MT Chapter 601


Chapter 601: Miracle Summit

Over 90% of the continent was covered in areas without intelligent life.  Just this remaining 10% was enough to support the hundreds of billions of intelligent life with enough to spare.

Among these hundreds of billions of intelligent life, there were a total of fourteen empires.  The humans had six empires, the spirit beasts had four empires, the elves had two empire level powers, the dragons had one empire level power, and the undead had one empire level power.

Empires and empire level powers were not the same.

Human and spirit beast empires were founded nations that ruled themselves.  The highest position was the emperor who had no one above him and was unparalleled.  As for empire level powers, they were just powers. Although they had a background and strength that matched empires, they were not an established nation, so they didn’t have a country name and their internal governance was relatively loose.


The dark night elves of the Dark Night Forest were an empire level power.

The Dark Night Forest was a forest at around the same scale as the Forest of Chaos, but it had a completely different situation from the Forest of Chaos.  The Dark Night Forest didn’t have any other races, it was completely ruled by the elves, therefore it could be considered an empire level power.

But the dark night elves didn’t establish a country and the elves living in the Dark Night Forest lived in the most basic manner in different tribes.  When they were being invaded, they would band together to resist the enemy. Although their collective power didn’t lose to an empire, they could not be considered an empire.

The most representative location of this was the Dragon Territory where hundreds of thousands of giant dragons lived and the Netherworld Sea which countless Liches and undead ruled.  These places were not very big, but the power gathered together in these places were not inferior to an empire. They were considered a peak power even when placed on the entire continent!

Other than these fourteen large empire scaled powers, there were over a hundred and fifty warring kingdoms and thousands of small and large kingdoms.  This kind of pyramid like hierarchy demonstrated the current situation of power on the continent.

The Forest of Chaos area had been united by Miracle City.

In the future there was a chance for another empire level power to be born.

Naturally it was only a chance.  The Forest of Chaos had been fighting internally for many years, so whether it was backing or power, there was a large difference between them and the empire level powers.  The rise of the Forest of Chaos will inevitably attract the attention of these giants, so it was likely the Forest of Chaos would be exterminated by them before they could truly rise.

The Forest of Chaos and Miracle Commerce were unknown on the continent before, but since they successfully launched the rocket and placed Miracle City’s people on the moon, this unknown city and company had suddenly became famous across the continent.

Being famous had a good side and a bad side.

The various countries began to understand Miracle Commerce’s products, with the demand for various products increasing by over ten times in just a short half a month.  Even if their production line and factories went overtime to produce products, Miracle Commerce didn’t have enough supplies, which made it hard to find products. So the price naturally rose and with the price level of some empires, a phonograph in some cities of empires had a price of over a thousand source stones.

Miracle City estimated that their various products being sold outwards could earn them over tens of millions of source stones in a month.  This greatly increased Miracle City’s income while also building a foundation for Miracle City on the continent.

Miracle City’s dazzling display also attracted the attention of many people.

The Big Dry Empire was the best example.

Even if Chu Tian didn’t go against the Big Dry Sage Yuwen Xi and the great general Jing Wuying, the Big Dry Empire was the closest empire to Miracle City, so naturally it would covet a fat lamb like Miracle Commerce.  Although Miracle Commerce couldn’t compare with the Big Dry Empire right now, not far in the future, Miracle Commerce’s income would keep multiplying.

This was simply a treasure basin!

Now the Big Dry Empire pulled in large amounts of associated countries, as well as the isolated Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom and was currently thinking of ways to deal with the Forest Alliance.  Chu Tian didn’t fear any straightforward challenge, but he couldn’t accept endless harassment.

At this time.

Miracle Commerce released news that shocked the entire continent.

The Forest Alliance was prepared to hold an unprecedented Miracle Summit, gathering hundreds of rulers, kings, and emperors together to participate!

There were four main goals!

One, Miracle Commerce would be announcing an important product that could change the continent.

Two, Miracle City would open their platform and even their technology to look for partners.

Three, Miracle City would be opening up the underground world and Outer Space, offering all kinds of activities.  They invited the small and large forces of the continent to participate and benefit together.

Four, the Chu Sect and Yun Sect would be recruiting the most qualified workers while Miracle Academy would be accepting students from all over the continent.  As long as they were talented or had potential, whether it was the prince of an emperor or a small person born in a poor family, Miracle Commerce would accept them all.

The content of these four pieces of news were too big!

The first piece of information, did Miracle Commerce have few technology that changed the continent?  But they had been low key the entire time and it was very rare to see them announce something so openly.  Now Miracle Commerce was gathering all the major characters of the continent, who would want to miss this?

