MT Chapter 559


Chapter 559: Special farming field

The Purgatory World was divided into five territories of center, north, south, east, and west.  Because the Purgatory World had an irregular shape, the five territories didn’t have the same shape or area,  There was no doubt that the center area was the largest, containing 50% of the Purgatory World’s intelligent beings, as well as two of the most famous demon lords.  The other four territories were a bit smaller in comparison.

The underground palace was near the center area and the terrain here was very normal.  It was covered by several inconspicuous mountain ranges and there weren’t any strange things around this area.  The entrance to the ancient ruins seemed broken, like any other ancient ruins.

Chu Tian led the four giants to look around.

They used their special techniques to investigate the area, finding that the landscape was very normal and there wasn’t even a large spirit vein running through here.  Not to mention legendary herbs, it would even be hard for normal herbs to grow here.


Thunder’s Fury had an ugly look, “It seems like we were tricked by that fellow.  It’s impossible for heavenly treasures to appear here.”

Burst Claw and Death Wing were also angry.

They had noble statues and they were tricked by a lowly demon, rushing off to this damn place that even a bird wouldn’t shit in!  They definitely would not let him off!

Lancelot was not in a rush to give his opinion as he asked Chu Tian beside him, “What do you think?”

Chu Tian did not believe Atu would lie to them and Atu did not seem like he reached the Heaven Domain Realm step by step.  There was indeed something strange about his physique, there should be some credibility to Atu’s words, “Let’s not rush to reach a conclusion, let’s take a look first.”

What else could they do?

Since they already came, they couldn’t just leave without taking a look, right?

The underground palace was very destroyed, but the space was very big, it was no wonder Atu was trapped in here.  However, this space didn’t count for anything to Chu Tian because Chu Tian had his Vision Domain Divine Sense and had the little fox’s Divine Eye.  He quickly scanned the area without spending much effort while also finding the place Atu mentioned.

When Chu Tian came over, he saw over a hundred strange altars and each altar was over thirty meters high, being covered in all kinds of strange ruins.  According to Chu Tian’s knowledge, it was in the style of the great ancient era Heaven Race. This also meant that this palace had existed for at least several tens of thousands of years.

“Atu said that he found that unknown strange herb here, let’s go take a look.”

Chu Tian floated out when he spoke.  When he arrived on the ancient altar, he found that there was a hole dug out in the altar.  It was filled with an ash grey thing and looking closely, he found that they were sparsely scattered crystal sand.

Lancelot knit his brows, “This is……”

Chu Tian replied, “It’s a kind of Spiritual Dirt.”

Death Wing didn’t agree with Chu Tian’s thoughts, “This is clearly a crystal, how could it be Spiritual Earth?”

Spiritual Earth, as the name suggested, it was high quality heaven and earth treasure soil.  Under normal conditions, Spiritual Dirt was dug out of deep spiritual veins and they could only be formed after tens of thousands of years.  However, Spiritual Dirt was still dirt in the end and once it crystallized, that meant the energy had solidified, making it hard to absorb. Naturally it couldn’t be considered a type of Spiritual Dirt.

“Spiritual Dirt is placed into grades and this is peak grade Spiritual Dirt containing super powerful energy.  Only, because it has been uncultivated for too long, it has solidified into crystal sand.” Chu Tian didn’t want to go deeper into this question.  He looked at the other altars around him, “That altars of this underground ruins are all filled with a layer of Spiritual Dirt. If my guesses aren’t wrong, this place should be a very special farm.”

“This is a farm?  This seems a bit too strange!”  Lancelot doubtfully looked around and said, “Even if the crystal sand in these altars are Spiritual Dirt, there is only enough space for a single plant in each altar.”

“One plant is enough!”

Chu Tian bent over to continue digging into the crystal sand.  This crystal sand seemed to be layered, with the top most layer being dried crystals and the middle layer being soft and moist to the touch.  Chu Tian dug out the bottom layer and he was shocked to find that the crystal sand at the bottom was dark red in colour.

Truly strange, what is this thing?

Chu Tian placed a handful of the dark red sand in front of the little fox, “Help me see what this is made of.”

The little fox reached out its tongue to give it a taste before swallowing it all.  It revealed a confused look before swirling it around in its mouth a few times to taste it.  Chu never would have thought that the little fox would suddenly shout out and jumped down from Chu Tian.  Like a child that had eaten ten peppers, it rolled on the ground crying.

