MT Chapter 604


Chapter 604: Great victory

Miracle City’s airborne army was different from any other country of the continent.

Miracle City didn’t cultivate large amounts of demon beasts or recruit large amounts of riders.  Although they had several good recruiting grounds like the kingdoms, the Forest of Chaos, and especially the underground Purgatory World, not only recruiting human elites, as well as being able to recruit the forest races and being able to create a powerful demon army, Miracle City had been established for too short of a time.  How could they have the experience needed to train such a large army?

But Miracle City’s technology could make up for any shortcomings!

Miracle City’s airborne forces were purely made from technology.


The troops of this unit that had just appeared were mainly separated into three fighting forces.

The first was the airship unit.

Chu Tian already had plans to create a Combat Airship and with Miracle City’s technology continuing to advance, with the Source Energy Technology becoming more and more mature, the first generation airship had appeared in Miracle City.  However, because they were limited by time, they could only make two of them.

The two Combat Airships were around eight hundred meters long which could be called gigantic.  The amount of weapons on the surface was close to a thousand and not only were there dense missile firing holes, there were also Source Energy Cannons, Continuous Fire Heavy Source Energy Cannons, Source Energy Laser Cannons, and etc.

The Combat Airship was very large and had space for energy equipment.  The energy contained within was very strong, which greatly empowered the airship’s weapon and defense systems.  Not only could they use the Source Energy Laser Cannon which drained a lot of energy, the ship itself could be covered in a powerful shield.  Even if it was besieged by an entire army, they find it hard to break through in a short period of time.

This was simply a floating fortress!

The second were the fighter planes.

The Black Thunder fighters were already being built on the assembly lines.  They had speeds that were ten times the speed of sound, making the Black Thunder fighters very flexible.  Equipping them onto the Combat Airships would provide them with a sharp knife they could use at any time.

The third were the Mech Suit Soldiers.

Miracle Commerce’s flying soldiers were different from any other place on the continent.  Even if they didn’t ride flying demon beasts, even if they couldn’t fly themselves, they would be able to fly if they wore Miracle City’s specially designed Flight Mech Suits.  These Mech Suit Soldiers were an upgraded version of the one that dealt with the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s Dark Eagle Army. Not only were they much stronger, they had the ability to fly and their shield were much stronger, being able to resist most attacks at the True Spirit Realm.

The Golden Dragon Hawk army was about to attack Miracle City!

Miracle City’s black barrier was constructed from the Undead Towers!

In the Forest of Chaos area, this barrier wasn’t weak, but to the Big Dry Empire, this barrier from Miracle City wasn’t worth mentioning at all.  They could destroy it with a round of attacks in just a few minutes.

This time wasn’t without value.

Miracle City’s air forces were completely released!

Not only were there airships, fighters, and Mech Suits, there were heavy cannons and heavy firearms placed on the top of mountains in charge of air defenses.  Other than that, the Dragon Lord brought ten dragons with him, the elven City Lords and most of the council members were here, the Titans, the Behemoths, the Merpeople, the Treants, and the peak experts of the Forest Alliance, even the top members of the various cities were here to help.

Miracle City was the heart of the alliance!

If Miracle City was destroyed, the alliance would be finished.

These cities recognized the benefits of the alliance, so they already couldn’t leave Miracle City.  Therefore, when Miracle City was being ambushed, they spared no efforts in providing support.

The Big Dry Empire’s army and the Forest Alliance troops began to fight!

Jing Wuying knew how ridiculous his mistakes were, Miracle City’s defenses was far above his imagination and there were several high level Heaven Domain Cultivators among them.  These people could be considered top class experts even in an empire and now they were leading a large group of low level Heaven Domain Cultivators in charging over. The Dragon Hawk cavalry weren’t their match at all!

Jing Wuying knew.

These were experts that came from the giants of the forest!

The Elven King, the Dragon Lord, the Titan’s Thunder Fury, the Behemoth’s Burst Claw, the Merpeople’s Bo Sha, pick any one of them and perhaps they wouldn’t be weaker than him, perhaps they would even be a bit stronger than him.  The powers behind them were quite formidable, so if each power brought out fifteen to twenty Heaven Domain Experts, that added up was a shocking amount!

As for Jing Wuying thinking that Miracle City didn’t have powerful soldiers and guards?

That was an even bigger mistake!

Miracle City not only had a powerful air force, they were also guarded by the Treants with the Treant leader also present.  The Forest Protector Cenarius was leading them. Cenarius’ cultivation was not lower than the Elven King’s, it was even bit higher than the Elven King Lancelot!

There were thousands of Treants.

Even the weakest among them was in the peak True Spirit Realm!

Jing Wuying’s Golden Dragon Hawk army still had over fifty thousand soldiers, even if they spared no expenses in obtaining victory, it would be a hard victory where both sides perished!

But they couldn’t care about that now!

