MT Chapter 560


Chapter 560: Ancient demon remains

The scarlet sea was made from the ancient Demon God’s blood essence and bones.  The Heaven Race used the altars to channel that energy, growing herbs that contained Demon God energy.

Atu used one of this medicine on coincidence, causing his body to undergo a large qualitative change, becoming an existence akin to Divine Servants.  Of course compared to true Divine Servants, Atu couldn’t use the Demon God’s power, only greatly increasing the vitality of his body.

He released his Divine Sense!

Chu Tian wanted to check out the scarlet sea, but when his Divine Sense touched it, it disappeared without a trace.  Following that, without any warnings at all, the scarlet sea was filled with large ripples.


Lancelot’s face sunk, “Careful, something’s not right.  It seems like something was provoked.”

There were several outlines that gradually appeared in the scarlet sea that rose like blood red sculptures out of the sea itself.  They were terrifying and ugly looking demons that had three fierce looking faces and six arms, each one releasing an aura that wasn’t weak.

These were monsters formed from the residual spirit and blood essence of the Demon God over tens of thousands of years.

The little fox was simply the natural nemesis of these monsters born from energy and blood essence!

Was there a difference between them and tonic in the eyes of the little fox?

The little fox didn’t need Chu Tian’s reminder to make a move.  It first spat out a purple energy that instantly surrounded the demons and then it took in a sharp breath.  These demons were pulled by a powerful force that immediately twisted their bodies. Finally they were shredded into clouds of blood as they gathered inside the little fox’s stomach.

This didn’t seem difficult at all!

Chu Tian thought that the little fox had handled it when something unexpected happened.  The little fox sucked in a bit and its body suddenly became red as if gave large sneezes.  Small drops of red energy came out with each sneeze. This was just the beginning, it was like the little fox had swallowed a mouthful of chili powder as its eyes were filled with tears and it wildly sneezed.

Not good!

Even for a being like the little fox, it was still a child, so it couldn’t suck in the essence blood of a Demon God!

The demons of the scarlet sea began to make their move as spears or bows appeared in their hands, sending a wave of fierce attack at Chu Tian’s group.  Death Wing suddenly charged forward, stretching out his left wing in front, creating a large barrier in front of them.



When the blood arrows and spears hit Death Wing, they didn’t make any explosion sounds, just the sound of acid hitting the floor.

Death Wing felt a strong and strange energy entering his body!

A scarlet colour spread where Death Wing was hit and he lost all sensation wherever this energy spread.

Death Wing’s face fell.  He attempted to resist it, but he found that it spread faster the more he tried resisting.  This energy was like a flame and it could burn any material or energy it touched. When he used his energy to resist it, it would spread even faster.

Why was it like this?

Death Wing felt that he couldn’t control his body.  After this terrifying energy corroded his body, it began to spread to his mind and soul.  A powerful will was currently attempting to subdue Death Wing’s consciousness and will.

Chu Tian noticed Death Wing’s situation.

The scarlet sea seemed to be sealing a demon.

Chu Tian had obtained the ancient god memory fragment in the Central State Trial Tower, so he had some understanding of ancient demons and gods.  Although there were similarities between demons and gods, there were fundamental differences between them. The drop of divine blood Chu Tian obtained could dispel any curse and the demon blood had a terrifying innate curse energy, just a single drop could kill countless beings.

Nidhogg was in this condition because he was polluted by the demon blood.

The demon blood contained a powerful curse energy that could corrode flesh, source energy, and even one’s soul.  If the demon blood gains full control, although one would be stronger, they would lose all consciousness, becoming a puppet under the demon’s will.

Lancelot released his Time Hourglass Source Spirit after seeing this, pouring time energy into Death Wing’s body.  The demon blood’s energy was forced back and finally it left Death Wing’s body.

“Such evil power!”  Death Wing had been casual up to now, but now he was vigilant, “We definitely can’t take these attacks or there will be deadly consequences!”

The demons kept attacking.  They weren’t that strong, being in the True Spirit Ream, but there was too many of them and there was a special characteristic to their attacks.  As long as one was touched slightly, one could be corroded by the demon blood which would be very troublesome.

Thunder’s Fury raised his arms and sent out countless bolts of lightning with a roar, instantly creating a lightning web on the surface of the scarlet sea.  Countless beams of powerful lightning crossed together while also splitting apart, causing the net to become even more dense while suppressing the monsters.

