MT Chapter 607


Chapter 607: Conference site

The Wind Moon Empress, the Heaven Burning Emperor, the Wild Beast Emperor, the Dark Night Forest’s Elven King, the Netherworld Sea’s Netherworld King, and the Dragon Territory’s great elder.  Two human emperors, one spirit beast emperor, one supreme leader of the elves, one supreme leader of the undead, and one supreme leader of the dragon race were now all settled in Miracle City.

There were complicated contradictions between the rulers.

For example, the Wild Beast Empire were mortal enemies with the Dark Night Forest, the Wild Beast Empire were also enemies with the Wind Moon Empire, the Heaven Burning Empire had conflicts with the Dark Night Forest, the Netherworld Sea frequently fought with the Dragon Territory, the Dragon Territory had a tense relationship with the Wind Moon Empire and the Heaven Burning Empire, and the Heaven Burning Empire and the Wind Moon Empire were competitors that couldn’t get along.

It was like Chu Tian thought.


It was impossible for these fellows to work together.

The conflicts between them had been slowly accumulated over hundreds of years, they didn’t trust one another.  Chu Tian was worried that they would fight, therefore he separated them to keep the peace. Nidhogg went to receive the dragon clan’s great elder, the Elven King Lancelot went to receive the Dark Night Forest’s Elven King, and Burst Claw went to receive the Wild Beast Emperor.  Like this, they could avoid conflicts between them.

These several emperor level characters stayed in Miracle City for a day or two.

They all had a deeper understanding of Miracle City’s abilities.  They finally realized that in this remote place, there was actually a power that wasn’t inferior to an empire.

The rulers watched and played with the things.

It was time for the Miracle Summit to convene.

“Hello honourable Wind Moon Empress!”

Three dark gold figures appeared in front of the Wind Moon Empress and respectfully bowed down.  The Wind Moon Empress looked at these people and her eyes lit up. Naturally the Wind Moon Empress could tell that these people weren’t living people, but rather puppets.

The surprising thing was that.

These puppets seemed especially strong.

Each one was around the peak 9th True Spirit Layer.  Other than that, one never imagined that puppets without life would be able to converse normally with people, this really was a bit hard to believe.

The Wind Moon Empress asked, “What are you?”

One of the dark gold figures replied, “We are Divine Servants refined by sir City Lord.  We used to be normal Yin Puppets, but because we have been transformed and strengthened by divine blood, we have turned into this.  Divine Servants are puppets without thoughts, but we have been equipped with Smart Brain intelligence cores developed by Miracle City’s research facility, so we can have self control.”

“This really is incredible.”

“Many thanks for the empress’ praise.”  The Divine Servant respectfully said, “The Miracle Summit will begin soon.  The Miracle Meeting Hall has been prepared, we ask the empress to head in.”

The two Divine Servants led the empress to a luxuriously decorated hotel.

The Wind Moon Empress slightly raised one brow.

Could it be the Miracle Summit was held in this hotel?  The Wind Moon Empress was used to being pleasantly surprised in Miracle City, she never thought that such an important conference for Miracle City would actually be held inside a hotel.  This was a little too petty.

She was filled with disappointment.

The Wind Moon Empress didn’t mind too much, she knew that Miracle City had a large reason for holding this Miracle Summit, which was the pressure of the various empires on the continent.  After all, Miracle City was becoming more and more conspicuous. With such powerful technology, Miracle City would be harder and harder to defend.

Naturally they would be a bit cautious.

When the Wind Moon Empress entered the Miracle Hotel, there were mechanical puppets moving around.  These puppets moved very smoothly and communicated with each other, were they really only puppets?

The Divine Servant explained from the side, “These are robots which combine Miracle Commerce’s technology.  They have an intelligence core inside their bodies, so their actions are all controlled by Miracle City’s central Smart Brain.”

The Wind Moon Empress asked, “Robots?  What can they do?”

The Divine Servant replied, “Miracle Commerce’s main focus research over the next few years will be on these robots, which will include battle robots, service robots, and research robots which will be used in many different fields.  These robots are quickly built, very strong, won’t tire at all, and is universally controlled. They can also be upgraded with Miracle City’s newest technology and weapons, therefore they have a very high value.”

Miracle Commerce controlled a large amount of resources.

Whether it was Outer Space, underground, the forest, the Western Sea, or other places.  Chu Tian could mine the hardest and highest grade metals to create robots with. Once these robots were created, even a True Spirit Cultivator would find it hard to destroy them.  They could also be equipped with energy swords, shields, and all kinds of weapons.

Miracle City’s army wasn’t strong enough?

Miracle City didn’t have enough time to train them?

