MT Chapter 553


Chapter 553: Dragon City

The Dragon’s Ridge had Nangong Yun’s secret transport point, so Miracle City’s Transport Tower was directly connected to the Dragon’s Ridge.

The Dragon’s Ridge was the longest mountain in the Forest of Chaos, spreading over tens of thousands of miles.  The entire Dragon’s Ridge was filled with over three hundred kinds of ores and there were over twenty different cities.  There was only a single master here, the powerful Dragon Lord!

No matter how many rumours there were in the forest, when standing in front of the real Dragon City, people would realize just how grand it was.  Dragon City was in the center of the Dragon’s Ridge. With gold as a main theme, it was like a giant wave with a backdrop of grand mountains behind it.

Forest cities occupied large spaces and were very spread out, but Dragon City was very different.  Dragon City was not inferior to Miracle City, with its buildings densely placed, basically being the same as human cities.


Those high towers reached up to three hundred meters and they were all made from fine obsidian bricks with elaborate golden patterns.  Each tower had a dragon living at the peak and the weakest dragon was in the peak 9th True Spirit Layer.

The colourful energy and the rich heaven and earth spiritual energy seemed like it could explode at any moment.

With how big Dragon City was, most of the buildings were useless decoration or purely just works of art.  All kinds of legendary powerful metals and jewels were all displayed here like pieces of stone, showing the shocking wealth of the Dragon Lord.

The gems covered the ground and the crystals were made into walls.  This was a extravagant and luxurious illusion city.

If one had to find the most expensive building in Dragon City, it was the Dragon Palace in the center of the city.

The Dragon Palace was four-five hundred meters tall and humans were just tiny specks of dust in front of it.  This palace was a huge and magnificent project, being able to hold hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention that it used uncommon materials.  It was covered in crystals and seemed transparent, but when one looked deeper, they couldn’t see into it at all. There was light coming from each brick and there wasn’t a pattern scheme to it, it was just like fish swimming in the water.  However, it was filled with a powerful life energy that was filled with beauty and might.

The crystal Dragon Palace was where the Dragon Lord lived.

Just a single brick from this giant palace was enough for a normal person to live a carefree life.

That damn nouveau riche dragon, he really spared no effort in showing off his wealth.  Chu Tian was filled with jealousy looking at it.

In the main hall of the Dragon Palace, each jade column was over three hundred meters all.  Both sides of the hall were filled with precious treasures. This large hall didn’t need to be illuminated, the light from the gems illuminated every part of it.  There was a large throne carved out of crystal placed at the front of the hall which wasn’t a normal throne. This throne was several meters tall and was as high as a building for normal humans.

A black dragon’s several meter tall body casually laid on the throne.  When there was a slight movement from it, the entire gem mountain shook.  The mountain kept shaking like there was a flood shaking up the entire space.

“Lancelot, I don’t remember inviting you.”

The Dragon Lord stretched out its long neck and its thin eyes filled with a threatening gaze.  It was staring right at the Elven King Lancelot like the Elven king filled it with dissatisfaction.

Lancelot gave a casual smile, “You should know that Chu Tian is our Eternal Forest’s most important partner, the elves must guarantee his safety.  I never thought that Thunder’s Fury and Burst Claw would also be here, it really is a coincidence.”

There were two extra figures in the crystal Dragon Palace hall who were no one else by the powerful giant Titan Thunder’s Fury and the fierce looking Golden Behemoth Burst Claw.  The two of them had reduced their size with a secret technique, but the powerful aura could not be disregarded.

“Elf, mind your own business!”  Burst Claw took a step forward. Although he didn’t make a move, an invisible aura came out, instantly knocking over several mountains of treasures, “Even if you are here today, don’t think about protecting this human bug!”

The Dragon Lord’s throne was very dazzling.  The Giant Black Dragon slowly stood up and his dragon aura spread all around him, creating glass shattering sounds all around.  Those were brittle priceless treasures shattering from the experts’ auras, finally turning into dust.

Chu Tian was submerged in the sea of their power.

Even if the Dragon Lord said nothing, this wild anger showed everything, “Miracle City has sold large amounts of dangerous weapons near the Dragon’s Ridge and Savage Highlands, deliberately provoking war, causing large losses for us.  What is Miracle City’s City Lord prepared to say about this?”

“The Dragon Lord needs to have discretion with your words.”  Even when Chu Tian was faced with this situation, his expression didn’t change at all.  His hands crossed behind his back and he firmly took two steps forward, “Who doesn’t know Miracle Commerce does business.  Wherever there is a need for weapons, we will be there. We only have supply and demand in our eyes, money and profits. If it has caused sirs Dragon Lord and Golden Behemoth any trouble, I can only apologize.  I ask you to release my people first and we’ll discuss other matters after.”

