MT Chapter 612


Chapter 612: Moon God’s Palace

Chu Tian hadn’t finished his matters when news came from the moon base.  Eunice and the Dark Night elven elders had found the Moon God’s Palace, which truly surprised Chu Tian.

But since they found it.

Was there a reason to ignore it?

Chu Tian directly led the four Forest Alliance Giants and City Lord Bo Sha with the strongest Heaven Domain Experts of the five sides to the moon base.  Chu Tian had just arrived at the moon base when the little fox excitedly charged over, climbing onto Chu Tian’s should in high spirits.


The little fox hadn’t been following him the past few days, the little fox spent most of its time on the moon base.  On one hand, it was to prevent the moon base from being damaged, on the other hand, the little fox’s strength kept increasing from swallowing the moon monsters.

The little fox’s body became bigger and the fifth tail finished forming.

There was even a trace of the sixth tail appearing already.

This was the proof of the little fox’s progress on the moon.  At least from the reports from the moon base, in the several hundred kilometer area around the moon base, there wasn’t a trace of a single moon monster.

This fellow really could eat!

It was no wonder Chu Tian couldn’t find the Moon God’s Palace.  The Moon God’s Palace was in the center of the largest sea of energy and because there were powerful seals and restrictions over it, as well as having thousands of meters of the sea of energy covering it, Chu Tian couldn’t find it with any surveying technology.

Chu Tian looked over the sea of energy and he tried exploring it with his Divine Sense, but as soon as his Divine Sense entered it, it was immediately resisted by a powerful resistive force, “The energy inside is very powerful, it won’t be easy for us to go in.  Not to mention there are seals and restrictions, there needs to be further consideration in opening the Moon God’s Palace!”

Eunice said, “The City Lord does not need to worry, the Dark Night elves have already prepared for this.”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Oh?  Is that so?”

Four Dark Night elf elders stood in four corners and Eunice took out a jade plate from his chest.  This Moon God Token floated over the sea of energy and the four Dark Night elves began to chant, releasing powerful energy into the jade plate.

A beam of light fell onto the sea.

It was like a snap of cold falling on the water.

The entire sea swelled with waves like it was hit with a powerful energy, as ice began to spread from the center to the sides.  When it was completely frozen, Chu Tian was shocked.

It turned into a large group of palaces.

That’s right, this liquid form sea of energy when it was hit by the powerful energy fluctuations, it actually froze in the air and turned into palaces.

Each palace here looked like it was made of translucent glowing crystal, like a finely carved work of jade.  Each detail was perfectly carved, not something that seemed like it was formed in an instant. It was like it took hundreds of years to slowly carve a giant piece of beautiful jade into this, without a single mistake at all.

Chu Tian rubbed his chin, “This really is a bit interesting!”

Eunice said to Chu Tian, “Sir City Lord, we’re going down.”

When they came to the central palace, they saw the shrine inside was the same, like it had been carved out of jade.  Whether it was the items inside or the decorations, they were all integrated into the palace. This entire place was filled with a barren and ancient aura.

This palace was the Moon God’s Palace.

The Dark Night elves could send their most outstanding people into the Moon God’s Palace for closed door cultivation.  This place was filled with the Moon God’s aura, so it would allow them to cultivate with half the effort. What Eunice wanted was not just a simple cultivation sacred land, but rather he wanted the Moon God’s inheritance.

In the main shrine of the Moon God’s Palace, there was a tunnel that connected to the core of the moon.

The place the Moon God fell, one of the most important treasure of this world.  Chu Tian wanted to dig it out a long time ago, but he had no method to do so. With the Dark Night elves helping him, this matter became much simpler.

“This is the Moon God’s ruins!”

Everyone went deeper into the moon through the altar’s secret passage.  When they came in, everyone’s body trembled because this was an incomparably large empty space that was flooded with an unbelievable amount of spiritual energy.  The precious crystals all over the ground had been formed over tens of thousands of years and the herbs grown in this environment were all of the Immortal Grade.

All these Immortal Herbs!

Many of them were fourth level Immortal Herbs!

This had an unimaginable enticement to Heaven Domain Experts!

Whether it was the Elven King, the Dragon Lord, Thunder’s Fury, Burst Claw, Bo Sha, or those not weak Heaven Domain Experts, they had never seen such an enticing scene before.  Any casual herbs taken from here were good things that Heaven Domain Experts fought over.

These herbs grew in this kind of environment.

They all had some form of divine nature.

The Dark Night elves were also filled with wild joy, but compared to the various Immortal Herbs in front of them, they were more excited over the giant white columns inside this space.  At first glance, one would think that they were naturally formed crystals, but they were actually formed of divine bone.

This was not just a top grade material, it was the most important inheritance.  Each column had divine marks on their surface, these things were ancient cultivation techniques or secret techniques, the most important treasures the Moon God left for its descendants.

“What are you all in a daze for?”  Chu Tian and the little fox already couldn’t take it, “Let’s quickly head over and take a look!”

Chu Tian had just taken a few stems when there was an intense sense of danger.  A beam of energy flew out of the Moon God’s ruins and scared Chu Tian, causing him to jump through space and instantly retreating.

“What damn thing is this!”

Everyone felt the ground shaking and six giants covered in divine light came out of the Moon God’s ruins.  Each giant was around ten meters tall and their faces couldn’t be clearly seen. Based on the powerful energy fluctuations they were releasing, they were not easy to deal with.

Eunice knit his brows, “These are the Divine Guards left by the Moon God, they protect the Moon God’s ruin’s inheritance to make sure no bystanders take them.  These giants are probably in the 7th Heaven Domain Layer and above.”

7th Heaven Domain Layer?

This was already a peak expert of the continent!

What was the worst thing was that these giants were formed from the Moon God’s Divine Sense, so they couldn’t be easily destroyed in this space.  Even if they suffered any injuries, they would be able to instantly heal it. Their numbers could be estimated right now, but it wouldn’t be a small number.

With these fellow guarding this place, who dared go in and take the treasures?

“What are you all waiting for?  Quickly stop them!”

Eunice awkwardly said, “Sorry, the Dark Night elves on received the method of opening the ruins.  As for how to restrain the Divine Guards inside, it had already been lost over the ages, so we don’t know anything.”


Why didn’t you say so earlier!

Chu Tian simply wanted to explode!

Those six giants had already charged forward, each one having a powerful body.  The moonlight gathered in their giant swords and spears, fiercely attacking with a shocking might.

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