MT Chapter 556


Chapter 556: Heaven Domain Realm

This world respected experts.

The Purgatory World had large amounts of dark races and demons living there, so the fighting was more brutal and they worshipped experts even more!  The four City Lord were not only City Lords, they were their spiritual leaders and strongest experts, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to lead cities!

The four were objects of worship for others, but they had been defeated like weak chickens!

This was a devastating attack, a devastating attack on their morales!


Burst Claw was undoubtedly the ruler of the Savage Highlands.  Not only did he have a correlating high cultivation base, he was a Behemoth, a Golden Behemoth, possessing great innate talent.  Because of his innate talent, he could even challenge cultivators at a higher cultivation level, not to mention Burst Claw’s cultivation was not low!

How could several peak 9th True Spirit Layer Experts be a match for him?  Burst Claw wasn’t even satisfied fighting them!


The armies of the four cities had not even recovered from their shock as a roar that was ten times stronger than before rang out.  It spread over hundreds of miles, making all living beings feel a fear that came from their souls.

That wild and bloodthirsty killing intent was like a volcano suppressed for tens of thousands of years suddenly exploding!

Burst Claw released the seal on all his secret techniques and instantly turned into a hundred meter being.  This giant being looked like a gorilla, but it was ten times stronger than one. The fur that covered its body looked like a layer of dark gold and its sturdy nails were red as they were filled with a wild power!

The Behemoth’s true appearance!

A sturdy arm was raised and there were energy storms around the five red nails.  The energy storms gathered in the end and the wild energy created a giant energy tornado that was several hundred meters tall.




Wherever the red tornado went, the entire ground was changed.  As long as it swept through, whether it was flesh of stone, it was all turned into dust by the high velocity energy current!

The Golden Behemoth’s strength was not something normal people could resist!

When had the Purgatory World residents seen such a terrifying existence?  They were all scared out of their wits. Even if they had an overwhelming advantage in terms of numbers, they didn’t have any thoughts of fighting back at all.  They all threw off their armours and fled in all directions.

Burst Claw revealed a disappointed look.

The Purgatory World was more boring than he imagined.  The hundred thousand people weren’t weak and if they tried fighting back, it would be quite straining on Burst Claw.  Who would have thought that they would run without even fighting. This made Burst Claw unable to enjoy the pleasure of fighting and slaughtering them!

“Your excellency Burst Claw, your display of strength is already enough.”  Chu Tian reminded him, “We shouldn’t waste too much time on these weak soldiers.”

Burst Claw said in a voice filled with disdain, “We can guess what kind of level Darkness City is at from this trash.  Why did you ask us to make a move for a weak city like this? You’re looking down on us too much.”

“Don’t say it like this, just treat it as a stroll in the Purgatory World.  Let’s go!” Chu Tian did not forget Mei Ji and Shadow, “What do you two think of my reinforcements now?”

The two of them had already lost the ability to think.  The Golden Behemoth seemed to be one of the weaker ones among the four, but even so, he had this kind of shocking battle strength.  Just how strong were the other three?

A dragon’s roar filled the sky!

A dragon’s might that blotted out the sky was released, almost turning the soldiers that were escaping crazy.  Their will powers were rather weak, so they couldn’t resist kneeling on the ground.

Death Wing released the restriction on his body and stretched his wings to fly into the sky, turning into a giant dragon that was over fifty meters long.  Each black scale seemed to be flowing with a powerful energy and his body was covered in a layer of destructive black flames.


“It’s a dragon!”

The Purgatory World residents didn’t recognize the Behemoth, but there was no one who didn’t recognize the dragon.  After all, whether it was the surface or the underground world, the dragon race and dragon subspecies were widespread.  The giant dragons was the dragon clan with the purest dragon bloodline among the dragon race. The black dragon that had appeared in front of them was clearly a giant dragon that had lived for countless years!

The aura and might of the black dragon was even stronger than that of the Behemoth.  Its long and narrow pupils looked over the land, destroying the fighting will of the Purgatory soldiers on a spiritual level.  With the Dragon Lord’s pride, it disdained slaughtering a group of trash that didn’t resist at all. It let out a mighty and dignified clear roar, “What is Darkness City?”

Chu Tian pointed in a direction, “That direction.”

As soon as Chu Tian’s voice fell, another terrifying aura was released.  This was the first time the Purgatory World’s skies were overcast, as countless bolts of thunder wildly intersected with each other.  The Titan Thunder’s Fury also released the seal on his body and turned into a hundred meter tall giant.

Titan, this was an ancient race that wasn’t inferior to the giant dragon or the Behemoth!

It’s said that Titans had the hardest metal as skin, magma as muscles, thunder as blood, and crystals as bones.  This race was not just the continent’s strongest warrior, they were also the most outstanding artisans!

