MT Chapter 558


Chapter 558: Atu’s fortuitous encounter

The Eastern Domain King, he was two and half meters tall, with a strong body that was like that of a human’s.  He had a head and four limbs without the tail or horns of a demon. He didn’t even have a nose, ears, or mouth, making sound from special structures inside his throat to speak.  Other than that, there was not a single hair from head to toe, with jet black skin that had a metallic glow to it.

It was like a human made of black iron.

This unlucky fellow hadn’t been in charge for long before he was captured.

The Eastern Territory King didn’t pose any threat at all.  There were all kinds of curses and restrictions all over his body and he kneeled on the ground without being able to move at all.  Mei Ji and Shadow were guarding him on the left and right respectively. He looked very sorry and his expression was very ugly. He didn’t look like a peak expert that had reached the Heaven Domain Realm at all.



That demon had been heavily injured by Death Wing, but he had pretty much recovered in this short period of time.  This kind of regeneration ability was not something a demon should have!

Chu Tian was disinclined to guess as he directly asked, “What race are you?  What are you called?”

“I am a Dark Demon.”  The Eastern Territory King quickly said, “My full name is Atu Raymond Dunbigo Armand……”

The demons and dark races had very long and ugly names.  If Mei Ji and Shadow said their full names, it would be several worlds.  To simplify a dark race or a demon’s name, it would just take two-three words, so calling him Atu was enough.

“Dark Demon?  Damn, do you think father is stupid?!”  Chu Tian knew the Dark Demons. Dark Demons were low grade demons who were around the same as Green Demons, how could Dark Demons reach the Heaven Domain Realm?  Not to mention that Atu didn’t have any characteristics of Dark Demons. That skin with a metallic glow and that body that seemed like it was made of metal, this was clearly this bastard speaking nonsense, “Being this dishonest, father hates dishonest people like you.  I have to not give you some face first, cut off his limbs!”

Mei Ji was about to do it.

“No, no, stop, stop!”  Atu’s face fell and he began to plead for himself, “I really am a Dark Demon, but I changed to my current appearance because of an accident.”

Chu Tian raised his hand to stop Mei Ji and asked, “What accident?”

Atu didn’t dare hide anything.

He told them everything about the strange appearance he had.

Twenty years ago, Atu was just a low level demon who lived at the bottom.  One day he was looking for herbs in the mountain when he chanced upon an underground palace.

He was trapped for several days!

Atu was thirsty and hungry when he found some Blood Red Lingzhi in the palace.  He didn’t know the origin of these lingzhi and didn’t care that much at that time before stuffing those lingzhi into his stomach.

Chu Tian asked with knit brows, “And then?”

“Nothing!”  Atu said with an intense look, “I fell asleep after eating those things and it was already an entire twenty years after when I woke up.  There was a large change with my body, with my strength being increased over a hundred times. Finally after half a year of cultivating, I grasped some secret techniques hidden in the palace and broke the barrier to escape.”

Ate some strange lingzhi?  Slept for an entire twenty years?  After waking up, there was a large change with his body and his power increased over a hundred times?  This seemed like nonsense no matter what!

“I swear in the name of demons that I’m willing to have my soul trapped in hell forever if I even told half a lie!”  Atu didn’t care anymore as he wanted to keep his life, “I found that I reached the 1st Heaven Domain Layer after leaving the underground palace and I met those Flame Demon City fellows.  If I met some Purgatory World City Lords twenty years ago, I would have been trampled like a lizard on the side of the road. What I never imagined was that the City Lord would be so respectful to me and even wanted me to take the Eastern Territory King position.  They promised to give me Darkness City, so then…..”

Most of it was understood.

If Atu really didn’t lie, he could have met an incredible fortuitous encounter because an herb that could change a person’s physique was something that came out of legends.  Atu was very lucky that he didn’t die from swallowing this kind of medicine. Finally his body’s strength was also strangely changed, showing that this fellow’s luck was not something that could be described.

The motive of the Purgatory City Lords could be explained.

This fellow was a Heaven Domain Expert, but his mind was still at the Dark Demon level.  His brain wasn’t good and his eyes were shallow, only having strength and no threat.

The Heaven Domain Expert status was very easy to use.

If the four City Lords used his banner, couldn’t they sweep through the entire area?  They would sweep through the forces that didn’t submit and would take tributes from the ones that didn’t dare fight back, this would be greatly beneficial for the Purgatory cities.

Atu strangely became the Eastern Territory King.

There would be dangers having a Heaven Domain Expert on their side, so they decided to attack Darkness City.  There were several main reason for this battle.

First was a demonstration of power.  Darkness City was a city with decent power in the eastern area, so once the Eastern Territory King destroyed Darkness City, the hundreds of influences would pledge their allegiance without fighting.  This battle had a large meaning, mainly to shock everyone and to set an example.

