MT Chapter 562


Chapter 562: Forest Alliance

With Miracle City’s vice City Lord Meng Qingwu’s lead, the Forest of Chaos’ four giants reached an agreement.  The four powers and Miracle City signed an alliance agreement, naming their alliance the Forest Alliance!

This was a historical moment for the Forest of Chaos.  The separated four powers had disappeared and now they had created an alliance to become a super power!

There were three basic rules for the Forest Alliance.

First, they were not allowed to attack or invade each other.


After the Forest Alliance was formed, Miracle City would place a Smart Brain in each city and each city would be built around the Smart Brain in the future.  The cities of the alliance would be controlled by the Smart Brain system, so all records on resources would be clearly marked, so no one could attack another city or steal any resources.

Second, should any member of the alliance or any city of the alliance be attacked, the other cities would help them.

After the Forest Alliance was formed, although they were separated into elven area, giant area, spirit beast area, dragon area, and Miracle City, they were all partners.  When a member was threatened, the other members had a responsibility to help. If a city was attacked, the closest city had the responsibility to send reinforcements, stabilizing the alliance.

Third, the Forest Alliance would form a Forest Parliament.  The Forest Alliance’s major decisions or internal rewards and punishments would all be decided by this parliament.

There were six highest positions in the Forest Parliament, with the four giants having one each and two going to the Miracle City City Lords.  The Forest Parliament was the highest authority figure and also established three different departments. There was the Forest Court of Law, the Forest Court of Legislation, and the Forest Court of Arbitration.

The Forest Court of Law would be constructed in each city, mainly responsible for civil cases, criminal prosecution, administrative processes, and etc.  It was to restrain the various cities and place them under the law. Of course, with different races, different cities, and different areas, the laws and rules would need to apply to each specific circumstance.  The Forest Court of Law was just responsible for upholding the laws and rules.

The Forest Court of Legislation which was in charge of creating laws.  Each city would have a Court of Law, but they would also have a Court of Legislation.  Other than the basic laws of the alliance, other laws would need to conform to the situation of different areas to adapt to the various environments and species of the Forest of Chaos.

The Forest Court of Arbitration was for dealing with the contradictions between cities.  There would be conflict between cities of the alliance and it was illegal for the City Lords to report to their superiors, rather they should report to the Forest Parliament to apply for third party arbitration to ensure fairness and justice.  The Court of Arbitration would also have a supervising duty. If there was a city or a power that overstepped their bounds, they could send out a warning.

Meng Qingwu seemed to suddenly turn into master of law.

She created this three court system in a little while which performed their own function while also supervising each other.  It would keep the bottom line while also giving room for change, honoring the styles and rules of each place. If the Forest Alliance system could be enacted, it would greatly reduce the chaos in the forest.

The four giants all signed the Forest Agreement.

The alliance could be considered officially established!

Meng Qingwu saw that the most important task was finished and she let out a sigh of relief.  The four giants all swiftly agreed to the Forest Alliance mainly because they all had requests for Miracle City.  Meng Qingwu was clear in her heart that Miracle City was still too weak and a paper contract had no binding force at all.  Once the benefits of breaking the alliance was greater than keeping the alliance, they wouldn’t hesitate to leave at all.

But that didn’t matter.

The four giants needed Miracle City now.

The Forest Alliance wouldn’t break in the short run.

Meng Qingwu believed that while Miracle City was weak now, once the Forest Alliance was formed, it would create large waves in the forest.  The other powers or independent cities would certainly join the Forest Alliance for safety or benefits.

These forces and cities would join the Forest Alliance, but they wouldn’t attach themselves to the four giants, so there was a large difference.  Just like Meng Qingwu said before, there were over three hundred cities in the forest and the four giants only controlled a third of them.

With Miracle City establishing the Forest Alliance with the four giants, how much momentum would they have?  If they seized this chance to draw in the other two hundred cities as part of the Forest Alliance, the influence of the four giants in the Forest Alliance would diminish.  The alliance’s dependence on the four giants wouldn’t be as big.

Miracle City had an aloof status in the alliance.

The cities would hire themselves to the Forest Alliance and not Miracle City, but they were still in fact led by Miracle City’s City Lord.

Miracle City would gain benefits without anyone thinking they were greedy, Miracle City would gain influence without anyone thinking they are a tyrant, and Miracle City would become stronger without anything thinking they are a threat.  This was the power of the young miss’ wisdom. If Miracle City directly took in the small and medium sized forces, they would increase their number of cities, but it would arouse suspicion. Now with this method, using the name of the alliance, the situation was completely different.

