MT Chapter 602


Chapter 602: Showdown

The continent was in an uproar, like thunder suddenly striking the ground.

Miracle Commerce had just accomplished the task of ascending to the sky and landing on the moon which was currently spreading across the continent, but now they were launching this startling conference.

What was the Forest Alliance?

It wasn’t even a country!


This was merely a mix of forest and underground cities mixing together.  Even if they became the Forest Alliance, in just a few short months, can they compare to the empires that had lasted for thousands of years?

Then again.

Miracle City was the sponsor and leader of the Forest Alliance, but they were equal to other cities and powers.  They were just a city, they only had the power to summon and not the power to order people around.

What confidence did they have to bring the people at the peak of the continent to Miracle City for a conference?  Whether it was their identity, their low position, or their influence, Miracle City who only landed on the moon couldn’t truly compare to those giants!

What shocked people was that most of the empire level powers that had been invited had agreed to come.

These emperor level characters were preparing to head to Miracle City or they were already on their way.  How magnificent was an emperor heading out, naturally it attracted a lot of attention. This provided a large invisible increase on the influence of this event, making it hard for Miracle City not to become famous.

The alliance Miracle City had, including the forest and kingdom areas, they were all shocked by the respect Chu Tian was given.

Had this ever happened before in the thousands of years of the continent’s history?

With an announcement from Chu Tian, he actually attracted all these important characters!

But what provoked people’s thoughts was that even though the far Dark Night Forest, Dragon Territory, and Netherworld Sea received this news, the Big Dry Empire that was closest to the Forest of Chaos didn’t receive an invitation.

“This is absurd!”  The Big Dry Emperor in the Big Dry Royal Palace flew into a rage when he learned this news.  He ground a pillar to dust with a single palm, “Good Miracle City, a power the size of a palm actually trying to unite Burning Heaven, Wind Moon, the Dragon Territory, and the Dark Night Forest to resist this emperor!”

The Sage Yuwen Xi, the great general Jing Wuying, and the other peak members of the Big Dry Empire were faced with the emperor’s rage and they all looked at each other in blank dismay.

Jing Wuying said with a cold snort, “It’s all because the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom messed this matter up!”

The Big Dry’s messenger had just reached the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom and reached an agreement with the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King, but the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King gave them a piece of news and now the Forest Alliance was on guard against the Big Dry Empire.  This was a plan that took the firewood out from under the fire, but now the Big Dry Empire was placed in a sorry situation.

“Everything has already happened.”  Yuwen Xi shook his head and gave a sigh, “The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring King is a useful piece, so we can only comfort them and can’t easily break off all face.  This matter is not a small matter, it needs to be taken care of properly.”

Jing Wuying took two steps forward and said, “Emperor, this subordinate thinks that we cannot allow the Miracle Summit proceed!  I am willing to lead fifty thousand, no, thirty thousand Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers to the far Forest of Chaos. We’ll ambush Miracle City and flatten them in one fell swoop!”

Miracle City wanted to put on a strong face?

Then before Miracle City could gather themselves, they would destroy Miracle City first!

So what if the other emperors and rulers find out?  Even if they were dissatisfied with the Big Dry Empire, they wouldn’t directly go all out against them.  If the Miracle Summit was allowed to happen, the emperors and rulers will have cooperations with Miracle City, so it wouldn’t be easy to do anything at that time.

Yuwen Xi came out and refuted, “The Martial King’s ideas aren’t right.  Miracle City alone isn’t enough, we really need to worry about the other powers in the Forest of Chaos.  Whether it is the Savage Highlands or the Eternal Forest, if they were countries on the continent, they wouldn’t be inferior to middle grade warring kingdoms.  The entire Forest of Chaos added together is already stronger than a high grade warring kingdom, thirty thousand Golden Dragon Hawks won’t be enough.”

Jing Wuying said with a cold smile, “I’m not attacking the Forest Alliance, I am just attacking Miracle City.  The Forest of Chaos is that big, will be able to send help in time? I’ll leave immediately after destroying Miracle City, could the motley crew in the Forest of Chaos chase us to the Big Dry Empire!”

Yuwen Xi shook his head and said, “I understand Miracle City.  Miracle City has a powerful communication system and a large flying army that makes it impossible to miss enemies.  Once Miracle City finds out, they will immediately send for reinforcements.”

“With the speed of the Golden Dragon Hawk army, even if the Forest Alliance gathered all their troops in Miracle City, we’ll have already razed Miracle City to the ground once they arrive.  What is there to fear?” Jing Wuying completely ignored Miracle City’s technology, “Not to mention, we can use the Illusory Clam Beast to protect our advance, Miracle City definitely won’t be able to find us!”

Yuwen Xi still didn’t agree to this.

Miracle City was the center of the Forest of Chaos, they had been very low key on the continent, who knew how many secrets and abilities they still had hidden inside the city.  If the Big Dry Empire were to attack Miracle City, it was unlikely they would offend the other empire level powers. However, they would lose face for the empire if they failed which was a large matter.

Jing Wuying directly said to the Big Dry Emperor, “I ask the emperor to decide!”

