MT Chapter 557


Chapter 557: Time Hourglass

Heaven Domain Experts were rarely seen.

This was mainly because the Heaven Domain Realm couldn’t be casually reached and it couldn’t be done even if one wildly used pills.  Reaching the Heaven Domain Realm was related to one’s racial limitations, so there was a division between low level and high level races.

For example, Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw all had pure bloodlines of high level races, therefore they could reach the Heaven Domain Realm even without cultivating.  If it was a human, as a quite low level race, they weren’t strong in the beginning, so it all depended on effort. When they reached the True Spirit Realm, they already reached the ceiling that was almost impossible to break through.

No matter how great their talent was or how many pills they used, it was no use in the end.


Why was it like this?  This was the growth limit of one’s race.  If one wanted to step into the Heaven Domain Realm, they had to find a way to break these innate shackles.  To break this bottleneck, they had to meet a fortuitous encounter.

A large warring kingdom would only have one or two Heaven Domain Experts.

Even in empires, Heaven Domain Experts were considered peak experts.  Because Heaven Domain Experts rarely had opponents, these people were all well known characters.  The Easter Territory King hadn’t fought a giant dragon before, but based on confidence in his own strength, he attacked Death Wing without any fear!

So what if it was a giant dragon?

He would give it a try even if it was a dragon!

Even if he couldn’t win, at least he could escape.  If he escaped without fighting, that would be too degrading.

The Eastern Territory King had this line of thought.  He was surrounded in white light that was already no longer pure spirit energy, rather it was the power domain formed by Heaven Domain Experts.  The spatial control of the space inside the domain weakened and the energy that could be used couldn’t be imagined by cultivators under the Heaven Domain Realm!

Why could Thunder’s Fury attack Darkness City from hundreds of miles away?

It was because Thunder’s Fury was a peak 6th Heaven Domain Layer Expert!

The thunder energy formed a very stable domain.  When the Titan’s thunder arrow was released, it was surrounded by Thunder’s Fury’s domain power.  Therefore, no matter how far it flew, the power contained within wouldn’t weaken at all!

This was the power of a Heaven Domain Expert!

Cultivators under the Heaven Domain Realm couldn’t imagine it!

The Eastern Territory King was between the 1st and 2nd Heaven Domain Layer.  Although his domain had not matured, his fist was still strong enough to shatter a mountain.  He didn’t cultivate any wild or deep cultivation techniques, he just used pure wild strength, a kind of terrifying aura that could shatter all things!


The Eastern Territory King’s fist without any flair finally hit.

The energy condensed into this fist surpassed imagination and the surrounding space warped from the energy, finally creating a spatial ripple.  It smashed into Nidhogg’s body that was as hard as stone. There was an instant powerful energy wave that shattered a part of his black dragon scales, but it couldn’t compare to the Eastern Territory King that was sent flying like a meteor!

Death Wing was surrounded by a layer of deathly black light, this was clearly the domain released by Death Wing.  His voice echoed across the horizon, “So weak, it doesn’t even itch!”

The Eastern Territory King staggered back several dozens of meters, barely being able to stabilize himself.  This was a matter that was very difficult to believe, almost no creature could take this fist, but the black dragon had only lost a few scales!

Although he had guessed this dragon was stronger than himself, he never thought that the difference in strength would be this much!

The white light flashed again.

The Eastern Domain King flew into the air and appeared several hundred meters away.

Want to run?  Can you run!

Death Wing’s dragon roar echoed in the sky and his fifty meter long body chased after him as a black shadow.  Although he had a giant body, he was also incredibly fast. He opened his mouth at the Eastern Territory King.

There was no sound.

There was no wave.

There was no light.

The Eastern Territory King crashed into the ground like he had lost control.  There was a powerful and invisible energy that followed that pressed down on the ground itself.  The white light surrounding the Eastern Territory King quickly faded and sounds of bones cracking came from his body.  There were several bones that were broken and many parts of his body caved in.

This was the direct attack of an Heaven Domain Expert’s domain!

There was no doubt that Death Wing Nidhogg had overwhelming might.  Although they were both Heaven Domain Experts, it wasn’t hard to kill this fellow with Death Wing’s powers.

Death Wing prepared his strongest attack to shred this fellow to pieces.

“Spare me, spare me, don’t kill me!”

The Eastern Domain King kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.

This shocked everyone.  The Eastern Domain King was a rarely seen even on the continent Heaven Domain Expert, he should be filled with pride.  However, this fellow didn’t have a trace of dignity as an expert and directly kneeled to beg for mercy.

