MT Chapter 625


Chapter 625: Undead Sages

All of Miracle Commerce was incredibly busy.

This auction sale, although it was only for three short days, not only did it bring large revenue, but it also created a large topic that the entire continent discussed.  If this was a plan to advertise the Miracle Helmet, the creator of this plan would receive full marks.

The most important thing was that it wasn’t just advertising, they were also making a profit!

The day the auction sale ended, Miracle Commerce’s members all gathered in the conference hall.  Each person was silently waiting with a look of expectation on their faces.


The moment the auction ended!

The Shopping Center’s super Smart Brain put some data on the screen.  During the short three day auction of the helmets, there were a total of twelve million and one hundred and thirty thousand people who participated, with number of bids adding up to forty nine million and sixty thousand times.  Then final highest bid was one million source stones and there were over two hundred bids that were over one hundred thousand source stones. The final lowest price was two hundred and twenty five source stones……The final giant total was displayed on the screen.

This data demonstrated the giant financial difference of the continent.  The peak rich people could easily throw several hundred thousand away and the poor people could only keep trying their luck in the end.

The total sales number in the end was four hundred million, eight hundred and thirty one source stones!

Which came to an average of around nine hundred and thirty source stones per helmet.

When this data came out, everyone cheered.  This was not just an incomparably large amount of income for Miracle City, it also demonstrated the charm and prospects of the Miracle Spiritual Helmet!

“Four hundred million, it’s four hundred million!”

“Is there a mistake?”

After the Miracle Helmet development department learned of this, they were all stunned by this number.  This was because they knew the cost of the Miracle Helmets were very low. The total cost for the over four hundred thousand Miracle Spiritual Helmets was no more than two million.

Turning two million in materials into products worth four hundred million, this couldn’t be described as just making a profit, this was simply turning stone into gold!  Not to mention that Miracle City have obtained a large income, which instantly helped relieve their tight finances.

“Everyone has done beautifully this time.”  Chu Tian stood up and gave strong applause, “We have not only created the most luxurious hotel on the continent, we have also used this chance to blow up the helmets and brought a large income to Miracle City.  I have decided to take out a tenth of this to reward everyone with a bonus.”

A tenth was forty million source stones!

This was a very rich bonus!

From the staff and researchers that developed the helmets like Meng Yingying and Jin Luo to the staff of the Shopping Center, they all received a large reward.  This was like gaining several years of income for the staff!

Meng Qingwu had some misgivings with Chu Tian being this generous, after all, Miracle City required a large amount of funds and this bonus was a bit too excessive, but she knew what kind of person Chu Tian was.  This money was an accidental happiness, so letting him give a bit out was fine.

“We need to broadcast our gains.  Four hundred million in three days, this is a very explosive topic.  We can use this to further increase the influence of the helmets and increase the confidence of our partners, allowing them to see the potential of the helmets!”  Meng Qingwu said this and revealed a faint smile, “The empires have seen how good the sale of the helmets are, so their eyes must be red with greed. Even if they have to go without food and water, they will want to make helmets.”

The more popular the helmets became.

The more significant this was to Miracle City.

“Reporting to the City Lord.”  At this time, the super Smart Brain in charge of Miracle City, Zero spoke up, “Sir City Lord, there has been a group of undead sent from the Netherworld Sea’s Transport Tower.  They say they are the scholars sent from the Netherworld Sea. They are currently being guarded by our army, City Lord, please make a decision.”


Chu Tian patted his head.

He remembered, he remembered!

Chu Tian received the Nether King’s gift not long ago.  He had given Chu Tian fifty Undead Sages and now the undead had been gathered.  Chu Tian immediately headed over to greet them.

The attire of these undead could be considered the same.

There were spirits, Liches, skeletons, corpse witch.  In short, all of them were surrounded by a powerful death aura that made it very hard for living beings to approach them.

Chu Tian quickly came forward, “Everyone must be the Sages from the Netherworld Sea!”

The ranks for scholars on the continent was: Scholar, Great Scholar, Country Scholar, Great Country Scholar, Sage, and Great Sage.

Everyone thought of the Netherworld Sea as a place ruled by the undead, but few people knew that the Netherworld Sea was a place with the deepest knowledge in certain fields on the continent.

This was because undead had an almost limitless life.

This was because the undead didn’t enjoy certain things others did.

This was because the undead did not have a way to use herbs to increase their cultivation.

Therefore, most highly intelligent undead chose the path of studying.  Based on what Chu Tian knew, one of the important reasons humans could rise up on the continent was because they obtained knowledge from the undead.  This knowledge came from thousands of years of research by the undead. Humans used this sea of knowledge as a base to finally create the Source Energy Technology.

The wisdom of the undead couldn’t be underestimated.

The Undead Sages were undead who had been around for a long time.  Chu Tian knew that biologically, undead could last forever without dying, but undead were not existences that could truly last forever.  Just like the city’s Smart Brain, Zero, he used to be a Lich, but over a long time, he couldn’t stop his consciousness from fading. This was the degradation of the mind that was hard to resist.

These fellows were able to exist this long mainly because of their special abilities.

A corpse witch came over and said, “The Nether King wanted us to come study in Miracle City.  For the next five years, we will be under the City Lord. Of course, we will need proper treatment.  All the necessary materials will be provided by Miracle City.”

Were five years considered long for undead?

But five years was actually a long time for Chu Tian!

No matter what goal the Nether King had in sending these fifty Sages to Miracle City, these five years were enough for them to do many things for Chu Tian.

“That is all expected.”

“What domains do you excel in?”

Chu Tian could understand how precious these Undead Sages were.  Some of them excelled in spatial studies, some of them excelled in spiritual studies, and some excelled in soul studies.  There were even some who had quite a bit of experience with experimenting. There was a part of them that were famous before dying who only became undead in order to find a way to never die.

“Good, very good.  Miracle City was lacking people and you all came just in time.  I will not mistreat you all.”

With this scholar alliance at the Sage level.

Miracle Commerce’s research ability had been greatly increased.

The ideas and thoughts Chu Tian had became even more wild because of this.

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