When the robot army was formed in the future, there was no need to recruit, cultivate, or train them.  They could move through land, sea, and air, and they wouldn’t tire while being absolutely loyal. Was there a better soldier than these robots?

The Wind Moon Empress didn’t think that much about it.  The three Divine Servants led the Wind Moon Empress to a luxuriously decorated room where several robots were bringing in the best quality delicacies and the highest grade elven tea and Fairy Wine.

The Wind Moon Empress sat down on a large sofa, “This is the waiting area?”

“No, your highness.”  A Divine Servant explained, “This is your conference area.”

The Wind Moon Empress tasted the Fairy Wine as the Divine Servant spoke, causing her expression to turn strange.  Her eyes looked around. This was a quiet place without anyone around, with many luxurious decorations all around her, as well as a balcony garden and an indoor pool.

This quiet and comfortable place was the conference site?

Then again, Chu Tian and the others weren’t here.

“The City Lord has already prepared everything.”  The Divine Servant said this and he suddenly pulled out a helmet from an unknown place.  This helmet looked very beautiful with several crystals embedded to it. The Wind Moon Empress could tell that these were spiritual attributed crystals, “We ask your highness to put on this Spiritual Helmet and enter the Miracle Summit conference site!”

Put on the helmet?

Enter the Miracle Summit conference site?

The Wind Moon Empress was surprised for a bit, but she suddenly understood.  She had experienced the trial field, the arena, and the spiritual library in her days in Miracle City, so she knew that Miracle City’s technology could create a spiritual world.

So it’s like this, so it’s like this!

The Miracle Summit conference site was in a spiritual space?

That brat Chu Tian really did know how to catch people off guard!

The Wind Moon Empress placed the helmet on her head.  After the source energy arrays on the helmet activated, a wave of energy instantly covered the Wind Moon Empress.

For spiritual energy of this strength, if the Wind Moon Empress wanted to resist it, it had no way of affecting her at all.  However, the Wind Moon Empress released her spiritual energy defenses and allowed it to seep into her mind.

Closing the eyes.

Opening the eyes.

In the span of a blink.

The Wind Moon Empress found herself standing on a giant crystal dragon.

The surrounding area was a large place that surpassed human expectations.  There were rows of trapezoidal stands that were neat as matrices placed together, covering the sky.  Each one of them was densely filled with people!

There was a beautiful garden conference site in the middle.

A voice resounded from the center of the conference site, “Now appearing on site is  the continent’s number one empress! Please welcome her highness in participating in the conference!  We ask the empress to sit after entering!”

There was a wave of cheers that erupted all around.

This dense sea of people was simply like a real sea.

The Wind Moon Empress was someone used to large crowds, so she didn’t lose her calm and just calmly waved her hand.  The giant dragon brought the Wind Moon Empress to the giant disk like conference site and landed on the center stage.

There were several magnificent thrones placed there.

Miracle Commerce’s two chairmen were sitting one two of the thrones and the other thrones were all left for the other rulers to sit on.  The Wind Moon Empress sat on one of the thrones.

At this time, the others also arrived on site.  Each person was carried by a majestic giant beast that first circled around the audience before finally arriving at the center stage and sitting down.

“Alright, everyone has already been introduced, so let the conference begin.”  Chu Tian stood up to give an introduction, “Everybody here is a peak character of the continent, so I won’t waste time introducing everyone.  I will now introduce the conference site to everyone.”

The others were very curious.

There were at least several million people in the sea of people!

No person or force had gathered this many people together at once to hold a meeting before!

“All the brothers and sisters on site, they all come from our alliance.  This part is the Great Summer Country, this part is the Great Zhou Country, this part is the Great Wei Country.  There’s also the Northern Militant, West Chu, West Swallow……There are over four million participants from the kingdom alliance!”

Chu Tian pointed in another direction, this side was filled with strange looking forest races.

“This is the Eternal Forest, the Savage Highlands, the Giants Mountain Range, the Dragon’s Ridge, the Western Sea, Silver Moon Town, Emerald City, Four Side City…..There are over three million participants from the Forest Alliance!”

Chu Tian finished his simple introduction, “That’s right, for our Miracle Summit this time, there are over seven million participants in total.  We are also live broadcasting this to the billions of people in the forest and kingdoms, letting them see this live scene. This conference today, not only does it show the prosperity of the alliance, it also is to demonstrate Miracle Commerce’s powerful technology!  Witness the first era of the continent’s source energy technology!”


Applause sounded out in all directions!

Anyone who saw this scene would be stunned, whether it was an emperor or an overlord.  The Wind Moon Empress was sitting in this peaceful room, but she was in this illusion like large conference site.  This technology, this science, it filled one with praise.

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