MT Chapter 624


Chapter 624: Auction sale

The Miracle Shopping Center was already the largest chain store on the continent, as well as being an era defining online shopping method.  This made the Miracle Shopping Center well loved and welcomed as it spread over the continent.

In all the places that the communication signal could cover, people shopped through the Miracle Shopping Center with their cell phones or communication devices.  They were all connected to the Miracle Shopping Center platform and would gain information on Miracle Commerce’s newest products.

Of course, the information on the cell phones were limited.  If one wasn’t addicted enough or had even more detailed requirements, people could go to an actual Miracle Shopping Center.  The Miracle Shopping Center was already in over two thousand cities.

These places were normally places that sold general use items.  They would give perfect experiences, all around service, and had all kinds of goods.  They also had an open Miracle Shopping Center Platform, letting people buy all kinds of things from across the continent without leaving their home.  If they wanted something, Miracle Commerce would arrange for it to be sent to their city through spatial transportation.


But although the Miracle Shopping Center already covered over five billion people, the spending habits of these new people were slowly developing, so there was only a penetration rate of 2% among these five billion people.  But even like this, their trade volume each month was over two billion and it was growing with each month!

In order to have more products and enrich the platform, Miracle Commerce naturally kept giving benefits to merchants.  Even with all the costs being deducted from this, the Miracle Shopping Center earned several hundreds of millions in profit.  Currently, the Miracle Shopping Center was Miracle City’s greatest channel of income and also the one with most potential.

Meng Qingwu took half the profit from the Miracle Shopping Center and used it to develop the Miracle Shopping Center.  This money was used to increase the number of staff, the number of Smart Brains, and improve all kinds of technology used.

The Miracle Shopping Center was like a snowball that grew bigger and bigger.

The Miracle Shopping Center expanding not only increased Miracle Commerce’s business potential, it also allowed Miracle Commerce to expand themselves in the business world.

Source stones were the standard currency of the continent.

But the value of source stones was too high and wasn’t suited to daily use.  Each country had their own currency and the Miracle Shopping Center became a standard trade platform, operating in money exchange between countries.  In the future, the people of the various countries could open an account in their national currency and even if they went spending in another country, they could avoid exchanging for a hard currency like source stones.

Miracle Commerce with the shopping center and the bank, they could create a whole new currency in the future and they could use this currency to rule most of the large and small kingdoms.

The people of each region of the continent had been stirred, the thresholds of each Miracle Shopping Center had been stepped over to the point of breaking.

“It appeared!”

“It appeared!”

“The Miracle Helmet are on shelves!”

There were cheers from the Miracle Shopping Center in the main city of a certain small country.  Miracle City’s four-five hundred thousand Spiritual Helmets appeared precisely on time with a price of twenty source stones.  They were put on sale with ranked bids.

“Twenty source stones?”

“This price is too expensive!”

When the normal people saw the lowest price of the Miracle Helmet, they shook their heads and sighed.

This price wasn’t much in a large kingdom or empire, but in a small kingdom, only a large noble family would have the wealth to buy a helmet.

It would be hard for normal people to earn this amount in their entire life.  According to the Southern Summer Country’s currency, twenty source stones was an entire twenty million Southern Summer gold coins.  This was enough to buy a mansion in the Southern Summer Imperial City and that also included several concubines.

“What do you know?”

“Something is valuable when it is rare!”

“The entire continent is trying to snatch the Miracle Helmet, is this price high?  I think it’s too low!”

This bit of expense in a large kingdom or an empire was not even worth mentioning.  To experience this Spiritual Helmet faster, what did it matter if they spent a bit more source stones?

“The auction is beginning.”

Although they couldn’t buy it, it didn’t ruin everyone’s fun in watching.

When the over four hundred thousand Miracle Helmets came out, hundreds of thousands of bids appeared on the screen specially used for displaying information.  The number increased at a terrifying speed, quickly reaching two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand…..five hundred thousand!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Could it be that many people were waiting for the Miracle Helmets to come to the market?  Just how popular and loved were these Miracle Helmets?

“Quickly look at first place!”

When everyone saw the bid, it was as if the air stopped flowing.  The entire area seemed to freeze and there was only the sounds of everyone swallowing their saliva!

Twenty thousand!

Twenty thousand source stones!

This buyer directly raised the lowest price by a thousand times!