“Titan’s Fury!”

Thunder’s Fury raised his hands high up and the energy in the thunder clouds flowed into his hands, forming a dense storm of lightning.  Thunder’s Fury’s hands molded the lightning together like cotton until it finally became a hundred meter long lightning arrow.


Thunder’s Fury whipped his hand at Darkness City.  The lightning arrow released a terrifying screech as it lit up the land like the sun, disappearing from their sights in an instant.

“This, this, this…..”

Mei Ji and the others were already dumbfounded.  This powerful giant was this far away, but it could still attack Darkness City?  This had already gone past the understanding of mortals!

Hong, hong, hong!

There were faint claps in the distance.

Everyone rushed to Darkness City and the scene in front of them astonished them.  Darkness City’s protective barrier had a large hole in it and the city walls had been blown up.  The terrifying might had spread into the city, disintegrating several buildings and harming over a hundred other buildings.  As for the casualties, there was no way to measure them.

The Titan had thrown an arrow from hundreds of meters away and destroyed all of Darkness City’s defenses!

What kind of shocking strength was this?  Thunder’s Fury’s destructive might was actually this powerful!

In front of this kind of expert, this normal barrier was no different from paper.  If they weren’t afraid of peak Forest of Chaos experts like Lancelot, Cenarius, and Augusta, Miracle City would have raised under the Behemoth’s rage, the Titan’s thunder, and the black dragon’s breath!

Death Wing had arrived in Darkness City first and he completely ignored the dense amount of defenses around it.  A purple and red flame came from Death Wing’s mouth and he flew around while spitting out flames onto the city. The purple black flames lit up Darkness City and countless people cried out in fear of the dragon flame.

Death Wing was a black dragon, he excelled in dark energy, curse energy, and death energy!

This was not a normal flame, it was dark dragon flame that contained death energy.  It would not just burn through any defenses, it would also turn burnt living beings into undying monsters.  Therefore, beings that were killed by Death Wing’s death dragon flame would turn into puppets controlled by Death Wing.

A single dragon breath killed tens of thousands of people!

Tens of thousands of people were reborn by the flames, but they turned into wild monsters.

These low level creatures were no different from ants in Death Wing’s eyes, he wouldn’t feel guilty no matter how many ants he killed.  As long as he was happy, he could even light the entire city on fire!

“Stop, stop, stop!”  Chu Tian saw the mess in Darkness City and quickly shouted out, “I want a whole Darkness City, do you want to turn it into a pile of trash?”

Mei Ji was shocked and terrified seeing this.

Whether it was the Behemoth, Titan, black dragon, or the elf that hadn’t made a move, they were all terrifying existences that surpassed mortals.  Chu Tian dared to use this kind of tone to talk to them, this was just too wild, too daring.


A powerful roar of anger came from the quickly ruined Darkness City as a figure charged out with peak speed.  There was no effects and it wasn’t flashy, a figure came out covered in spirit energy slammed into the black dragon flying in the air.

Lancelot saw this figure in the distance being covered in spirit energy and he revealed a faint surprised look.  However, his voice was still calm, “A Heaven Domain Realm Cultivator?”

The Heaven Domain Realm was the fourth cultivation realm.

There weren’t many people on the continent who could reach the Heaven Domain realm.  If one could be an expert in an area after they reached the True Spirit Realm, one could be considered an expert on the continent once they reached the Heaven Domain Realm.  Other than some old monsters that hid from the world, Heaven Domain Experts could freely move across the continent.

“This must be the Eastern Territory King mentioned by the four City Lords!”  Mei Ji said in a somewhat worried voice, “His strength is immeasurably deep. This, this……Your excellency black dragon, can you deal with him?”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Lancelot’s laugh was filled with grace and charm, just like a noble and stylish cultivation, “There are weak and strong among Heaven Domain Cultivators.  This demon is only in the Mortal Domain Realm, he can’t even refine his source spirit domain. Death Wing Nidhogg is close to the Sacred Domain Realm and because of his innate advantage as a giant dragon, he could even fight against real Sacred Domain Experts.”

The Heaven Domain Realm is split into three levels, the Mortal Domain Realm, the Spirit Domain Realm, and the Sacred Domain Realm!

Death Wing Nidhogg was in the peak 6th Heaven Domain Layer, being only a step away from reaching the Sacred Domain.  The giant dragon had inherent advantages in terms of strength, so he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even fighting Sacred Domain Cultivators!

This demon known as the Easter Territory King was not weak, but it was at most in the 1st or 2nd Heaven Domain Layer, only a Mortal Domain Cultivator.  He still hadn’t refined a power domain yet, so how could he resist the powerful Dragon Lord?

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