The Golden Dragon Hawk army was already in this condition, if Jing Wuying went back without any results, how could he face the Big Dry Emperor?  Not to mention that to the Big Dry Empire, even if they lose eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawks, they couldn’t lose face for the empire. If they couldn’t even defeat a trivial Miracle City, the Big Dry Empire will lose their dignity which was even worse than losing their military forces!

“Forget the price!”

“Charge the city!”

Jing Wuying gave the order again.

Nothing else was important right now, they just needed to hit Miracle City!

They would destroy everything in Miracle City before speaking!

When the Golden Dragon Hawk army was prepared to attack Miracle City, something even more unexpected happened.

There was a dazzling green light from the center of Miracle City!

A pure and vigorous energy slowly rose from the ground.

There was a green barrier that appeared around Miracle City to protect everything.  They never thought that there would be another barrier around Miracle City. Jing Wuying quickly ordered his troops to attack, but after four-five rounds of attacks, every person was shocked to find that there was no damage to the barrier at all.

What was this barrier?

It could even compare to the Big Dry Empire’s capital city’s barrier!

The core of the barrier was the Miracle Gardens, it was actually releasing a powerful energy that came from the ancient Tree of Life!

The ancient Tree of Life hadn’t been there for long, but it was growing pretty well.  This thing in the great ancient era was something the could compare to demons and gods, even its power in its youth would be hard to imagine!

The Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers were kept out by the barrier.

Miracle City was in front of their eyes, but they couldn’t do a thing.

Various armies and Miracle City’s army came out of Miracle City to slaughter the Golden Dragon Hawk army.  They had powerful might in the air and dense firepower on the ground, so the Golden Dragon Hawk army’s numbers kept decreasing.

“Damn, retreat, retreat!”

Jing Wuying found that his cavalry had already been reduced to thirty thousand, he knew that he couldn’t keep this fight going.  The Dragon Hawk cavalry was certain to be defeated, so if they kept fighting, they would be completely wiped out!

Although they weren’t willing to admit it, they had no choice with the facts in front of their eyes.

The Golden Dragon Hawk army had been defeated!

The Big Dry Empire had lost!

Meng Qingwu through Smart Brain’s real time monitoring found that the Big Dry Empire’s army was slowly retreating.  Her lips revealed a faint smile of victory.

“The enemy army is retreating, the surrounding weapon systems have already been prepared.  They enemies will put up a fierce fight while they are retreating, should the army be ordered to chase?”

“They are just remnants, there is no meaning in chasing them down.”  Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “We have defeated the Big Dry Empire, that is an incredible matter.  I think that instead of chasing them, we should send the entire army to the Western Sea and take out the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago in one fell swoop.”

Meng Qingwu nodded, “I’m thinking the same thing!”

When Jing Wuying was leaving Miracle City, he was bombarded by the weapons outside Miracle City again, further causing heavy casualties to his army.  In the end, there were only twenty thousand Golden Dragon Hawk cavalry that left the Forest of Chaos.

Miracle City didn’t chase them.  The two Combat Airships were activated and moved towards the Western Sea at full speed.

Miracle City began to send out propaganda on the same day.

The Forest Alliance had easily defeated one of the Big Dry Empire’s trump cards, the Golden Dragon Hawk army.  This news was instantly spread across the forest and kingdoms, even reaching the Western Sea.

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelagos were in a mess.

These fellows never would have dreamed that Miracle City would be this strong, even the trump card of an empire was defeated.  Wasn’t this bad for the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelagos since they hired themselves to the Big Dry Empire?

As expected!

This news created a chain reaction when it came to the Western Sea.

Some of the sea based powers attached to the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, like some Sea Race tribes or some sea coast kingdoms, they all left the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdoms side and began to lean towards West Sea City.

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King didn’t even have time to rage.

A terrifying piece of news was sent to him.

Miracle City’s army was coming towards the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, coming in full force.  They were prepared to use this victory over the Big Dry Empire to take care of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, the chess piece of the Big Dry Empire in the Western Sea.

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was in chaos and didn’t even have time to prepare.

The two incomparably large airships slowly appeared in the skies over the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago, releasing hundreds of Black Thunder planes, circling around the two Combat Airships.  Ten dragons under Nidhogg’s lead followed closely with the peak experts from the large forces on the backs of each dragon.

Bo Sha had mobilized an army of a hundred thousand from West Sea City, blocking the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago from the sea!

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was a bit stronger than the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom, but that was still limited!

All these soldiers and experts coming out to fight, how could the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom deal with them?

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King’s normal overbearing and calm manner disappeared without a trace, he quickly ordered the country to stop resisting.  At the same time he sent out a messenger to Chu Tian, hoping to discuss this matter with him and see if they could end this in a peaceful manner.

People under the eaves were forced to bow their heads.

Miracle City didn’t even put the Big Dry Empire in their eyes, how could they fear your Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago?  If they didn’t stop, they might just directly bomb the entire land flat!

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