MT Chapter 623


Chapter 623: Released

This was a very exciting piece of news.  Since it appeared at the Miracle Summit, the entire world wished the Miracle Helmet could appear on the market faster.  However, although the regional factories had already begun production, it would take awhile before they could stock up.

They would let everyone have a taste first!

The thousands of guests now were the top characters of various countries, not only did they have money and power, they had quite a bit of influence.  If they did a test before sending them out, it would be easier to sell on the continent in the future. 

The Miracle Royal Palace’s service robots began to move, as they delivered commemorative edition Miracle City helmets to everyone.


“Miracle City is very honoured that everyone has come to support the Miracle Royal Palace.  Although there is a limited quantity of Spiritual Helmets, we can still take out a part for everyone to take home as souvenirs.  What everyone is currently holding is Miracle City’s official Spiritual Helmet.”

“Our Miracle Helmet gathers many different functions together.  Not only can you enter the beautiful and illusory Miracle Continent, you can also shop, finance, and communicate, but it isn’t just limited to this.”

Jin Luo introduced the prospects and functions of the helmet.

“As everyone knows, Miracle City’s research facility, the Yun Sect is currently the continent’s most innovative organization.  A large part of Miracle Commerce’s income is thrown into the research field, distributed to the Yun Sect of each region. We currently have one hundred and eighty thousand researchers and it would be hard to imagine how many more we’ll have in the future.  Whether it is scale or investment, it would be hard to find a match on the continent.”

Everyone nodded when they heard this.

Forgetting the other aspects.

They had to be convinced by their research.

Miracle Commerce was already investing over a hundred million source stones in research and that would be increasing by 50% with each month, not mentioning all the wages of the thousands of researchers.  This was not something a normal power could support, let alone the cost of materials needed for the research.

What difference was there from this powerful and giant research facility and a money eating monster?

Investing in research had its natural risk because going from having success with research to making an actual product, it would take a long period of time.  If they made a single mistake during this process, the entire process would be wasted.

Miracle Commerce had many services and their earning was big, but the net profit was not high.  The main reason they couldn’t invest too much on military was that they spent too much on research.

But the Yun Sect’s existence had a large significance to Miracle Commerce and was essential to Miracle Commerce.

The Yun Sect under the highest commander, Meng Qingwu was organized in the most efficient method.  With over a hundred departments and thousands of big and small projects, it was all integrated together by Meng Qingwu.  There was success each day and each one could create a hundred times the value in the future.

The investment for the Yun Sect was very big right now.

The income they would receive in the future was even bigger.

“The spiritual products are now one of Miracle Commerce’s most important products!”  Jin Luo continued, “Under the orders of our vice chairman and vice City Lord, Meng Qingwu, the Spiritual Net has been formed.  As the person in charge of the spiritual department, our department has recruited over five thousand spiritual domain experts who will come to the center of Miracle City, to help us strengthen and maintain our current technology.  In the future, there will be even more functions developed.”

Everyone present began clapping.

The spiritual domain was a very large domain.

The Spiritual Network was only one important point in it, but even a Spiritual Network had such a large investment.  It could be seen how much hope and expectation Miracle Commerce had for the Miracle Helmet.

With all these spiritual energy engineers working together, there would be more and more functions for the Spiritual Helmet!

Some people couldn’t help asking questions.

“When will the helmet be sold?

“That’s right!  What is the price?”

Jin Luo responded to everyone, “The major areas of the continent have their own helmet manufacturing center, so different areas have different speeds.  The time and quantity for the sales of the helmets will depend on the situation of the local area. But as a warmup, Miracle Commerce will first release four-five hundred thousand helmets after this conference.  They will be sold in the according Miracle Shopping Centers. If everyone wants to give it a try, you can use the helmets in your hands or use your cell phones to find which Miracle Shopping Centers you can buy the product from.”

Everyone’s happy looks changed into depressed looks.

Only four-five hundred thousand helmets?

There were billions of people on the continent, this was just too little!

If they were sold through the Miracle Shopping Centers, the prices will become very terrifying.  This world would never lack rich people. Although they could buy the helmets in their areas in just a few days, to experience this a few days earlier, they would not hesitate to throw their money away!