The expansions style of a power or country heavily depended on their leader.

The young miss was like Chu Tian, she didn’t have a strong desire for control.  Therefore, even if Miracle Commerce was strong enough, they wouldn’t go out stealing territory because Miracle City didn’t have a need to do this.  Miracle Commerce was a force with technology, so why did they have to steal from others? They would seek profits with their technology!

After the Forest Alliance was established.

Meng Qingwu discussed the concrete details of further expansion.

Miracle City increased the speed of their cooperation with the four giants.  Under the support of Miracle Bank, the Titan Bank, the Giant Dragon Bank, and the Behemoth Bank were all established in various regions.  The three banks couldn’t compare to the Elven Bank, but there was still room for development in the cities they controlled.

The three giants were ambitious.  As long as they had technological support from Miracle City, not only would it be easier to govern their territories, their sights would be set even further.  They would no longer be limited to a small place like the Forest of Chaos and they they could start leaving the forest to expand on the endless continent.

The Forest of Chaos’ richest Dragon Lord had nothing but money and this giant dragon had no other hobbies than loving to make more money.  When the Giant Dragon Bank was formed, he immediately invested five million source stones from his Dragon Palace. He began to plan with Miracle City to create the largest company and resource harvesting group to plunder all the riches of the world.

After the Titan Bank had been established in the Giant Mountain Range, they were prepared to collect large amount of funds and with Miracle Commerce’s technology, they were prepared to create the largest industrial sector in the forest.  The Giant Mountain Range had giants, half giants, and dwarves in the hundred millions. They represented the highest level of craftsmanship in the Forest of Chaos or even the entire continent. The Giant Mountain Range was rich in resources, but they couldn’t mine it before and now that they cooperated with Miracle Commerce, everything was possible!

The Savage Highlands were different from the other two, their expansion was more direct and forceful!

The Behemoth Bank collected large amount of military funds from the Savage Highlands.  They would give military loans to spirit beasts, buy large amounts of military equipment, as well as buy advanced weapons from Miracle City.  After the spirit beasts obtained powerful weapons and plenty of supplies, they would set out to unknown forest areas to kill wild beasts and wild tribes.  They would even go out of the forest to subdue surrounding small kingdoms, taking them over and earning riches from them. The spirit beasts had their population and cheap battle strength, they were the only ones of the four giants that could do this.

Other than that, the Forest Alliance also attached a great importance to the Purgatory World.

Chu Tian sent Vivian to create a spatial fort inside the space and they would be able to use it soon.  Miracle City’s transported equipment and Source Energy Weapons would reach Darkness City soon and they would also recruit several demon warriors and dark gnome engineers from the Purgatory World, allowing the surface and Purgatory World exchange resources.

Miracle City was like a large spider web.

Only this large spider web became more and more complicated with each passing day, connecting the entire Forest of Chaos.  This kind of fast expansion was enough to stun anyone. However, Chu Tian who started all this had not shown his face at all because during this time, Chu Tian had something more important to do.

In Miracle City’s underground research laboratory.

Chu Tian had locked himself in a lab, spending quite a bit of effort over several days to do several things.  The first was extracting the marrow out of the divine spine bones, the second was to extract the essence of the demon crystal bones, and the third was developing a source energy array with these top grade materials.

The demon crystal bones were found in the Purgatory World’s underground palace and the divine spine bone was taken from Central State’s Trial Tower.  These two things were from gods and demons, they were top grade materials that one couldn’t even ask for!

Chu Tian didn’t have a way to use the divine bone and demon bone alone.

The divine and demonic energy contained within was too strong and mortals couldn’t withstand it, causing them to face the danger of their bodies exploding.  This was why Chu Tian had preserved these rare materials and had never used them.

There was actually a method contained within the ancient god’s memories.

The divine and demonic energy could neutralize each other.  As long as the right method was used, the two could reach a balance and reach a state that the body could withstand.

Chu Tian had researched this for many days and was now prepared to use the divine and demonic materials to refine a pill.  However, even if the two could neutralize each other, they still contained powerful divine and demonic energy that was enough to greatly harm one’s body.  There was a possibility that before the process was over, one’s body would collapse from being unable to withstand it.

Chu Tian considered the existence of this risk, so the main ingredient of the pill was the Five Coloured Immortal Fruit.  This was because the Five Coloured Immortal Fruit had powerful life energy and restorative energy, this was enough to minimize this risk.

Refining this pill was very important, its success would affect Chu Tian’s future!

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