MT Chapter 608


Chapter 608: Spiritual Helmet

The Miracle Summit was certainly very rushed, but that did not mean that it was very sloppy.

Before Chu Tian planned the Miracle Summit, Miracle Commerce had already spent large amounts of time constructing spiritual technology.  Most of the important cities of the forest and kingdoms had arenas and trial fields.

These arenas and trial fields became one of the most popular entertainment areas among the alliance members.  Each month it would bring in over ten million source stones for Miracle Commerce each month.

Miracle Commerce’s ambition in the domain of spiritual technology was not as simple as arenas or trial fields!


Everything made now was just the basis for the Spiritual Network.

Therefore after the Miracle Summit began, everyone in their own city through the spiritual equipment could personally arrive at the conference scene.  Miracle Commerce had invested a lot of resources and effort in this domain.

Chu Tian announced, “We now invite Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman, Miracle City’s vice City Lord, and the Forest Alliance’s vice speaker, young miss Meng Qingwu to preside over the conference!  Everyone please welcome her!”

The people of the various cities all gave out excited cheers.

Meng Qingwu was the rudder operating Miracle City, Miracle Commerce, and the Forest Alliance.

Meng Qingwu was very competent, this was clear to everyone.  If Chu Tian didn’t have a helper like Meng Qingwu, Miracle Commerce would not have developed to its current state that easily.  Not to mention Meng Qingwu herself was a nation collapsing beauty, therefore she was like an idol among the various members of the alliance.

Meng Qingwu was an experienced person, so even when faced with this large stage, she wouldn’t have any stage fright.  First she offered some pleasantries about welcoming the rulers to Miracle City before going to the main topic, “In this Miracle Summit, we will first  be announcing a new product. This product has taken Miracle Commerce close to a year to develop, but it has finally reached maturity. ACtually I think many people have already guessed it, that’s riight…..It is the Spiritual Helmet and the Spiritual Network!”

Spiritual Helmet.

Spiritual Network!

The rulers could tell the benefits of the Spiritual Helmets.

This Miracle City itself was carried out in the Spiritual Network.  After they put on the Spiritual Helmet, the people all over in the outside world could gather in one place, interacting on a mental level.  But as for the Spiritual Helmet, there were many things they didn’t understand, so temporarily they didn’t know how big of a potential it had.

“First we’ll take a look at some data published by the Yun Sect.”

Meng Qingwu raised her hand and giant screen appeared in the air above the conference site with dense about of data written on it.  It recovered the transfer data for wind, fire, water, earth, light, darkness, thunder, and all kinds of other energy.

“It is known the conventional transfer of energy in the outside world will follow the laws of space and time.  There will be decays, weakening, and consumption. It is because energy is based on the laws of space and time, when space and time change, the energy itself will also change.”

Meng Qingwu softly waved her hand and the spiritual energy study data appeared.

“We have discovered in our research that the flow of spiritual energy is not affected by space and time.  Spiritual energy can directly affect a target across space and it can resist the flow of time. This important discovery means that spiritual energy is a type of energy that is independent of space and time.  Therefore, spiritual energy technology has the prospect of developed in the long term.”

The Dark Night Elven King couldn’t help asking, “What kind of benefits does this have?”

“Our Spiritual Helmet will not be affected by distance.  Simply put, as long as Miracle City has a Spiritual World Launcher, on any part of the continent, as long as a person has a helmet, they could enter the Spiritual World.”

“Next, the Spiritual World’s flow of time is different from the real world’s flow of time.  One day can pass in the real world, but it could be ten days, twenty days, or even longer that pass in the Spiritual World!  This also means that once the Spiritual Helmet is issued, we can connect all the minds on the continent. I believe that as long as everyone cooperates with Miracle Commerce, our Spiritual Network will be able to connect all the intelligent races of the continent very soon!”

Too shocking!

The Spiritual Helmet would connect all the intelligent beings on the entire continent?

This method of mental exchange surpassed the limits of space and time, it had the opportunity to become a high grade communication method.

“In order to allow the Spiritual Network Era appear, Miracle Commerce is giving everyone a large gift.”

Meng Qingwu waved her hand as she said this and a giant real time map appeared in the sky.  When everyone saw it, they were shocked to find that it was a map of the continent. Although it didn’t seem big, the geography seemed filled with craftsmanship.  This was definitely not a naturally formed continent, but rather a world made by countless craftsmen working together.

“This is a continent Miracle Commerce has made with the Flower Fairies, over a hundred thousand staff members, one hundred Smart Brains, and countless experts to make.  We’re calling it the Miracle Continent!”