The people present all began testing the helmet and some people quickly found a problem, “Why can’t we access the Miracle Continent?  When will this place be opened?”

“This is the third thing Miracle Commerce wanted to announce!”  Jin Luo already guessed that people would ask this question, “In fifteen days, our respected alliance speaker, Miracle City’s City Lord, Miracle Commerce’s chairman, sir Chu Tian will be marrying one of Miracle Commerce’s founders and the production and resource minister, miss Meng Yingying.  The two of them will hold their wedding on the beautiful Western Sea’s Crystal Bay. The Miracle Continent will be open on that day! Let us congratulate City Lord Chu Tian together!”

It would be open in just fifteen days?

Everyone revealed looks of joy.

As for Chu Tian and Meng Yingying’s wedding on the Western Sea coast, this was something everyone paid attention to.  Of course, they did not pay attention to the wedding itself, but rather the opportunity it brought. They could seize this chance to flatter Chu Tian.  Miracle City’s influence on the continent was becoming bigger, so there was nothing wrong about getting closer to Miracle Commerce.

After Jin Luo finished all her announcements.

Everyone kept eating and drinking.

This luxurious banquet lasted for several hours before it gradually reached its end.  The Wind Moon Empress and the other large characters would stay in the Miracle Royal Palace for a few more days, which was what Miracle Commerce wished for.  The price here was shockingly high and these people staying here would mean a large amount of source stones.

Meng Yingying gave the day’s revenue to Chu Tian, “Today’s average consumption was eighty thousand source stones and there were over six thousand people that participated.  The total turnover was over fifty million source stones and the revenue after subtracting the costs was over thirty million!”

Thirty million in a single day?

Meng Qingwu was shocked when she heard this number.

An average of eighty thousand source stones per person?  This consumption was strangely high!

What was eighty thousand source stones?  For some small and medium sized families of small kingdoms, even if they sold all their possessions, it wouldn’t be enough to support a single person’s meal in the Miracle Royal Palace.

This also meant that these fellows had a strong power to consume.

Miracle City had really earned quite a bit from this hotel!

This was just the beginning.

Vivian teleported over, “Big brother Chu Tian, quickly come over.  The Miracle Shopping Center is prepared to sell the Miracle Helmets!  This is the first time the Miracle Helmets are being sold, we can’t miss this good opportunity!”

“Alright!  Yingying, let’s go take a look!”

Chu Tian pulled Yingying to the Smart Brain center in the City Lord’s fort, the super Smart Brain for the Miracle Shopping Center was placed here.  Meng Qingwu, Jin Luo, and other important members were already gathered here.

Chu Tian asked, “How are we selling the helmets?  We can’t auction the helmets one by one, right!”

“Of course not, we’re doing gathered bids.  The four hundred thousand helmets will go on shelves at the same time and will remain there for around three days.  The base price of the helmets are in source stones and the buyers from all over the continent can place their bids. If their bid is in the top four hundred thousand, their source stones will be locked.  Once they are squeezed out of the rankings, their source stones will become unlocked and they can choose to give up or keep bidding.”

So it was like this.

In any area during Miracle City’s open auction period, any cell phone or other device that can access the Miracle Shopping Center could become an auction spot.  The people of the continent would offer their bids through the Miracle Shopping Center and when the auction ended, the top four hundred thousand people would be able to buy a helmet.

This method was efficient and open.

Each person could only buy one helmet each time.

This limited those resellers with evil intentions, buying the helmets and selling them at a high price.

“Isn’t three days too short?”  Nangong Yun was a bit worried, “What if not enough people make bids?”

“Impossible, the thousands of important people in the Miracle Royal Palace will not let this chance go.  They will naturally draw in their powers and families. Next, we’ll advertise this through every channel we have and it’ll spread the news in less than a day.  It’s already being watched very closely.”

What else would they wait for?

They would directly start it!

Meng Qingwu asked the Smart Brain, “Has everything been prepared?”

Miracle City’s special super Smart Brain replied, “Reporting to the vice City Lord, everything has been prepared.”

Meng Qingwu said with a nod, “Then begin!”

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