MT Chapter 618


Chapter 618: Gains

The grades of the continent were: Normal Grade, Elixir Grade, Sacred Grade, Immortal Grade, and Divine Grade.

Among materials, especially herbs, something could become an Elixir just based on year along.  Sacred Herbs had harsh requirements for growing environment, only being able to grow in specific areas.  As Immortal Herbs, not only did it require a long growing time and harsh environments, it also required heavenly luck to be born, so it was something that couldn’t be asked for.

The herb that appeared in front of Chu Tian was a Divine Herb that had awakened divine attributes.  Although it wasn’t a complete Divine Herb, it was still at the Half Step Divine Grade.

How precious were Divine Herbs?


There were only a few on the entire continent!

Because Divine Herbs had a divine attribute, they existed in the same era as demons and gods.  After the great ancient continent collapsed, the continent no longer had an environment suited for growing Divine Herbs.

This precious herb could reach this level mainly because it received nurturing from the Moon God’s spirit and essence, and grew over tens of thousands of years before finally reaching its current state.  This was an herb that was about to reach the Divine Level, even if all the Immortal Herbs Chu Tian gathered were added together, it wouldn’t compare to this single herb.

Chu Tian couldn’t help revealing a faint smile, “Fox, you really are good.  I’ll remember a large merit from you this time, you will be properly rewarded once we head back.”

The little fox began to drool looking at the Divine Herb, but it didn’t have any thoughts about the Divine Herb.  This fellow was a wastrel, was there a difference eating good or bad? Instead of eating a Half Step Divine Herb, the little fox could eat one or two thousand Sacred Herbs.  Added together, it would give the little fox the same effect as a Half Step Divine Herb. With Miracle Commerce’s current abilities, although it wasn’t considered easy to obtain one or two thousand level four Sacred Herbs, it was much better than finding a level four Divine Herb.

Chu Tian grabbed out at space.

The Half Step Divine Herb was covered in an invisible energy.


A low roar came out at this time and a strong light came from the herb.  Instantly, there was a powerful energy that ripped Chu Tian’s power to pieces.


Chu Tian revealed a slightly surprised look.

There was hostility coming from the herb and it resisted Chu Tian grabbing it.  So the Divine Herb had already formed a consciousness over the years with simple thought abilities.  When Chu Tian wanted to grab it, could it not show hostility?

The entire cave began to shake.

Chu Tian did not have time to make a move when the herb suddenly bloomed with light that didn’t scatter.

This light formed a giant outline which took the shape of a silver qilin.  This silver qilin did not have a physical body and was made of pure energy, but the energy inside this qilin was not weak, having no difference from a real qilin.


The qilin let out a roar of rage, causing the entire cave to shake.  It raised a storm as it jumped out, wildly charging at Chu Tian being filled with raw hatred.  Chu Tian drew the Demon God’s Sword out of the air and slashed out with the sword. The two forces collided and Chu Tian was sent out several dozen meters, slamming into the stone wall.

There were no stone layers on the moon.

This crystal like wall was harder than iron and Chu Tian was like a knife through cake, easily cutting deeply into it.  There were several dozen meters long fissures that appeared around him, so it could be seen how strong this attack was.

Spatial fluctuations.

Chu Tian was directly sent out.  Although he suffered this heavy hit, he still had the same calm expression.  After being refined by the Starlight Immortal Body and the demonic and divine powers, Chu Tian’s physique had already surpassed the limits of mortals.  Although the silver qilin’s attack was very intense, Chu Tian was not injured at all.

This attack could be used to deduce this beast’s strength, being around the 6th-7th Heaven Domain Layer.  Chu Tian had indeed reached the Heaven Domain Realm, but he was only in the 1st Heaven Domain Layer. If he wanted to fight this monster, he needed to use a bit more force.

The silver qilin sent a large claw to the ground and was prepared to jump up again.

“Fox, go!”

The little fox changed into its demon fox form and collided with the qilin.  The two monster wrestled inside the cave. After the little fox changed into its demon fox form, its battle strength reached the Heaven Domain Realm.  Although it was a bit weaker than the silver qilin, one mustn’t forget, the qilin didn’t have a physical form and was just made of energy.

The demon fox bit the silver qilin, causing the light surrounding it to dim.

The silver qilin’s form shattered and spread around the little fox like water.  When it gathered together and reformed, it changed into a silver phoenix. This weak phoenix flew over the plant inside the pool and instantly recovered its energy.


The silver phoenix spread its wings and several hundred explosions appeared around its body.  It was covered in silver flames which didn’t scatter, gathering together around its body. Finally the silver phoenix became a dazzling sun, letting out intense light and energy.

