MT Chapter 555


Chapter 555: Extravagant lineup

Mei Ji searched all over to gather an army of forty-fifty thousand.  These were all Darkness City soldiers, but they had no morale at all after that tragic defeat.  This kind of lineup couldn’t take back Darkness City at all. Without Tyrant Barracks secretly sending them supplies, they wouldn’t have been able to survive in this place!

“There is a limit to the supplies Tyrant Barracks can give us and it’s very likely we’ll be found if we stay here.”  Mei Ji was discussing this with Shadow in the temporary camp, “We have to leave this place and find a safer place.”

Shadow was stunned, “Chu Tian hasn’t come back yet.”

“He has already left for several days, we can’t wait here any longer.  This is still in the dangerous zone and our soldiers aren’t stable, it is very easy for something to happen.”  Mei Ji seemed to have already made her decision, “Not to mention, can we really believe the human will send reinforcements?  Don’t be silly, no matter how strong he is on the surface, he can’t reach the Purgatory World!”


Shadow of course knew this, but he was unwilling.  His father had been killed and his city had been taken, was he supposed to run away like this?  That human had done many incredible things, so how would he take care of this matter?

“We don’t have time, we need to leave right now.”  Mei Ji knew that each minute here meant more danger, “Instead of placing hope in an uncertain place, it is better to leave a final seed for our Darkness City!”

Shadow gave a sigh.

They could only do this.

Mei Ji had given the order and when they were prepared to leave the camp, there was suddenly a sentry that rushed over to say, “Vice City Lord, this is bad!  Our location has been exposed, there is a large army coming from the direction of Darkness City!”

Mei Ji’s face fell hearing this, “Which army?”

“Flame Demon City, Dark Shadow City, Dark Gold City, and Dark Beast City, the elites from those four cities.  There is a total of around one hundred thousand soldiers!”

Shadow quickly asked, “Who is leading them?”

“It’s, it’s, it’s……the City Lords of the four cities!”

Everyone’s face turned pale.  Over, it was completely over.

It was already too late for them to run!

This was because as soon as the information came, there was dark smoke that appeared in all directions.  They had first cut off all escape routes and thousands of Winged Demon soldiers had blocked off the sky.

At this time, the elite soldiers of the four cities were quickly approaching.

Mei Ji lost control of the troops and they fell into chaos.  This messy lineup, not to mention fighting, it was already a problem passing down orders.

“Mei Ji, are you surprised?”  A tall and brawny Flame Demon walked out.  He was Flame Demon City’s City Lord, Kildan was nothing more than a vice City Lord.  He had a cultivation in the peak 9th True Spirit Layer and was a step from breaking through.  He was considered a peak expert in the Purgatory World, “You can only blame yourself on being too stupid, taking in as many soldiers as possible.  Did you really think you would have a chance to take back your territory?”

Mei Ji instantly understood.

This fellow used traitors from Darkness City who had already surrendered, allowing them to escape to Mei Ji’s side, finding out where she was hiding.

Dark Shadow City’s City Lord said with a cold smile, “That trash Zorro couldn’t even take care of this small matter, we still had to personally make a move.”

“Don’t waste anymore time!”  Dark Gold City’s dark giant City Lord was impatient, “Go, eliminate them all!”

The army of a hundred thousand charged in!

Mei Ji and Shadow’s hearts were like dying ashes!

The four City Lords were already powerful existences and now they were surrounded by one hundred thousand elites giving them no possibility of escaping at all.

Who knew that when the four City Lords wanted to attack, there was suddenly a voice that came from the sky, “Sorry, I came a bit late, but luckily I came in time!”

Mei Ji was stunned.

The human, the human was back!

When Chu Tian left, he promised that he would bring reinforcements.  Now that he had back, did he bring reinforcements with him? Chu Tian instantly appeared in the air and there were one small and three large figures beside him.  He didn’t bring anything else with him.

Mei Ji was stunned, “Where are your reinforcements?”

Chu Tian spread his hands, “Aren’t they here already!”

Mei Ji was instantly filled with despair.  Four, four people? No matter how strong they were, what kind of storm could four trivial people raise?  They were facing an army of a hundred thousand and just even the four City Lords would be hard to deal with!

The five strange people who had suddenly appeared surprised the four Purgatory City Lords.

Where these fellows come from?  It truly was strange!

The four forest giants looked around at the Purgatory World with a sense of novelty.  They simply did not dare believe it, they had just been on the surface a second ago, but now they had been sent to the underground world thousands of miles underground.

“What kind of little rats are here seeking death?”

“Truly noisy!”  Death Wing did not place them in his eyes at all, treating them as a group of flies.  When the flies began making noise, he was very dissatisfied as he softly said, “Who’ll do it?”

