map to me.”

Meng Qingwu transmitted the map analyzing the enemy’s strength and numbers.

Chu Tian took a glance and knew what the situation was, “The reinforcements of the six empires haven’t arrived yet, we need to stall for as much time as possible.”

Meng Qingwu asked, “What are you prepared to do?”

“Interrupt them!”  Chu Tian said without thinking, “Have the robot and Mech Suit Armies, as well as the fighters all follow me.  We will cut off their main army in one fell swoop!” 

Meng Qingwu felt that this was too risky, but it was effective at stopping the enemy from gathering their forces.  The fighters couldn’t be delayed any longer, so she quickly gave the Smart Brain to plan out their path. The Smart Brain analyzed the composition of the enemy’s army and finally locked onto a relatively weak area.  As long as they could separate the enemy here, they could at least cut off fifty thousand enemies.

They would do this!

Chu Tian didn’t even think as he led the hundred thousand soldiers in attacking the Big Dry Empire.  The trump card armies of the empires were like heaven and earth compared to the normal elites. Although it was hard for them to receive concrete orders, this army was not as chaotic as a result.  But when they saw Miracle City taking the initiative to attack them, these soldiers were all shocked.

Chu Tian did not hold back and shouted, “Have the robot army attack first, blow up and take the enemy with you if you have to!  We must destroy them all!”

The robot army controlled by the Smart Brain flew off.  They were like moths that didn’t fear death as they collectively flew out to attack the enemy!

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