Death Wing let out a cold laugh, a sound that was enough to shatter anyone’s mind, “You want me to release the person with a few words, you’re treating this problem too simply.”

“This is a very simple problem to begin with.  Everyone is smart, therefore we know what we should and shouldn’t do.”  Chu Tian casually said without any fear, “That’s right, Nangong Yun is one of my most loyal and talented subordinates, but you’re completely mistaken if you think you can use just this to threaten me and Miracle City.  You wouldn’t need to wait until now to kill a hostage, so there’s no need to go around in circles. Just give me your conditions, we can have a frank discussion about this.”

Death Wing, Thunder’s Fury, and Burst Claw were all stunned.

Although they knew this human Chu Tian was bold, they never would have imagined he was this body.  He was still calm when faced with the three giant leaders.

Although the three leaders had this goal, for Chu Tian to say it this clearly, it was not giving them any face.

The Elven King Lancelot gave a soft cough, “The Eternal Forest and Miracle City are already inseparable allies, so you will have to fight the Eternal Forest if you fight Miracle City.  Doing this won’t do anyone any good, this is something everyone can see, so why not give me some face.”

“Alright, we’ll give the Elven King some face.”  The Dragon Lord shrunk his body again and laid back down on the crystal throne, “What is Miracle City’s City Lord planning to do about this?”

Chu Tian’s reply was very straightforward, “We will stop selling weapons in those areas, give you due compensation, and apologize.”

The three leaders looked at each other in blank dismay.

Was this fellow pretending to be a fool or was he a real fool?

Was this bit of compensation enough?  What do we need your apologies for!

Whether it was the wealthy Dragon Lord or Burst Claw with his powerful army, they didn’t care about this compensation at all and they didn’t need any apologies.  They caught Nangong Yun to force Chu Tian out this time mainly because they were jealous of the elven changes and they wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Only they didn’t have good relations with Miracle City and couldn’t mention this matter.

The three leaders could become leaders of their forces, meaning their wisdom and eyes weren’t weak.

Miracle Commerce was wildly expanding in the forest and all kinds of incredible technology was revealed.  How could the three leaders not see the influence and potential of these items? They wanted to share in these technology like the elves, letting their influence and wealth exploded.  To them, to Chu Tian, and to the entire Forest of Chaos, this was a very beneficial thing.

The four giants with Miracle City.

This was enough to create endless possibilities!

If Chu Tian had come alone, they could talk after capturing Chu Tian, but who told Chu Tian to come with Lancelot.  Although the three of them working together were not afraid of Lancelot, Miracle City has something called a Transport Scroll.  With Lancelot blocking them, Chu Tian could retreat.

Lancelot saw Chu Tian acting like a fool and said, “City Lord Chu Tian, we are all forces of the Forest of Chaos, it is better for use to work together.  I think we should use this chance to let all five sides discuss this matter, what do you think?”

“Cooperation?”  Chu Tian revealed an awkward expression, “Miracle City isn’t lacking in allies now that our development is good.  If too many people come in without following the rules, it would make the alliance too full.”

This seemed to be directly rejecting the three leaders!

Thunder’s Fury’s face fell, “Human, you think you can run freely in the Forest of Chaos just based on you?  We’ve given you face these past few months, otherwise with the strength on our three sides, you really think you can develop in the Forest of Chaos?”

“Thunder’s Fury is right.  Actually you are just a small piece in the forest and you aren’t worth any attention from us with our statuses.  As for the matter of you selling weapons, although it caused a bit of trouble, it didn’t count for much.” The Dragon Lord spoke with a solemn look, “However, Miracle City’s current alliance with the Eternal Forest has disrupted the power balance of the Forest of Chaos, so we can’t ignore it.”

Burst Claw was even more direct, “The Transport Towers, the Space Warehouses, the communication devices, the weapons, the Smart Brains, the banks, the factories, and etc.!  Everything the elves have, we also want or wait for war to start!”

“For this matter?  Just say it earlier!”  Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders and said, “It isn’t that I don’t want to cooperate, only our Miracle City’s resources and abilities are only enough to reform the elves.  I’m afraid it won’t work.”

The Dragon Lord gave a dissatisfied snort, “Dragon City is the richest city in the Forest of Chaos.  Anything the Eternal Forest can take out, Dragon City can also take out. What problem is there?”

Burst Claw and Thunder’s Fury felt the same.

Chu Tian thought about it and reconsidered, “If you want to work with Miracle Commerce and benefit from Miracle Commerce’s technology, then help me with a small matter first.  I believe that with your powers, this matter will be easily taken care of.”

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