Thunder’s Fury said with a snort, “The Titan’s hands are used to create miracles, this kind of cleaning up is degrading.”

The Elven King gave a helpless sigh, “Let’s observe first.”

“Hey, can you guys take this seriously?”  Chu Tian looked at them and said, “Don’t forget what you came here to do!”

Although they didn’t know what they were talking about, based on the other side’s demeaning tone, the Purgatory City Lords felt they were being insulted.

“Seeking your own death!”

The four were still powerful in the Purgatory World, when had they ever been disdained by others?  Peak 9th True Spirit Layer Experts were rare opponents, not to mention Purgatory City Lords had resources normal people couldn’t imagine.  They were twice as strong as normal True Spirit Experts!

Burst Claw that came out ignored the powerful killing intent released by the four of them and just coldly said, “Don’t make it troublesome, come together!”


Burst Claw evilly revealed a bit of his aura and the four City Lords instantly felt their bodies tremble.  They had a strange feeling as if the one standing in front of them was not a three meter tall unknown foreign race, but rather a hundred meter tall fierce beast!

Burst Claw used a secret technique to suppress his body size, but that didn’t hide his aura.  Just based on a tiny part of it, it was enough to make the four City Lords feel a strong threat.  The four City Lords gained confirmation in an instant, this fellow was a peak expert that had already surpassed the True Spirit Realm!

How could he be this strong?

What made the City Lords even more shocked was that other than the human who looked a bit weak, the others seemed to be of equal status.  Could it be that these were four experts that had surpassed the True Spirit Realm?

This was impossible!

If the Purgatory World had these powerful existences, how could the well informed City Lords not know about them!

No, this wasn’t real, this had to be a trick.  A trivial four people wanted to scare away an army of a hundred thousand from four cities?  It was simply a fool’s dream. If they made a move, they would immediately be revealed!

Although they thought this, the four City Lords didn’t dare attack alone.  They looked at each other and gave the order at the same time, “Kill, kill for me!”

The army of a hundred thousand surged like a wave!

After the four City Lords gave the order to attack, they began to move.  Even if the person in front was someone who surpassed the True Spirit Realm, he couldn’t instantly defeat four peak 9th True Spirit Layer Experts!  Even if this fellow was an expert that surpassed their imaginations, he couldn’t resist an elite army of a hundred thousand!

They would use numbers to smother him to death!

The four City Lords used their strongest techniques.  The Flame Demon raised a sea of lava and his body combined with the lava, with its feet creating waves of flames.  It was like a great demon god that wanted to destroy the world. The Shadow Demon turned into several figures, with each one being very powerful.  They escaped into the void and disappeared on the spot.

Burst Claw faced with this fierce attack didn’t move at all, rather he just gave an angry roar into the sky.


The Shadow Demon clones were forced out in front of Burst Claw and they were all shredded by the roar.  The Shadow Demon’s original body bled from all seven orifices as his mind cracked and his soul scattered, dying on the spot.

The Flame Demon was shaken by the Golden Behemoth’s roar and the flame of magma under his feet strangely evaporated.  Like a fierce attack hitting his body, the Flame Demon’s half elemental body was instantly shattered to pieces and his soul scattered, losing all his battle potential.

The dark giant and the dark spirit beast were a bit further away, so they were less affected by the wave, but they were still heavily injured.

One roar!

Just a single roar!

Four peak 9th True Spirit Layer Experts, one was shocked to death, one was crippled on the spot, and the other two were heavily injured.  The dark giant and the dark spirit beast were stunned. They didn’t know what secret technique this fellow used to actually release this kind of terrifying attack, but no matter what secret technique they used, they were definitely an expert that surpassed the True Spirit Realm.  As for how high their cultivation realm was, it far surpassed their imaginations.

“Want to run?!”

The Golden Behemoth gave a cold laugh and instantly chased the dark giant.  The dark giant was close to ten meters tall, but with a single claw slash from the Behemoth, four bloody blades cut him like an iron blade cutting a watermelon.  The dark giant’s incomparably large body was ripped to pieces on the spot and several marks dozens of meters deep were left on the ground.

Burst Claw had only slashed once and without caring about whether he was killed or not, he disappeared from midair.  He caught up to the dark spirit beast running away and with his claws coming together, the powerful body of a peak 9th True Spirit Layer Expert was actually clapped to pieces by the Burst Claw’s claws.

The four City Lords working together couldn’t even last a single round under Burst Claw’s hands!

This time even Chu Tian was very surprised.  Although he knew that Burst Claw wasn’t weak, he never would have thought that he would actually be this strong!

The armies of the four cities were stunned.

The four City Lords were defeated this cleanly?

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