The second piece of information, Miracle Commerce was opening their platform to the various countries, this had a very large attraction to the nobles.  What was even more unbelievable was that Miracle Commerce was willing to spread their technology. If Miracle Commerce shared their technology, it was an attraction to any country.

The third piece of information, if the second piece of information was ambiguous, with Miracle Commerce not mentioning what platform and what technology, the third one was very clear.  From the underground world to Outer Space, Miracle Commerce was willing to help the large forces and benefit from them with everyone.

Finally the fourth piece of information.  If the previous three pieces were enticing for nobles, powers, and countries, the fourth piece had a fatal attraction for talented people.  Who didn’t know that Miracle City had unparalleled technology? If they could study the application of this technology in Miracle City, they would be on the forefront of the continent.  Which emperor wouldn’t give their princess or prince to them?

The continent was too big.

Chu Tian was worried the information would be blocked or changed, therefore he specially sent several dozen messengers.  They went to the outermost Transport Towers Miracle City owned and began to spread the information across the countries.

The various countries were instantly stirred!

Human race, western continent, Heaven Burning Empire!

The Heaven Burning Emperor specially came out of his closed door cultivation and gathered his ministers together to confer.  The Heaven Burning Emperor sat high up in the throne, “I believe that everyone has heard the rumours within the country. Prime minister Li, what thoughts do you have?”

The Heaven Burning Empire’s Sage and prime minister, an old man surnamed Li came out, “This old man thinks that this is a very rare chance.  One we can see Miracle City’s true capabilities and two we can seize this chance to cooperate with the Forest Alliance. If we don’t go, perhaps the other countries will seize this chance.”

“That is reasonable!”  The Heaven Burning Emperor already had his thoughts, gathering the ministers together was just to put up an appearance.  He waved his large hand and said, “This emperor will personally head to Miracle City. Prime minister Li and great general Zhao, you will come with me.”

The prime minister and the great general cupped their hands.


Human race, central continent, Wind Moon Empire.

The Wind Moon Empire, the most special empire on the continent.  The Wind Moon Empire was a female ruled empire, with an empress on top and with matriarchs ruling most of the clans.  The man in comparison had a rather humble position. This was considered a rare case on the continent.

“Greetings to the empress!”

Most of the court was filled with female officials and female generals.  There were pink flags flying all around the royal palace, being filled with the charm and gentleness of a female, not having the aggressiveness of a royal palace.

The Wind Moon Empress was lying on a jade bed, holding her head with one hand, looking very casual.  She was wearing a red robe, which revealed a slender pair of legs. Those red clothes with that white flesh, it multiplied its charm.  There were several small jade swords carefully placed into her hair. She had a peerless appearance that could charm the entire world, with a small red mark in between he brows.  It was unknown if it was the mark of a secret cultivation technique or if it was just decoration, but it was filled with charm.

Beautiful, gentle, charming, and tyrannical, all kinds of styles perfectly came together!

“This empress will take a trip to the Forest of Chaos.  The Thirteen Saintesses will come with me, prepare to set off!”

The empress didn’t discuss anything, but there was no objection in the court because the empress had developed a fondness for playing with the toys sent over from Miracle City.  Now that the Wind Moon Empress was interested in Miracle Commerce and Miracle City, who dared to object at this time?


Dark Night Forest.

There was a group of silver haired dark night elves gathered in the elven palace.

“Forest of Chaos?  Isn’t that where the Eternal Forest is?  The Eternal Forest is the origin of all elves in this world!”

“I’ve heard that Miracle City has even cultivated the Forest of Life.  The dark elves, the wood elves, and us are all from the same line, this is something we cannot ignore.”

“We dark night elves worship the Mood God and Miracle City has already successfully reached the moon.  We have to ask for Miracle City’s help in establishing our moon temples on the moon!”

“Begin the vote!”

The dark night elves’ Elven Council began the vote.  Although the dark night elves never left the Dark Night Forest, this matter was too important, whether it was the ancient Tree of Life or the chance to go to the moon to worship the Moon God.  Finally the majority agreed to participate in the Miracle Summit.


Netherworld Sea.

The largest inland sea of the continent.  It was covered in yin qi all year round, it was a paradise for the undead.

A giant skeleton ship slowly fell down from the sky.  The Undead King was covered in a dark shadow and countless Liches respectfully floated out of the Netherworld Sea, standing on the ash grey sea covered in ash grey mist like statues.

“Miracle City has the secrets to the space and time tunnel in the underground world.”

“We need to head to the Purgatory World to seek the tunnel!”

“Prepare to set off, head for Miracle City.”


Dragon Territory.  Countless giant dragons slowly floated down.

“Nidhogg’s luck really isn’t bad.”

“We should go visit him.”

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