MT Chapter 617


Chapter 617: Divine Herb

Chu Tian gradually brought in his aura and awakened.  When he opened his eyes, there were nine different coloured glows in his eyes.

Eunice, Lancelot, and the others who participated in exploring the Moon God’s ruins were currently gathering by Chu Tian’s side.  They had different expressions, but the only thing similar were looks of shock and awe.

Could they not be shocked?  They were all Heaven Domain Experts and their cultivations weren’t low, but who could have made such an earth shattering scene when they broke through to the Heaven Domain Realm like Chu Tian did?  Not to mention them, even in history, they had never heard of a precedent.

Could they not admire him?  Chu Tian directly resisted the core consciousness inside the Moon God’s ruins.  This consciousness was left from the Moon God’s fragmented Divine Sense and soul.  A Spiritual God was an undying existence, they had never heard of any kind of power that could directly kill a Spiritual God.  This consciousness could be considered a half god existence, it was actually personally taken care of by Chu Tian.


Everyone looked into the nine coloured eye and they couldn’t stop their body from trembling.  It was like being stared at by a Nine Eyed Demon God, they couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Chu Tian immediately pulled back the lights and returned to normal, even holding in his aura more compared to before.  Actually, after reaching the Heaven Domain Realm, the Nine Eyed Demon God’s power had truly awakened, now he could truly display the full power of the Nine Eyed Demon God.  The Heaven Domain Realm and the True Spirit Realm was not just a division of strength, there was even high and low between realms. Even if a short lived human could reach the Heaven Domain Realm, they could live for one thousand and eight hundred years!

This human’s growth speed was too terrifying.

Lancelot remembered a year ago that when Chu Tian had just entered the Forest of Chaos, he was an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator who hadn’t even reached the 1st True Spirit Layer.  In less than two years, he actually reached a point that most elves wouldn’t reach in two hundred years!

The continent had another Heaven Domain Expert!

The continent had another peak expert!

Lancelot said with a faint smile, “Congratulations to the City Lord for making a breakthrough!”

Thunder’s Fury, Burst Claw, Death Wing, and Bo Sha came forward to congratulate him.  If Chu Tian hadn’t reached the Heaven Domain Realm, no matter how high Chu Tian’s status was, the five leaders would still be prejudiced towards him.  But once Chu Tian reached the Heaven Domain Realm, whether it was his position or his strength, it was enough to become their equal.

Chu Tian’s breakthrough this time was not just a personal breakthrough, but also a breakthrough for Miracle City.  Chu Tian will establish himself as the highest leader of the Forest of Chaos and Miracle City would become the real core of the Forest of Chaos.

Chu Tian nodded, “I could breakthrough smoothly this time because of everyone’s protection.  I’ll repay everyone properly when we go back. What is the situation of the Moon God’s ruins right now?”

Eunice became visibly excited, “After the City Lord has destroyed the source of the Divine Sense, all the Moon God’s guards stopped recovering.  We can already control the Moon God’s Palace and dig up the Moon God’s ruins’ treasures.”

Chu Tian looked to the side.

Dim balls of light were floating on the side.

The core consciousness of the moon had already stopped and those Moon God’s guards lost their ability to recover, but their source didn’t disappear because the core consciousness was destroyed.

Chu Tian released his Divine Sense and sent it into the source of the Moon God’s guards.  The Divine Sense easily connected to the Moon God’s guards and there was no repelling at all.  With a thought from Chu Tian, the source of the Moon God’s guards lit up and began to wildly suck in energy from the surroundings, turning into a giant after a while.

Eunice revealed a shocked look, “This is……”

Chu Tian said with a faint smile, “Your majesty does not need to be surprised.  I have refined the core consciousness of the moon and although I can’t control all the beings on the moon like the consciousness before, but I can revive some of the beings.  I can change their movements and make them not as aggressive.”

After the Moon God’s guard regenerated, it stood there like a piece of wood, like they didn’t see everyone.

Chu Tian had this ability, so he could control all the life forms on the moon.  With Chu Tian on the moon, he was already an unparalleled existence. It was a pity he couldn’t bring it to the surface, otherwise with the army of the moon monsters, Chu Tian could create an empire.

“Today the Moon God’s Palace and the Moon God’s ruins will watched by the Dark Night Elves.  I will build a Transport Tower in the Moon God’s Palace, it will be directly connected to the Moon God’s Palace.”

Chu Tian already controlled the moon.

If Chu Tian went back on his word, Eunice couldn’t do anything.

But Chu Tian didn’t do this.  The Dark Night Forest was one of the largest powers on the continent, Chu Tian didn’t hope for a bit of benefit to ruin the alliance with the Dark Night Elves, it wasn’t worth it.

The Moon God’s Palace was useless to the alliance.

The Moon God’s ruins?  There was no denying that the inheritance, resources, and wealth were shocking, but the moon’s inheritances didn’t have much use to the alliance.  As for the shocking amount of wealth and resources, although it was very attractive, with Miracle City’s current abilities, couldn’t they buy a few Immortal Herbs?

Not to mention the Moon God’s ruins were just guarded by the Dark Night Elves, the digging work would be a cooperation with Miracle City’s moon base.  The Dark Night Elves couldn’t take it alone, Chu Tian still had achievements for defeating the core consciousness.

“Since we’ve come, we can’t go back empty handed.”  Chu Tian pointed at everyone and said, “Let’s first do a simple exploration of the Moon God’s ruins.”

The Dragon Lord and the others all wanted this.

The Moon God’s ruins would be a resource location for the Dark Night Elves and Miracle City, the other powers wouldn’t have an appropriate reason to take a slice of the cake.  It was better to take a few Immortal Herbs back now, at least it would be enough for them to breakthrough.

Everyone scattered.

The explored the ruins on their own.

Chu Tian’s attention was attracted by some fragments on the ground, which were left from the Divine Sense Crystal.  Chu Tian called the little fox to gather the Divine Sense fragments. This wasn’t of any value to Chu Tian, but it was priceless for others.

The Divine Sense Crystals were condensed from the Divine Sense source.

The Divine Sense source could be directly absorbed.

Properly speaking, each Divine Sense Crystal fragment could be used to increase Divine Sense.  Chu Tian would bring back the fragments for the young miss, Yingying, and the others to use. It wouldn’t make their Divine Sense too strong, it would at least bring them to the Mind’s Lamp Realm.

“Little fox, we can’t take this trip in vain.”  Chu Tian tidied up the Divine Sense Crystal fragments, “Look carefully, directly take back any good herbs, don’t worry worry about it.”

The little fox already had this intent as it immediately began to sniff around.

Chu Tian followed behind the little fox and after a while, they picked up several high grade Immortal Herbs.  Whether it was used for Chu Tian himself or given to others to use, these Immortal Herbs were very useful.

It was like the little fox suddenly smelled something special and excitedly gestured to Chu Tian a few times.  Chu Tian didn’t have time to understand before it impatiently went deep into the Moon God’s ruins.

“Little fox, slow down, what is going on?  What did you find!”

The little fox directly entered a cave.

This cave had a pool that wasn’t big or small and there was a translucent silver liquid flowing in the pool.  Chu Tian could feel that this was the marrow and blood essence of an ancient god. It was considered high grade item and it could be used to refine the body, allowing one to surpass a normal body.

There were large amounts of silver leaves floating in the pool and each leaf was of the Immortal Grade.  Countless leaves were in the center and there was a beautiful silver flower in the middle, releasing a rare kind of aura.

The aura of Spiritual God!

Chu Tian could tell that this was a Divine Attributed Herb.  Simply said… was a Divine Herb!

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