This fellow seemed to be using a self destruction attack!

Once this attack was released, the entire area would be flattened.  Even the little fox would find it hard to completely block the explosive power the silver phoenix would produce.  This process happened too quickly. The little fox wanted to stop it, but it was already too late, the wild energy was about to spread out.

Chu Tian’s eyes turned a silver colour.

At this time, an energy that the naked eye couldn’t see spread from around Chu Tian.  It was like a small pebble being thrown into space and time, causing ripples around him.  With several layers of invisible pressure, the small sun that was about to explode suddenly stopped inflating like it had been suppressed.

Chu Tian didn’t use force and had no way of using force to suppress it.

Time freeze!

Time energy!

Chu Tian released time energy to mess with the flow of time, making the time before the explosion several times longer.  This also created an opportunity for the little fox. The demon fox spat out a beam of light that fell onto the energy that hadn’t exploded yet, instantly causing the ball of energy to split into several pieces.  The high density energy was completely scattered.

The silver phoenix let out a sharp cry before turning into a silver dragon.  It drilled out of the heart of the ball and fell into the pool again, gathering energy from the pool.

How could it end like this?

Chu Tian slashed out with the Demon God’s Sword and an invisible spatial cut fell onto the silver dragon’s head.  The invincible power instantly shattered the head to pieces and the demon fox seized this chance to jump out, sucking from midair.  It was like a fox catching a flood dragon, as it held the dragon in its mouth. It turned into ash grey smoke and appeared in front of Chu Tian.

The dragon continued to struggle

Chu Tian didn’t give it any chance as his eyes gradually turned golden.  A wild Divine Sense drilled into the silver dragon’s Divine Sense. In front of Undying Realm Divine Sense, that silver dragon’s Divine Sense couldn’t take a single hit as it was destroyed by Chu Tian’s power.

The silver dragon’s long body scattered into light before it left a complete herb on the ground.

Chu Tian let out a long breath as he leaned over to pick up the herb, “This herb is nurtured with the Moon God’s spirit, so it has a very strong divine attribute, but I never thought it would also give birth to a consciousness.  If I was a bit weaker, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.”

The demon fox turned back into its little fox form.

The master ate the meat, the little fox drank soup.  The little fox didn’t hope to take the Divine Herb, but the pool was filled with high grade Immortal Herbs.  The little fox wasn’t polite with Chu Tian, jumping in to line his purse.

“Take those Immortal Leaves, but this essence pool can’t be moved.  It’ll be left for the Yingying, the young miss, and the others, it can help them break through to the Heaven Domain Realm in the future.”  Chu Tian knew the little fox’s personality, if it didn’t obtain any benefits, next time he needed its help, it might play a trick on him.

In the exploration of the Moon God’s Ruins.

Chu Tian and the little fox’s harvest wasn’t small.

Chu Tian obtained sixteen level three high Immortal Grade Herbs, eight level three top Immortal Grade Herbs, five level four low and medium Immortal Grade Herbs, and two level four high Immortal Grade Herbs.  Although Miracle City had several Immortal Herbs, they were all level three Immortal Herbs and most of them were of low or medium grade. They were mainly suited for cultivators at or before the 7th True Spirit Layer to increase their strength.

Chu Tian didn’t pick any Immortal Herbs that weren’t high grade, therefore the Immortal Herbs he picked were all level three and higher.  This level and grade of Immortal Herbs were enough for cultivators in the 7th True Spirit Layer or above to quickly increase their strength and the top grade level three Immortal Herbs could help in their breakthroughs.

In other words.

Chu Tian would bring these Immortal Herbs back for everyone.  He could fulfill the consumption of Yingying, the young miss, Vivian, Nangong Yun, and the other core members during the True Spirit Realm and could ensure that they reached the Heaven Domain Realm in a year.

The level four Immortal Herbs were even more valuable.

After Chu Tian reached the Heaven Domain Realm, it was actually difficult to find herbs that could increase his cultivation, because there were few level four and up herbs on the continent.   All materials at level four were all at the Sacred Grade. Normal Sacred Grade herbs had limited effects to a Heaven Domain Cultivator and they were hard to find.

This was why even though the five giants of the alliance lived so long, they were stuck at the 6th-7th Heaven Domain Layer, finding it hard to progress.  It was possible they could stay like that their entire lives.

The level four Immortal Herbs could increase Chu Tian’s strength!

These herbs would at least meet his cultivation requirements for a while in the future!

Chu Tian finished exploring the Moon God’s ruins, so he bid farewell to the Dark Night Elven King Eunice.  He brought the five giants with full harvests back and teleported back to Miracle City.

The City Lord’s strength increasing.

This was a joyous occasion for Miracle City!

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