MT Chapter 626


Chapter 626: Cooperation

The Yun Sect’s laboratory was bug, but it lacked peak characters, which was the main difference between Miracle City and the empires.  This time the Nether King had sent fifty Undead Sages at once, who all came from different fields, which was like sending charcoal in winter to Miracle City.

Chu Tian decided to properly demonstrate their value.

He would let Miracle Commerce’s technology ascend another step in a short period of time!

What goal did the Nether King have?  It didn’t matter! He would just treat these Sages as foreign scholars!


Chu Tian was not afraid of his technology being secretly learnt because five years was enough for Miracle Commerce to expand over the entire continent.  At that time, even if a part of the technology was stolen, it wouldn’t be much use. Not to mention, Chu Tian kept advancing his technology, so the things that are revealed will always be obsolete.

Chu Tian had just finished setting up these Undead Sages when Meng Qingwu anxiously contacted him, “There is something that just happened.  Quickly come back and discuss this.”

When Chu Tian returned to the City Lord Fort, he saw people dressed in the styles of different countries there.

Meng Qingwu immediately introduced Chu Tian to everyone, they were the messengers of the empires or the empire level powers.  Wind Moon, Burning Heaven, Wild Beast, the Netherworld Sea, and the other places. They came on the orders of their bosses to discuss something very important.

“So it’s the messengers of the different countries?  I’ve been rude, I’ve been rude!” Chu Tian cupped his hands before directly asking, “I wonder, is there something you need from this one?”

“How could we need something from sir City Lord?”  A female messenger from the Wind Moon Empire respectfully said, “We have the orders of the empress to discuss the matter of cooperation with you.”

The Burning Heaven Empire’s messenger couldn’t help standing up and saying, “City Lord Chu Tian, our Burning Heaven Empire was here first.  Even if you cooperate with others, you should cooperate with us first!”

The Dragon’s Territory messenger was dissatisfied, “This is doing business, not walking along the streets, who has heard of first come first serve?  Of course it’ll be whoever gives the best conditions!”

What kind of situation was this?

Chu Tian looked at Meng Qingwu beside him with a confused look.  Meng Qingwu gave a few soft coughs before explaining to the messengers, “Because the Miracle Helmets in the Miracle Shopping Center was snatched up, the citizens of the empires are very regretful they couldn’t snatch up a helmet.  While the people of the empire do not lack the resources and interest, Miracle Commerce’s advertisement speed was limited, so it couldn’t cover most of the empires. Also the auction time was very short, so they didn’t have time to participate.”

Chu Tian could mostly guess what happened.  It was the empires being jealous of Miracle City’s large gains, so they came to take some for themselves, “So?”

“The Burning Heaven Emperor has decided to take out five hundred thousand helmets and wants to auction the using the Miracle Shopping Center platform.  We will also specially send bidding places to the regions of the empires to allow the people of the empires to participate. It will ensure it sells for a good price and it can allow the citizens of the countries try out the Miracle Helmets.”

Chu Tian rolled his eyes.

What kind of excuse was this?

If you really cared about the citizens, why would you auction it at a high price?  You could just directly sell it to the citizens. Thinking about the money of your citizens and coming up with these good sounding excuses, Chu Tian could only show his disdain towards this kind of act.

But speaking of this.

“You’ve finished building five hundred thousand helmets this quickly?”  Chu Tian showed serious doubt about this number, “I remember that the Heaven Burning Empire’s helmet factory has just been constructed, could it be that you’ve made these helmets out of thin air?”

The Burning Heaven Empire’s messenger honestly said, “We still haven’t made the helmets yet, but we can sell them first.  We’ll have the auction for a few days and have them wait another few days, then wouldn’t our helmets be made?”

Chu Tian directly submitted.

These fellows were selling things before they were even made, who did business like this in this world?  This is rushing to earn a profit, like they’re afraid that someone else will snatch it first!

Chu Tian looked at the others.  Although he didn’t ask anything, looking at their expressions, they all seemed to be thinking the same thing.  It really made people feel ashamed. Chu Tian hadn’t given his opinion yet when those messengers began arguing again.

The Wind Moon Empire’s messenger said, “If Miracle City cooperates with the Wind Moon Empire first, we’ll give Miracle City 10% of the profits.”

“Ten percent?”  The Burning Heaven Empire’s messenger gave a cold laugh before loudly announcing, “Our Burning Heaven Empire will give 20%.”

This fierce?  It was simply doubling it!

The Dragon’s Territory messenger was even more brazen, “The Dragon’s Territory is willing to give 30%!”

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu watched the messengers struggling to be first, smoothly earning one fourth of the profit for Miracle Commerce.  Miracle Commerce could just lay there and it would still earn money! Chu Tian even suspected that if they kept quarreling, they might even raise it to 50%!

These forces had been competing for a long time.

