MT Chapter 600


Chapter 600: The mastermind behind everything

Chu Tian had taken care of an Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom, he didn’t mind taking care of another Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom.

“Are you two alright?”

“I was too careless, I never thought I would meet a Heaven Domain Cultivator.”  Vivian stood up. Luckily big brother Chu Tian was very strong, taking care of the Heaven Domain Cultivator in a few moves, otherwise it would have been too humiliating, “What do we do now?”

“This fellow is simply too bold.”  Nangong Yun had suffered a large loss and her rage filled her head, “How about we directly take care of him!”


“This fellow is still useful to keep.”

Chu Tian released his spatial energy to surround the two of them, instantly sending them back to the crystal ship.

The Merperson was filled with admiration towards Chu Tian’s strength, no wonder this man could sit in the throne of Miracle City’s City Lord.  This kind of ability was very shocking to people!

Chu Tian said to the Merperson captain, “I’m very grateful to the warm entertainment of my Merpeople friends, this trip was very fun for us.  I will have the Black Thunder planes escort the crystal ship back, we will be leaving first.”

The flood dragon person was in the Heaven Domain Realm.

Although they trapped him temporarily, he was still very dangerous.  Not to mention the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King could still chase them, so Chu Tian couldn’t casually return on the crystal ship.

“We’re leaving!”

They used their Transport Scrolls and instantly left the crystal ship.

All the Merpeople on the ship, other than the captain who knew the effects of the Transport Scroll, were all stunned.  They could use a little scroll to teleport, directly returning from this deep sea area to West Sea City?

“What did they do?”

“This is too shocking!”

“Humph, how can you people understand Miracle City’s things?  I’ve lived this many years and I’ve never seen a metal bird that can fly through the sky with this kind of terrifying attacks.”  The Merperson Captain looked into the sky and he couldn’t help saying in an emotional voice, “West Sea City’s alliance with Miracle City, it really is City Lord Bo Sha’s most wise decision.  Our future generation will be blessed!”

The several Black Thunder planes followed the crystal ship as they slowly headed towards the Crystal Bay.

Chu Tian’s group returned to West Sea City and the first matter was to hand that person over to Bo Sha.

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was a strong power in the Western Sea, so if they were prepared to fight West Sea City, it would bring countless problems to West Sea City.  West Sea City was now part of the Forest Alliance, so the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom going against West Sea City was no different from going against Chu Tian.

There was no conflict between the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago and the Forest Alliance.

The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago and West Sea City even had a bit of cooperation.

The Forest Alliance had this large influence, the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King wouldn’t provoke the Forest Alliance without a reason.

There were all kinds of things that couldn’t be determined.  The Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago was a representative and there was either one or several powers behind them, giving the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King the confidence to go against West Sea City.

Bo Sha came back with a heavy expression.

Meng Qingwu immediately came forward to ask ,”How is it?”

“The information brought back this time is very important, otherwise if the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Archipelago plotted against us, we would have been kept in the dark.  However, the person that was caught is one of the three trusted senior generals of the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon King Lucas. He is very loyal towards Lucas and his mouth is tightly closed, we won’t be able to obtain any information from him.”

“Can’t get any information?”  Nangong Yun couldn’t hold back her anger, so she rolled up her sleeves and said, “Let me try!”

“Stop it.”  Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “If your little bit of skills could take care of him, City Lord Bo Sha would have already extracted the information.”

“We can’t have caught this person in vain, right?”

“Don’t be anxious, there is no mouth that can’t be opened, we just haven’t done enough.”  Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu on the side, “Young miss, I’ll have to trouble you to call the Savage Highlands to have them send someone to help.”

Meng Qingwu thought about it for a few seconds before taking out the cell phone and dialing a number.

After a few minutes.

Several spirit beasts in strange clothes came from the West Sea City’s Transport Tower.  There was lamb people, snake people, and lizard people, all wearing large robes and having strange masks on their faces.  There were all kinds of bone accessories on their fingers, wrists, necks, and bodies, which clattered as they walked, but released a kind of energy that could touch one’s spirit.

Meng Qingwu immediately came forward to greet them, “I’ll have to trouble sir Bishop Modo this time.”

At the front of these spirit beasts was an ordinary looking old man.  He seemed like a variant of the snake and lizard race, without a single scale on his body.  His hair and eyebrows were completely white and it was clear that he was blind.

This blind person couldn’t see, but they could still keenly sense Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu’s position.  He walked over holding a long staff and respectfully gave a bow, “To help the two City Lords, it’s Modo’s honour.”

Bo Sha felt a strange aura coming from the spirit beast, “This is?”

Chu Tian gave the introduction in Meng Qingwu’s place, “This is Bishop Modo of the Savage Highland’s Shaman Church.  We’ll leave the interrogation matter to the Shamans and I think we’ll obtain what we want in less than half a day.”

The Shaman Church had an important position in the Savage Highlands.  Bishop Modo had a position only inferior to Burst Claw, being a 3rd Heaven Domain Layer Expert himself.  Although the Shaman Church developed in Burst Claw’s city, even Burst Claw didn’t have the right to order Modo around.  Now because of a single word from Meng Qingwu, he directly came out of the Shaman Religion’s main church. It could be seen how much face Miracle City was given.