“The Miracle Continent has an area of five million square kilometers and has a total of six hundred and sixty one cities, while also currently being expanded.  Each area of the Miracle Continent was all carefully designed, with each city being able to accommodate over ten million people. Not only are there rich entertainment areas, there are also countless arenas, trial fields, libraries, and etc., as well as having a rich commerce system.”

“This is a world completely made of illusions.  Each person of the continent can experience things that are hard to experience in real life, they can learn the most advanced knowledge, interact with the people of the world, and experience the most exciting risks.  That’s right, this is Miracle Commerce’s newest product. It combines entertainment, relaxation, danger, trade, commerce, learning, and even research into a new world!”

Among the rulers.

They were all shocked!

Miracle Commerce could create a virtual world out of thin air and the entire continent’s people could connect to here with their minds?

The Spiritual World required nothing!

The things that can’t be experienced in the real world, there were countless things like that in the virtual world!

The Miracle Continent had six hundred and sixty one cities and it was very convenient to move between the cities because each city in the Spiritual World were filled with transfer points.  One could transfer inside the city and transfer between cities easily. The communication system in the Spiritual World was also incomparably convenient, it could be considered a platform that the billions of people of the continent could use to interact with each other!

The significance of the Spiritual Network was this!

A giant platform that could link the various countries and races.  With the billions of people inside, it would naturally have a huge economic value.  Even if one ignored the income from the commercial, economic, educational, and entertainment income earned by the Miracle Continent, they could earn a large amount just from selling the helmets!

“Once the Spiritual Network covers the entire continent, it will have an unimaginable giant change to our lives.  This is the advancing of eras and also the progress of history, all those present are all witnesses of this.” Meng Qingwu then announced, “But Miracle City has no interest in using this technology to dominate the continent.  Miracle Commerce’s ideas will always be an open platform for everyone to benefit from!”

This kind of superior technology had an enticement no one could resist.

If Miracle City wanted to spread their technology and products over the continent, they had to give a piece of the cake to others.  Otherwise with Miracle Commerce’s current strength, before they even had time to spread their technology, others would have collaborated to destroy them.

Meng Qingwu announced in a generous voice, “The second main announcement of the Miracle Summit is that Miracle City is releasing this as an open platform.  We are prepared to take out the technology for building the Spiritual Helmets and even the technology for building spiritual spaces without holding anything back to cooperate with others!”

When these words were said.

The rulers were all stunned.

Although they guessed Miracle City’s thoughts, they never thought Meng Qingwu would say it this directly.  This kind of courage made them feel very shocked. After all, this technology had just matured in Miracle City and before they could even harvest the fruits, they were taking the initiative to give it out to others?

But they were shocked a bit too early.

“Not only technology of the spiritual department.”  Meng Qingwu then announced, “Our normal communication, energy, weapons, and many other kinds of technology will be open for cooperation.  We will have many close cooperations in the future, so this technology will be offered to allies eventually.”

The meaning of these words were.

Whoever was closer to Miracle City, the more technology they would gain.  So if they wanted Miracle City’s technology, they had to quickly create good relations with Miracle City.

“As for the exploration of Outer Space and the underground world, Miracle City and the major alliance members have made a decision after some research.”  Meng Qingwu said to the rulers, “We are prepared to create a joint exploration center for the underground or for Outer Space in your countries or territories.  We will support your exploration or resource gathering in the underground or Outer Space World to strengthen the continent’s foreign resource mining.”

This was also a very enticing matter.

Whether it was Outer Space or underground, they were all rich with resources.  These empire level powers had great influence and if they could cooperate in this aspect, allowing them to fly to the sky or enter the ground, this would bring countless benefits to the development of their empires.

“Finally, Miracle City is sincerely recruiting outstanding scholars of all kingdoms to cooperate with the Yun Sect’s research.  In the future, we can create more Yun Sect branches, allowing the talents of the continent to participate in Source Energy Technology research.”

How was Miracle City negotiating?

They were simply giving benefits to the large kingdoms!

These large characters never said a word, Meng Qingwu had used a large pile of benefits to completely stun them.

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  2. Giving technology just like that… Not holding anything back…. if im not mistaken that is stupidity and I wonder how come other country spy has not yet gotten the technology from miracle city since they have lots of different races working on yun research… just empire offering 1 million source stone from 1 of researcher of yun sect and offering big position… somebody will bent on corruption for sure they have no security in their tech…… anyway thanks for the chapter….

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