The second was isolation.  Even if Atu was a Heaven Domain Expert, he didn’t have any foundation.  A fortuitous encounter had increased his strength, but it didn’t increase his wisdom.  They wanted to isolate Atu in Darkness City, so the four City Lords wouldn’t have to worry about their influence being threatened.

The third was the weakness of Darkness City.  The Darkness City City Lord was heavily injured and Darkness City was in a weak period, therefore they could defeat Darkness City with minimal losses.  Darkness City was a city that had been in the Purgatory World for several years, so the resources were enough for the four City Lords to drool over them.

Under the case of unified benefits.

This battle happened.

Chu Tian considered it for a while before asking, “Where is the underground palace?”

Atu’s little life was in the other side’s hand, how could he dare hide anything or lie.  He immediately told him everything in detail.

“It’s best that you didn’t lie to me!  Lock him up first!” Chu Tian gave Mei Ji the order before saying to Shadow, “Bring some people to take a look, tell me immediately if anything special happens.”

Chu Tian was very interested in the place that changed Atu.  A treasure that could cause that kind of change was something of legends, this kind of thing filled even Chu Tian with excitement.

Darkness City was fundamentally injured, but the harvest was also unimagined.  Flame Demon City, Dark Shadow City, Dark Gold City, and Dark Beast City, these four Purgatory World cities became attached cities to Darkness City.  The five cities controlled half of the easter territory’s resources, so this was a great benefit to Miracle Commerce and the Forest of Chaos.

Mei Ji became Darkness City’s City Lord.

The dark elf Shadow became Darkness City’s vice City Lord.

The four forest giants made a move this time, so Chu Tian couldn’t mistreat them.  The four attached cities became the places for the Eternal Forest, Dragon’s Ridge, the Giant Mountain Ranges, and the Savage Highlands in the Purgatory World.  Although the four giants didn’t directly control the four cities, they gained Purgatory World resources for their powers from the four cities.

“Father, big brother Chu Tian, I’m here!”  Vivian led several people here. Vivian’s strength had soared, already becoming a peak 6th True Spirit Layer spatial experts, “This is the Purgatory World?  It really is strange!”

Lancelot was a bit stunned, “Why are you here?”

“Sir Elven King doesn’t need to be surprised, I had her come.”  Chu Tian nodded at Vivian, “These people are innate spatial energy experts trained by Miracle Commerce, they are here to create a spatial material mine with their leader, Vivian.  The most important thing is to create a connecting path into that outer space.”

Whether it was Darkness City, the four large cities, or even the Tyrant Barracks, Chu Tian would not personally manage them.  This was because Chu Tian was after all an outsider and each place had their own rules. Too much interference would cause chaos and Chu Tian would become the target of criticism in the underground world, which he didn’t want to see.

Would Miracle Commerce establish a headquarters in the Purgatory World?

Chu tian felt that the spatial ore mine space was a very suitable place!

This place not only provided rare resources for Miracle Commerce, it also used the special space terrain to build a space fort for Miracle Commerce.

Vivian led the spatial engineers with the main task of building a spatial road inside the chaotic stream of the spatial crack.  This road would only allow Miracle Commerce’s people in and if anyone wanted to surround them, they just needed to close the spatial road.  The chaotic stream formed by the spatial crack would deter all invaders!

When the spatial fort plans were finished in the Purgatory World.

Mei Ji had taken the initial steps to link Darkness City with the other four cities.

Now the Purgatory World was already invaded by Chu Tian’s influence.

Mei Ji asked, “How do we take care of the fellow locked in the dungeons?”

“Why do we need to take care of him?”  Chu Tian shook his head and said, “This fellow is stupid, but the Eastern Territory King status is easy to use.  We need a Heaven Domain Expert to keep up appearances in the Purgatory World, so you might as well prop him up. I believe it will be very useful in rallying the smaller forces.  Not to mention, this person’s body is a bit special, perhaps it has other values.”

Mei Ji knit her brows.

According to her thoughts, this fellow should be killed, however Chu Tian thought even further ahead.  Chu Tian wanted to control this entire eastern domain, or even the entire Purgatory World. Chu Tian was not afraid of raising a tiger because there were large characters like Lancelot and the others.  This fellow would not pose any threat and he wouldn’t dare pose a threat.

Shadow came back at this time, “We’ve searched the area according to Atu’s information and we have confirmed that there is indeed an underground palace.”

“Good, very good.  I need to personally see it!”  Chu Tian said to Lancelot and the others, “I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble everyone.”

How could this be trouble?

Were the four not interested in Atu’s fortuitous encounter?  Perhaps they could find some special harvest! So they all happily agreed and Chu Tian headed off with the four of them to that place.

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