This also could be understood.

Although Miracle City had no power, Miracle City in the Forest Alliance was publicly and silently recognized to hold an important position.  From the forest to the other areas, Miracle City began to control more and more cities. If the Shaman Religion wanted to obtain more followers in the future, why wouldn’t they try to develop a good relation with Miracle City?

Bo Sha hadn’t seen Bishop Modo before, but she had heard of the Shaman Religion’s methods.

This kind of interrogation work was most suited to be left to a Shaman Sorcerer.

Shamans not only used medicines to weaken a person’s mind, they also used witchcraft to confuse a person’s thoughts, allowing them to completely control one’s thoughts.

The Forest Alliance was filled with coiled dragons and crouching tigers!

Modo was already much stronger than this flood dragon person general and he was skilled in all kinds of witchcraft.  In just a short hour, all the information they wanted was obtained.

“This old man has asked everything.  The Forest Alliance kept becoming bigger, therefore it has attracted the attention of several countries.”  Modo reported the situation to everyone, “Especially towards Miracle Commerce’s technology, these forces are drooling over them, therefore several powers has secretly formed an alliance to restrict us.  This Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was just their vanguard.”

It really was like this!

Even if the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was dissatisfied with the Forest Alliance, when comparing the difference in strength, they would at most secretly hold a blade and wouldn’t have acted this arrogantly.  Therefore, there had to be a reason behind this matter. Only no one thought that there would be this many powers going against the Forest Alliance.

City Lord Bo Sha was a bit worried, “There are close to ten countries playing tricks in such a short period of time, I think the other side’s influence will continue to increase.  Although the Forest Alliance has cut off one side, it will be hard to escape this blockade.”

Meng Qingwu asked, “What is the scale of these powers and who is in charge?”

Modo slowly replied, “The small and large kingdoms are not worth worrying about, but there are existences at the warring kingdom and empire level.  Adding in the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom, there are three different warring kingdoms. As for the empire, there is only the Big Dry Empire.”

Bo Sha was most worried about this, the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom was actually working with the Big Dry Empire!

The Big Dry Empire had quite a bit of influence on the western continent, drooling over the various countries on the Western Sea Coast.  West Sea City had worked with the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom to resist the Big Dry Empire’s greed, but who would have thought that as soon as West Sea City entered the Forest Alliance, the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom would run to the Big Dry Empire.

Once the Big Dry Empire fought with the Forest Alliance, it would certainly be a protracted battle!

This was because the Big Dry Empire was different from any opponent Miracle Commerce has met before.  The giants of the forest seemed strong, but actually they were lacking in population and had many flaws.  The Eagle Burial Kingdom seemed strong, but they were nothing more than a militaristic paper tiger.

The Big Dry Empire was different.

This was a giant being with a history of seven thousand and eight hundred years, having incomparable strength and a deep background, with a wide territory containing over twenty one billion citizens.  Even if the kingdom alliance Chu Tian supported was adding together, the population of the several large and small kingdoms couldn’t compare to the Big Dry Empire. Not to mention there were many other aspects.

The most important thing was.

The Big Dry Empire was a powerful nation on the western continent.

The Big Dry Empire had giant influence in the west, so if the Big Dry Empire clashed with the Forest Alliance, the Western Sea coast countries would try to protect themselves.  They would break off their trade deals with West Sea City, which would create a large loss for West Sea City. The one who would benefit the most would be the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom.

“So it’s the Big Dry Empire, this isn’t strange at all.”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin awkwardly before suddenly saying to Meng Qingwu beside him, “The other eight-nine countries, whether it is the Ten Thousand Flood Dragon Warring Kingdom or the other countries, they are all pieces used by the Big Dry Empire.  The enemy we really need to face is this empire.”

Meng Yingying’s eyes popped out, “It can’t be, we really have to fight an empire?  How can we beat them, their battle strength is more than ten times ours!”

Even the arrogant Nangong Yun knit her brows this time.

The Big Dry Empire was one of the continent’s strongest countries!

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “What are you all worried about?  If the Big Dry Empire were our neighbours, we would have already been exterminated, how could we develop to our current stage?  Actually the distance between us and the Big Dry Empire is several Forest of Chaos, so that is why we need to be more vigilant.”

It was too late to be vigilant.

No matter how strong the Big Dry Empire’s armies were, it was a dangerous journey for them.

Not to mention the Forest Alliance’s cities were hidden in the deep forest, the mountains, and even underground, so the Big Dry Empire had to pass through tens of thousands of kilometers of deep forest to attack the cities one by one.  Even for an empire, this was a very hard thing to do.

Chu Tian didn’t take a stand for now, “What does the young miss think?”

Meng Qingwu thought for a few seconds before saying, “Although the Big Dry Empire is unable to directly threaten us, by controlling these kingdoms, they can create quite a bit of trouble for us, so we can’t avoid it.  This time we need to meet them head on. The Big Dry Empire is very strong, but there isn’t only a single empire on the continent. They are in a rush to destroy us as quickly as possible, so perhaps there is another empire or the Big Dry Empire’s enemy that wants to cooperate with us.”

“You’re right!”  Chu Tian began to laugh, “We’ll do that!”

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