The Elven King asked in shock, “Was it poisoned?”

“Impossible!”  Chu Tian was very shocked by the fox’s display.  The little fox had never acted this strangely before, “I’ve never seen a poison that could poison it.”

The little fox danced around for five minutes before calming down.  It stuck out its tongue gasping while gesturing a few times to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian’s eyes instantly lit up, “You’re certain?”

The little fox enthusiastically nodded to show that it wasn’t wrong.

Burst Claw was very confused by the interaction between Chu Tian and the little fox, so he couldn’t help asking, “What did you find?”

“Everyone don’t be anxious, I can’t be completely sure, so I need us to investigate.  However, once we do confirm it, we’ll have gained quite a lot this time.” Chu Tian suddenly said this which confused the four giants.  Chu Tian pointed down and said, “I think there is a space beneath the temple and our answer should be there. Everyone come with me!”

Chu Tian released his Divine Sense while saying this and finally found a secret passage in one of the central altars.  He didn’t say anything as he led the four giants down the passage.

“Such powerful energy waves!”

The five of them sensed something strange before even reaching the end.  This place seemed to be filled with powerful energy waves and even Death Wing who had lived for ten thousand years hadn’t seen this kind of energy wave before.  The aura being released made the Titan, Behemoth, and giant dragon feel an intense pressure.

Just what was going on here?

The four giants finally understood that this underground palace was not as simple as they imagined.

When Chu Tian came out with the four of them, a natural underground cave appeared in front of them.  This cave seemed very wide and the most striking thing was the over a hundred blood red thorns that directly inserted into the roof above from the scarlet sea below.

These over a hundred giant red crystal thorns should for the over a hundred altars in the palace.  It was clear the altars used these crystal thorns to draw energy from the scarlet sea, using it to grow the herbs in the altars above.  This kind of farming technique was unprecedented, or at least Chu Tian had never heard of this strange method before!

“What is it now?”  Death Wing looked into the scarlet sea with a pair of long and narrow dragon pupils standing on the platform.  There seemed to be some kind of viscous energy flowing through the sea itself, “Why can I feel this powerful aura?  This aura even surpasses that of a giant dragon!”

When Chu Tian was faced with this scarlet sea, he finally confirmed the guess in his heart, “I understand, I finally understand.”

Thunder’s Fury quickly asked, “What did you understand?!”

“Atu didn’t lie, his body’s change really came from this temple!”  Chu Tian said this and a wild look appeared in his eyes, “This is a farm that feeds on Demon God materials!”

After he said this.

The four giants were all shocked.

What did Chu Tian say?  A farm that feeds on Demon God materials, how was this possible?  This was just nonsensical fantasy!

“Perhaps you don’t believe me, but this is fact.  Do you see the sea underneath you?” Chu Tian looked at the red liquid dripping down from the ceiling of the cave, “If my guess isn’t wrong, this is a place where an ancient Demon God fell.  The great ancient Heaven Race found this Demon God’s body and they used a method to use over a hundred crystal thorns with altars to drain the energy from the Demon God’s body. Adding in the top quality Spiritual Dirt, they used it to farm herbs.”

Lancelot seemed to understand something, “You’re saying that the Heaven Race used the energy inside the Demon God’s body to cultivate herbs, so the herbs grown here are filled with Demon God energy?”

“It’s exactly like that!”  Chu Tian nodded as he explained, “The Heaven Race fled for an unknown reason and they brought away all of the grown herbs, but they could have left a few ungrown seedlings.  After ten thousand years, Atu accidentally fell into this underground palace and this seedling matured after tens of thousands of years. It was filled with Demon God’s energy, so after Atu used this herb, his body immediately changed.  It changed beyond recognition and his power soared.”

This sounded very strange.

But this was the only reasonable explanation!

Actually when Chu Tian noticed Atu’s powerful resilience, he already connected Atu to the Divine Servants.  Only, he couldn’t find the link, so he didn’t dare easily make a decision.

Now there was no longer any doubt.

It was not important how the Heaven Race did this, Chu Tian knew that it was very likely that there was a Demon God’s corpse hidden inside this scarlet sea.

Demon God’s body, how valuable was that?

When Chu Tian was in the Central State Trial Tower, just a few drops of blood and some bones were enough for Chu Tian to create monsters like the Divine Servants.  If he could obtain a complete product, how much help would it be to Chu Tian’s research?

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