As an emperor, how could he lack aggressiveness?  Not to mention the Big Dry Emperor didn’t even place ants like Chu Tian in his eyes, “Eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers and one hundred Illusory Clam Beasts!  Destroy the city within ten days!”

“This subordinate will follow your orders!”

Yuwen Xi gave a helpless sigh.  The emperor was too overbearing, he has underestimated Miracle City.

The Golden Dragon Hawk army was one of the Big Dry Empire’s trump cards and they were elites the Big Dry Empire could use to sweep over the world.  A single Golden Dragon Hawk Beast was not weaker than a level three demon beast.

What was a level three demon beast?

This was equal to a True Spirit Cultivator!

A True Spirit Cultivator in a small kingdom was a peak existence, even having a high status in a large kingdom.  Even in a warring kingdom, they were all high level commanders.

An entire eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawks!

That was equal to eighty thousand True Spirit Cultivators!

Each Golden Dragon Hawk would also be matched with a True Spirit Cultivator!

An army of eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawks, that was actually a fighting force of one hundred and sixty thousand True Spirit Cultivators!  This was the power that a true empire level power had, it was enough to throw any warring kingdom in a panic.

This kind of force wasn’t enough to deal with a scattered Forest Alliance?


This was giving Miracle City enough face.

The Big Dry Empire only had two hundred thousand Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers.

Yuwen Xi couldn’t say anything even if he had an objection.  If eighty thousand Golden Dragon Hawk soldiers couldn’t break Miracle City, it couldn’t be explained with reason.

The Big Dry Empire was very efficient.

Once the order was given, Jing Wuying set off with his army the next day.  Other than a high level Heaven Domain Expert like Jing Wuying, there were also eighteen Heaven Domain Experts who weren’t weak being around the 2nd-3rd Heaven Domain Layer, as well as a hundred Illusory Clam Beasts.

The Illusory Clam Beast was a rare spiritual attributed level three demon beast!

This kind of demon beast didn’t have any battle power, but it could create a large mirage that hid the truth.  It could allow a large army to proceed while creating illusions that would disrupt most methods of scouting.

The Big Dry Empire’s Golden Dragon Hawk army had such a strong protection, it was enough for them to silently approach Miracle City and launch a fast as lightning ambush.

Although this plan seemed perfect.

The Big Dry Empire had underestimated Miracle City too much!

When the Golden Dragon Army even reached the Forest of Chaos, they were already seen by the airborne surveillance prepared by Miracle City in their surroundings.  Miracle City used the Undead Towers to detect vital energy. This method directly detected the fluctuations released by life forms, therefore spiritual illusion techniques had no effect at all.

“There is a shocking amount of powerful life forms detected by the southern reconnaissance station!”

“Smart Brain analysis: This is a group of high level demon beasts and cultivators.  The characteristics of these demon beasts conform to that of the Golden Dragon Hawk which is one of the Big Dry Empire’s armies, therefore there is a 99% chance that this is an army from the Big Dry Empire.  There is a 99% chance that their target is Miracle City, please prepare the defenses as soon as possible!”

Meng Qingwu was busy organizing the location for the Miracle Summit when she was stunned by this news.

The Big Dry Empire wanted to directly destroy Miracle City?  This kind of method was just too overbearing!

Meng Qingwu quickly looked for Chu Tian to discuss countermeasures.

What countermeasures did Chu Tian have?

Since they were here.

We would dare to fight!

Chu Tian was already feeling dissatisfied because this shit stick from the Big Dry Empire already delayed Chu Tian’s wedding plans in West Sea City.  He already had a stomach filled with anger, but now he had found a place to vent it.

“Have the Elven King, Death Wing, Burst Claw, Thunder’s Fury, Bo Sha, as well as the elven City Lords, dragons, Liches, Behemoths, giants, and Merpeople above the Heaven Domain Realm all come to Miracle City!”

“Prepare all of Miracle City’s weapon systems.  Completely withdraw all the patrolling airships and fighter planes!”

“Begin to recharge Miracle City’s barrier, have it prepared to release the strongest defenses!”

Meng Qingwu knew that they couldn’t run from this fight, so she immediately made preparations.  Miracle City’s Smart Brains began working together, not only preparing for the battle, they were also running simulations on the Golden Dragon Hawk army’s path, speed, and tactics.  Combining all of this with Miracle City’s situation, they created the most suitable battle plan.

Miracle City already couldn’t compare to before!

Meng Qingwu was a very serious and careful person, she knew that Miracle City was the foundation of the Miracle Group.  Since they experienced the attack of the four cities, Meng Qingwu had been investing in upgrades to their defense and weapon systems.

Even now, they had spent several million on it already!

Because there hadn’t been any attacks on Miracle City, it was hard for Meng Qingwu to estimate Miracle City’s defenses.  Now she had a perfect chance to test them out!

Miracle City could use this chance to clash with an empire, spreading their name and shocking everyone.  If they use this chance to deal a crushing defeat to the Big Dry Empire, those powers that relied on the Big Dry Empire to deal with Miracle City would have to properly reconsider.

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