This was someone who was too lazy to join the auction, directly throwing tens of thousands of source stones in to just wait for the helmet to be sent over.  What was called a rich person? This was called a rich person!

This city’s income for a month couldn’t even reach twenty thousand source stones!

This mysterious buyer didn’t even spare a glance to throw twenty thousand source stones.  This was not just one person because in a few minutes, several high prices appeared. Thirty thousand, twenty thousand, forty thousand, fifty thousand, these buyers all increased the starting price by thousands of times!

These buyers must have been too lazy to look at the rankings before bidding, throwing out tens of thousands of source stones with closed eyes.  They would get the helmet anyway, they didn’t care about this tens of thousands.

Everyone cheered again and again.

The price of the helmet kept getting higher and higher.

There was a shout that came from the crowd, “Move aside, move aside!”

Everyone was a bit stunned because it was none other than their young City Lord.  They saw their young City Lord holding an Elven Bank card as he nervously walked in.

The young City Lord was preparing to bid for a helmet?

Everyone opened a path.

The young City Lord looked over the rankings first and found that the lowest price was at thirty six source stones.  Miracle Commerce’s auction rule was that every person could make a bid and they would have a higher rank the more they bid.  There would be a top four hundred thousand ranking in three days.

If there was a situation where the same price was offered, the one who made a bid first would be placed ahead.  In the end, the helmets would be distributed based on the rankings. Therefore making a bid first had advantages, but also bidding late had advantages.

“The competition is very big!”

The young City Lord watched as the information kept changing.  There were millions of people bidding for the Miracle Spiritual Helmet at the same time and this number kept increasing.  The young City Lord was filled with hesitation. Several luxurious horse carriages stopped at this time, it seemed like the rich people of the city were joining in.

“Young City Lord, why are you not making a bid?”  A citizen couldn’t help speaking up, “It’ll be too late if you don’t bid now!”

The young City Lord looked at the screen with his head covered in sweat.  Although the normal bids weren’t too high right now, according to this trend, it would break the three digits soon!

Two hundred and twenty five source stones!

The young City Lord thought about it and boldly gave this number.  The surrounding crowd called out in shock at this. It was just buying a helmet, was there was a need for such a high price?

“Don’t look down on this price, I think it will greatly increase soon.”  The young City Lord confidently said, “Instead of fighting at a low price, it is better to steal the high ground with a high price.  Even if someone gives the same price as me in the future, since I made the bid first, I will place placed higher.”

The price of the helmet kept increasing.

The entire auction lasted for three days.

There were many new things that happened during these three days.

For example, some people of large kingdoms or empires, because their local area didn’t have a Miracle Shopping Center, they could only transfer to small countries to enhance their cards.  For example, there was a fellow on the continent that used the Giant Dragon Bank’s card to directly bid one million, instantly shocking the continent. It was said afterwards that this person came from the Dragon Territory.  It was possible they wanted to use this chance to advertise their dragon race’s Giant Dragon Bank.

In short, there was a crazy bidding war for the Miracle Helmets for three days.

It allowed the people of the continent see how rich the rich families and rich people were.

A Spiritual Helmet with a base price of twenty source stones, someone actually used one million source stones to steal first place.  No matter what their goal was, this million source stones entered Miracle Commerce’s pockets. Doing something like this just to show off, it really was incredible.

Of course.

This was a minority in the end.

Most people were rather rational.

When the auction finally ended, the lowest price was two hundred and twenty five source stones, around ten times the base price.  This was still in the region of reasonable.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“I bought it, I bought it!”

The young City Lord found that he really was lucky, picking the exact lowest price.  Because he had made his bid early, according to Miracle Shopping Center’s rules, although tens of thousands of people made the same bid as him, they were all placed behind the young City Lord.  In the end, most of them gained nothing.

“I’ve gained big time!  I’ve gained big time!”

The young City Lord was wild with joy.  There were many places on the continent, especially the empires where because they don’t have a Transport Array or Shopping Center, they couldn’t buy the helmet even if they had money.  If the young City Lord were to sell this helmet, it wasn’t hard to earn back ten times his investment. He could just buy it again when the helmets were put on sale again.

No matter what.

The young City Lord would become famous in the city now.

But the issue many people were concerned about was, how much money did Miracle Commerce gain from this auction?

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