A Titan’s divine thunder was not something normal thunder could compare to.

This kind of thunder was one of the Titan’s innate powers.  The Titan’s divine thunder was a kind of heavenly thunder and after Thunder’s fury had trained for thousands of years, his thunder was not something giant dragons could withstand.

Who would have thought that at this time that the scarlet demons would be like moths drawn to the flame as they charged at the thunder net.  Although their bodies were evaporated by the powerful Titan divine thunder, they formed large amounts of blood red mist that attached to the net.  It gradually turned the originally blue and purple thunder to a scarlet colour.

Thunder’s Fury found that gradually he couldn’t control his power because the thunder net had turned into strange red thunder after absorbing the energy.  A brand new will controlled the thunder, turning the countless crossed thunder bolts into a blood red thunder giant.

The demons kept charging forward like moths drawn to a flame.

Each time one hit, a demon would be destroyed and the newly born monster would gain more strength.

Two death dragon flames condensed in Death Wing’s hands which flew out at the monster’s chest.  The dragon flame instantly evaporated a third of the monster’s body. Burst Claw also sent out a claw through space to destroy the remaining portion.

Without any ending.

The monster gathered again after being attacked and its aura became even stronger after absorbing Death Wing and Burst Claw’s power.

Lancelot immediately shouted out after seeing this, “Stop, our attacks have no effect on it!  It will just make it become stronger!”

Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Bust Claw knit their brows.  They had never met such a troublesome matter before, it could be imagined how hard it was to deal with this creature.  These were top Heaven Domain Experts, but they were at a loss.

Countless scarlet demons kept coming together.  After sucking in Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw’s powers, its powers soared.

Would they have to retreat?

“I have a method that we can try!”

While everyone was at a loss, Chu Tian released the scroll with the eighteen Divine Servants who flew out with a single thought from him.  Each Divine Servant released a golden light and the light from all eighteen of them came together to form a giant seal in the sky!

“Demon Breaking Seal!”

The giant seal from the eighteen Divine Servants fell onto the giant and something incredible happened.  It was like the giant was hit by an iceberg as it shattered to pieces. Large amounts of it kept falling down as they returned into the scarlet sea.

What was going on now?

Death Wing’s group couldn’t understand this no matter what.  They didn’t have a way to deal with the monster, so why could Chu Tian easily defeat it with these trivial puppet soldiers?

The Divine Servants were refined by Chu Tian with large amounts of ancient god blood essence.

Although they weren’t strong right now, there was ancient god energy sealed within them, so the demon blood had no way of corroding them.  Their attack also contained ancient god’s blood energy which destroyed the structure of the scarlet demons, easily eliminating them.

The Divine Servants returned to Chu Tian’s side.

The dangerous scarlet demons had been eliminated for now, but this kind of being couldn’t be truly killed.  They would recover soon and they couldn’t die in this place.

Chu Tian said, “The Divine Servants don’t need to fear the demon blood, but they are too weak, so we can’t deal with another round.  Time is limited, I want to see if I can fish something out!”

Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, Burst Claw, and the Elven King, the four of them released their domain to instantly open a path down into the scarlet sea which Chu Tian brought the Divine Servants into.

The ancient demon’s corpse was sealed inside the scarlet sea, but its blood and flesh had already dissolved into the scarlet sea.  When Chu Tian was feeling disappointed about not finding anything, he suddenly noticed large amounts of green crystals at the bottom of the scarlet sea.

Ancient demon bones.

They had already been crystallized?

Chu Tian spent quite a bit of effort, controlling the Divine Servants to pull out a few pieces.  This was already the limit, the four giants couldn’t keep up the passage and the scarlet demons began to recover.

They could only leave it like this.

“I got something, we’re leaving!”

Chu Tian put away the pieces of Demon God bone crystal the Divine Servants dug out away and immediately activated his spatial energy, bringing the others out of the cave and back into the underground palace.  Although they didn’t gain any divine herbs like they imagined, they found several pieces of bone crystal, so this trip was not in vain.

These things were left by an ancient demon, they were very rare on the continent.  Death Wing and the others didn’t know what to use them for, so they could only decide after Chu Tian researched what they were.

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