Therefore, they would rather earn less or not earn anything at all than to let the other side earn something!

The Dark Night Forest’s messenger saw that quarreling like this was not a method, so he looked at Chu Tian and said, “City Lord Chu Tian, what do you think?”

The messengers all stopped and looked at Chu Tian.

“Everyone, please calm down.”  Chu Tian comforted everyone, “Think about it, if one is chosen, wouldn’t that mean offending the others?  Miracle City would never do anything that offends someone! You are all overlords of the continent with deep influence, Miracle City is just a newly risen star, how could we dare offend you?”

The messengers all looked at each other in blank dismay.

This choice did indeed make Miracle City feel very awkward.

Chu Tian spoke again at this time, “I have a method that can satisfy everyone, I just don’t know if you’ll all agree.”

“What method?”  The Wind Moon Empire’s messenger quickly asked, “Please tell us.”

Chu Tian slowly responded, “Why do you need to steal from each other?  Our history of development is very quick, there is no need to eat all this alone.  It’s beneficial for everyone to work together, so we can all become rich together.”

The messengers all didn’t understand.

Chu Tian explained, “You can all take out five hundred thousand helmets and place them all in the Miracle Shopping Center.  The source stones in the end will be evenly shared with everyone and we will all earn a large amount, wouldn’t we all be happy?”

This was indeed a method.

But some people didn’t agree.

The Wind Moon Empire’s messenger said, “How could that be?  Our Wind Moon Empire’s citizens are very rich, can your Burning Heaven Empire compare?  If this is divided evenly, we would suffer a large loss!”

“Ah pei, I don’t want to share with you.  The Burning Heaven Empire has a large population, can you compare?”

“If we’re talking about wealth, the Dragon’s Territory is the wealthiest.”

“If we’re talking about population, the Wild Beast Empire has the most people!”

The messengers began fighting without end, no one was willing to make the slightest concession.  Chu Tian felt a very strong headache come over him. Meng Qingwu couldn’t help standing up and saying, “Everyone, listen to me.”

Meng Qingwu was a person with a strong reputation.

The messengers were all clear that the one truly in charge of Miracle City was this woman.  So in front of this woman, they would restrain themselves a bit since they would have to frequently deal with her in the future.

“Actually this problem isn’t hard to solve at all.  Miracle Commerce’s Smart Brain system can analyze the total bids and amounts.  We’ll give the places with higher bids a bit more and the places with lower bids a bit less, so it’ll be relatively fair in terms of distribution.”

This was indeed a method.

But the messengers weren’t too satisfied.

Meng Qingwu gave another condition, “Miracle Commerce will only take cooperations where both sides win.  As for Miracle Commerce’s share, we will only need 20%. If everyone can report to their lords, we can immediately start cooperating, otherwise it’ll be hard to proceed.  I ask you to weigh the advantages.”

Was there still another choice?

Who didn’t like earning a bit more source stones?

The empires didn’t have a channel like the Miracle Shopping Center, so even if they can make the helmets, they can’t auction them.  They hadn’t started mass producing them yet, so how much could they earn by just selling a few hundred thousand helmets? This bit of source stones wouldn’t even enter the eyes of the empires!

The messengers all brought back Meng Qingwu’s condition!

On the same day, the rulers held a conference with Meng Qingwu with the Spiritual Helmet and they agreed to Meng Qingwu’s proposition.  The main thing was discussing some rules, like each empire were to be ensured a certain amount of helmets to avoid the first batch being sold by another empire.  As well, the profit of the helmets would be sold based on their proportions, to avoid further bickering when the sales had been made.

With Meng Qingwu’s mediation.

They finally created a plan that everyone could be satisfied with.

This matter was set like this.  The Wind Moon Empire, the Burning Heaven Empire, the Wild Beast Empire, the Dark Night Forest, the Dragon’s Territory, and the Netherworld Sea, these six large forces would each take out five hundred thousand helmets for a total of three million helmets.  They would all be placed in the Miracle Shopping Center to be auctioned.

The coverage of this auction would be even wider!

There would be an auction location in each region of the empire and their associated kingdoms, which meant that all domestic and foreign markets were being tapped.  The auction time was also longer, being a full seven days, giving the various rich people time to make their bids.

For the Miracle Helmet to be produced in large scale and become the continent’s most popular item, it would take at least a year or two.  Right now, the Miracle Helmet was only a luxury product for rich people. This continent didn’t lack rich families worth hundreds of millions of source stones, these people weren’t lacking in money.  As long as they could experience the Spiritual Helmets a bit earlier, what was spending a few hundred thousand source stones considered?

To make the bids even stronger.

Miracle Commerce wildly began to advertise.  Before the Miracle City’s City Lord’s wedding and before the opening of the Miracle Continent, this was the last batch of Miracle Helmets.  If one missed this chance, they would have to wait another month or two!

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