MT Chapter 616


Chapter 616: Undying

The power of destiny had no attributes, no physical form, no laws, and was hard to detect.

This theory sounded very mysterious, but it was truly existed.  Not only did it exist, it was everywhere.

All the living beings in the world.

All the things in this world.


Whether it was alive or not, whether it was a powerful Spiritual God or a small piece of sand, it was destiny in the dark that allowed them to change.

Destiny, this was the only power that couldn’t be found or resisted.

Some people thought they could go against destiny, but this was just a form of self consolation.  Even this form of self consolation was a result brought by destiny itself. No matter how strong one was, no matter how high one’s cultivation was, there was no way to break free of destiny.

Chu Tian used the power of destiny.

Of course, Chu Tian’s power of destiny was very weak.  The power of destiny flowing in this world was vast and the power of destiny Chu Tian used was only a piece of gravel in this endless wave.  Although Chu Tian’s power of destiny was very weak, it was enough to change the destiny of one or two people.

This attack.

Chu Tian’s soul should have been destroyed.

In this situation where he couldn’t resist, Chu Tian released the power of destiny in the most critical moment.  The power of destiny did not have the same effect as the other energy, if the other energy met it head on, it would not have any effect.

Destiny disdained the resistance of anything.

Destiny directly changed the direction of things!

Chu Tian should have had his soul destroyed, but now his soul wasn’t destroyed.  The silver giant’s attack couldn’t have been resisted, but now it had been resisted and had disappeared.

There was no reason.

There was no law.

Destiny directly removed the firewood from under the fire.

It forcefully changed the world.

While two fellows were arguing whether one plus one equals two, a fellow named destiny directly changed the question into one minus one.  This was the heaven defying and powerful benefit of the power of destiny!

It could disregard all laws and existences, it directly revised and erased things from the root.

Anyone that could truly wield the power of destiny, there was nothing they couldn’t change, there was no one in this world they couldn’t kill, and all laws would become jokes in front of them.  They could destroy and create with a flip of their palm, this kind of existence was a true god!

The seed of destiny energy had already sprouted inside Chu Tian.

But right now it wasn’t that strong.  Chu Tian could only release a little bit of it.  After barely being able to take care of the silver giant’s shocking power, most of Chu Tian’s destiny energy had already been consumed.


Chu Tian’s gathered energy was like a silver needle falling into the core of the consciousness.  Chu Tian directly erased the base of the consciousness and the consciousness couldn’t resist this attack at all as it gave a pitiful wail.

The Divine Sense Crystal inside the Moon God’s ruins exploded!

The entire silver giant also exploded!

The gathered Divine Sense turned into a wave again and instantly submerged Chu Tian.

Chu Tian’s eyes returned to normal.  Although he didn’t seem to be injured, but in fact his injuries were more serious than any other time.  The power of destiny was very strong, but the backlash was also very shocking. Chu Tian’s soul and spirit was already completely torn apart.


Chu Tian had destroyed his target.  The Moon God’s ruins’ Divine Sense Crystal was slowly refined by the flames and turned into slivers of energy that were absorbed by Chu Tian.  Because his soul had just been injured, there was time to repair it.

Divine Sense, large amounts of Divine Sense, the Moon God’s Divine Sense poured out in swarms.

This Divine Sense was thousands of times stronger than the one from the Death Ice Field!

Chu Tian was like a giant sponge attached to the Divine Sense Crystal, taking the Divine Sense Crystal into his body, causing his cultivation to wildly increase.  His foundation from a body refined by demonic and divine blood was unparalleled and now that he had swallowed the Moon God’s power, Chu Tian’s 9th True Spirit Layer cultivation broke through without any suspense!


Waves of intense energy filled the entire Moon God’s ruins.

Those Moon God’s guards that were trying to restore themselves were shut off one by one like lightbulbs, suddenly not releasing any light at all.  There was an intense shock that filled the entire moon from the Moon God’s ruins, causing all the moon monsters to be frozen.

This was because the consciousness controlling them had disappeared.

The aggressiveness of these moon monsters instantly greatly decreased.

After the moon finished shaking, a powerful aura was released.  There was a smoky energy that penetrated the surface of the moon and instantly covered a large area.

“What is that!”

“Look quickly!”

The people of the continent looked up at a Nine Eyed Demon God in the sky.  The Nine Eyed Demon God was like a heavenly god, coldly looking down at all the lower life forms on the ground.

“Big brother Chu Tian broke through!”  Vivian in Miracle City spoke in an excited voice, “But this is too loud, the entire continent is watching him!”

Nangong Yun laughed, “Our boss is just this willful!”

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying revealed looks of joy.

The more exaggerated the phenomenon, the harder the breakthrough was and it also meant the more gains there were.  Chu Tian went from the True Spirit Realm to the Heaven Domain Realm, going from a first rate expert to the peak expert of the continent.  This was a leap, a big leap!

Actually Chu Tian controlled all of the resources of Miracle Commerce.

If there were no incidents, with the accumulated resources of the company, he would have reached the Heaven Domain Realm in half a year.

Breaking through in the Moon God’s ruins was cause for celebration, but what was even more precious to Chu Tian was that he swallowed the remaining Moon God Divine Sense.  Chu Tian’s Divine Sense was greatly increased, going from the “Vision Domain” Realm to the “Undying” Realm!

Hyperfocus, Mind’s Eye, Mind’s Lamp, Vision Domain, and Undying!

Chu Tian’s Divine Sense had reached the fifth realm.  Not to mention the current era, even in the ancient era, the Undying Realm was rarely seen.  Even some demons and gods didn’t reach the Undying Realm. 

After a being’s Divine Sense reached the Undying Realm.

The relationship between this being’s flesh and spirit would fundamentally change!

Properly speaking, Chu Tian’s reliance on his body was greatly decreased.  Even if his body was fatally injured, Chu Tian’s soul wouldn’t instantly scatter.  Even if he suffered heavy injuries to the head, Chu Tian’s thoughts wouldn’t be cut off.  This was the benefit of the Undying Realm.

Chu Tian was gradually shaking off the fetters of a human body.

He surpassed normal beings.

Even if his soul left his body, it could still exist for a long time.  Now he didn’t need his brain to keep his mind functioning, as long as his Divine Sense didn’t scatter, his soul was undying.  To other living beings, this was something they simply did not dare imagine.

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