Chu Tian saw this and said, “Your excellency Death Wing, he already is no longer resisting, so let him keep his life for now.”

Death Wing reduced his body size and returned to a three meter tall human dragonoid.  This Purgatory World task had been too easy, there was no challenge at all!

Chu Tian waved his hand, “Mei Ji, this fellow will be taken care of by you for now.  I’ll personally interrogate him later.”

Mei Ji quickly cupped her hand, “Yes!”

Faced with these people, Mei Ji wouldn’t dare erupt even if she had a temper.  She only felt a deep shock and helplessness. Where did Chu Tian find these monsters?  Any of these people had the ability to rule over half the Purgatory World, but these shocking experts were willing to listen to Chu Tian’s arrangements.  Just how strong was this human?

The Eastern Domain King was already half dead, so there was no need to mention the ability to fight back.

Chu Tian looked over Darkness City and said with furrowed brows, “A good city was turned into this, it’ll take quite a bit to restore it.”

“It’s not that troublesome, let me do it.”

The Elven King Lancelot never made a move, but now he came out on his own initiative.  Chu Tian didn’t know what medicine the Elven King was taking.

The Elven King inserted the Forest Scepter into the ground and slowly raised his hands.  An invisible strength flowed in all directions, covering the entire area with Lancelot’s power.

Sacred Domain Realm!

Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw were stunned because Lancelot had only been the Eternal Forest’s lord for less than a hundred years, so they never fought before.  Therefore, although they weren’t clear on just how strong Lancelot was. But looking at it now, at least in terms of cultivation base, Lancelot was above the other three giants, being at least in the 7th Heaven Domain Layer.  It was no wonder he was one of the most outstanding Elven Kings.


Lancelot released his source spirit.

This was a very strange source spirit.  It was an hourglass that was carved of crystal with fine and precise runes carved all over it, that seemed to contain some world  law. Silver light appeared in all directions as they gathered in the hourglass, finally filling the hourglass with silver sand.

The silver sand began to flow down.

During this process, a strange energy covered the area that quickly extinguished the dark dragon flame and the destruction caused by Thunder’s Fury’s attack quickly returned to their original form.

All things quickly returned to their original form under this strange power.

Other than the people who had been killed, all other things were restored.

After around five minutes, the entire Darkness City returned to the same state as five minutes ago.  It was like the past five minutes flowed backwards.

Mei Ji had just tied up the Eastern Domain King when she saw the Elven King’s amazing power, revealing a look of disbelief once again, “This is……”

Chu Tian rubbed his chin with a very interested expression, “Time, a time source spirit.  Sir Elven King really has hidden himself deeply!”

Lancelot had not shown his real strength because with the Forest Scepter in hand, he could fight against most experts.  Now that they saw the Elven King’s power, everyone revealed a look of shock because who would have thought that the Elven King would actually have the time attribute that was even rarer than space attribute?

Time Hourglass.

This was the Elven King’s source spirit.

Lancelot collected the flow of time and made it flow backwards, therefore the destruction of the battle was completely restored.  Power of time, this was one of the most mysterious and complicated power on the continent. Lancelot not only had innate time energy, to make time flow backwards, it meant his innate talent was very strong.

Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw all had their expressions change.

Lancelot really wasn’t simple!

Although the elves didn’t have any racial advantages, it meant that they wouldn’t have an advantage even if their cultivation base was higher.  However, with the Forest Scepter and the power to control time, the Elven King’s power clearly surpassed the other three giants.

Luckily they didn’t have any conflicts with this fellow!

Darkness City had been mostly repaired.  With the overwhelming power of the four giants, they stole back Darkness City without any suspense.  Moreover, with Darkness City as a center, because the City Lords of Flame Demon City, Dark Shadow City, Dark Gold City, and Dark Beast City had been killed, the millions of citizens and the armies fell into chaos.

The five cities all fell into their hands.

Half of the Purgatory World’s eastern territory were controlled by them.

Chu Tian cleaned up Darkness City before bringing the four leaders and Mei Ji into the main palace.  That Eastern Territory King was also brought over. The Eastern Territory King’s injuries weren’t light, but he was not a normal race and his vital energy was strong, so it didn’t reach a fatal point.

“Spare me, spare me.  I’ll do anything, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

The Eastern Territory King kneeled there bowing his head, making Death Wing and the others feel very dissatisfied.  A respected Heaven Domain Expert didn’t have any backbone at all, this was losing face for them!

Chu Tian casually said, “That depends on your performance.”

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