MT Chapter 551


Chapter 551: Giant change

The relationship between Miracle City and the elves had entered the honeymoon phase, so they were becoming closer and closer.  With Miracle Commerce’s full support, there were many things that they didn’t dare imagine being completed now.

The Elven Council’s reaction was very weak.  One on hand, they couldn’t suddenly disregard democracy and ignore the public opinion and on the other hand, they couldn’t violate the rules of their ancestors.  The factories were all made in the forest and the elves didn’t need to personally head off to the continent. Their products were being sold directly through Miracle Commerce’s Miracle Shopping Center and they didn’t need to peddle on the continent themselves, so it conformed to their isolation rules.

Their situation was very good now and paths had endless opportunities!

The elves had great powers and resources, but because there were too many choices, they couldn’t cover them all.  Right now, they chose to focus on the domains with great potential to focus on.


The Elven King Lancelot was forward looking leader, so through long term analysis of Miracle Commerce and Miracle City, he found one core and two main development plans.

The core was the most useful bank.

The Elven Bank will be a key point in development.  Not only was the Elven Bank popular among the elves, it also spread to several forest cities outside the elven territory, with some branches even developing in the underground cities.  With the elves’ powerful might and prestige as a guarantee, the Elven Bank’s development in the Forest of Chaos was incredibly smooth.

The two main points were divided into a hard and soft domain.

The soft was development of operating systems and the hard was the development of microprocessors.

The Eternal Forest kept sending people to Miracle City, learning the matrix coding language.  Now the elven programming company is the fastest and strongest company outside of Miracle City.  The various elven cities invested in microprocessor factories and they would make chips for various tools.  Other than Miracle City, they were the only force that began to research computing matrices.

The loans to these two domains had already surpassed tens of thousands of source stones.

Lancelot’s ambition and courage was not something Chu Tian had imagined.

Other than this, the elven citizens had a high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, but most of the private companies were either film or music companies.  They made disks with their music to sell to various regions and some of the more outstanding works were being broadcast through Miracle Commerce’s channels.

This not only brought the elves wealth, it also spread the elven culture to more races. The elves’ foreign trade gradually made more connections and their development kept improving.  The elven tea and art was greatly welcomed among the aristocrats of the different countries. They had now become a symbol of the upper class and were greatly praised.

This change this time was too big and the reform was thorough.  There was a new look everyday.

The elves were filled with excitement and it kept developing.

Miracle Commerce had spent quite a bit helping the elves develop and Meng Qingwu had even sold the secret technology of the company to the elves, but there was a condition.  In all the factories and laboratories built, Miracle Commerce’s high level member would have stocks, so it would benefit Miracle Commerce in the end.

Meng Yingying rode the flying bike around Miracle City first.

She allowed Chu Tian to see all the changes that had occurred with Miracle City.

Miracle City already had a well defined city outline.  The production, living, and entertainment areas were all clearly separated.

The citizen system Meng Qingwu created had already been established.

Each Miracle City citizen had their own identity which was catalogued in Miracle City’s records, making it very hard for outsiders to sneak in.

Miracle City’s defense system was also perfect.  The outer defenses had the city protection barrier as a base layer of defense.  There were also five hundred missile silos all around Miracle City, as well as different kinds of advanced weapons being installed.

The ancient Tree of Life had already grown to three hundred meters and stood tall in the garden in the center of the city.  The ancient Tree of Life’s power gradually awakened, not only making the Miracle City area more bountiful, its powers could also be used to make Miracle City safer.

Cenarius was closely linked to the ancient Tree of Life, so this Treant leader’s strength grew each day.  With him leading the Treants as guards, as well as Miracle City’s firm ally, the Elven King Lancelot there, even a fellow like Death Wing wouldn’t dare rashly head to Miracle City.

The Miracle City army was also expanding, with the second generation equipment being spread throughout.  The research into the warship and the mechs were also progressing smoothly.

The current Miracle City was a power of the Forest of Chaos that couldn’t be ignored!

After Chu Tian’s simple tour, he finally met the young miss he hadn’t seen in a while in the City Lord’s Palace’s main hall.  Meng Qingwu was busy managing the city, but her cultivation was not slow. The Meng sisters were currently in the peak 3rd True Spirit Layer, but this was mainly because Miracle City had too many resources.  The elves frequently sent gifts, which even included Immortal Herbs. With this kind of treatment, even someone with the worst talent could increase their cultivation.

The young miss was now an important person in the Forest of Chaos.

Even the proud elves worshipped her and even the powerful Elven King was respectful to her.  It could be said that the young miss was the real ruler of Miracle City. Every word from her could deeply influence the Forest of Chaos.

A person of this position had the same appearance as when they first met, wearing that same simple white robe.  She had a serious beauty, but no arrogance. That noble and mature aura moved the hearts of everyone who saw her.

Chu Tian was afraid that the young miss would blame him.  He didn’t think that he would be gone for this long. He took the initiative to loudly say, “The True Spirit Pills the young miss prepared for me were damn useful.  I achieved quite a bit in the underground world this time and the young miss owns half the credit! I’ve already finished this pill, give me another several hundred as emergency supplies!”

“All gone?  Do you know how much the True Spirit Pills cost!”

“Miracle City is lacking everything but source stones, what is there to be afraid of!”

Young miss Meng Qingwu didn’t lose her temper as she glared at Chu Tian, “You’re not prepared to tell us where you ran off to play during the past few days?  We’ve tried contacting you several hundred times and couldn’t connect once!”

“That’s right!”  Meng Yingying questioned him in a fierce manner, “When I was sent to work in the elven territory, it couldn’t connect whenever I tried calling your cell phone.  Just what is going on? You have no choice but to confess today!”

“Two young misses, please calm down.  I didn’t think it would be like this, but who told me to go to the Purgatory World several thousand miles underground.  Our existing communication lines can’t pass through this thick layer of rock, so naturally you couldn’t contact me!”

The two sisters revealed looks of surprise and astonishment.

Thousands of miles underground?  What kind of joke was this!

“Don’t rush, don’t rush.  Slowly listen to what I have to say.”  Chu Tian told them his adventures in the Purgatory World, “It should be like this.”

Meng Yingying never thought Chu Tian would have experienced this kind of incredible adventure, “There’s actually such a large space underneath us and there’s over a billion underground residents?  This is too incredible!”

Meng Qingwu knew that Chu Tian wouldn’t lie to her.  She said with knit brows, “There are all these underground worlds underneath us, this is a very big threat to Miracle City!”

“Why does young miss say this?”

“The matter of you and Yingying’s assassination, we’ve already found some clues.”

Wasn’t this matter hard to investigate?  The young miss actually found some clues.  This meant that young miss was worried about the matter of Chu Tian and Meng Yingying’s assassination, spending large amount of mental energy while she was busy to investigate this matter.

“We’ve eliminated the Savage Highlands, the Giant’s Mountain Range, and the Dragon Ridge as suspects.”

“Who could it be if not them?”

“We think the most likely perpetrator are the underground spirit insects, who are the people sent by the Spider Queen who Miracle Commerce has had several conflicts with.”

The Subterranean World’s people?

Meng Qingwu continued saying, “The Spider Queen as the leader of the spirit insects has always been interested in the surface.  She wants the forest to be filled with chaos, that way the spirit insects can take advantage of it. Our appearance has clearly harmed their benefits.”

So it was like this.  They deliberately found the dark elf and spirit beasts, using them to implicate the Dragon’s Ridge and the Savage Highlands, also inciting conflict between the large powers.  Normal people wouldn’t suspect them, so it was a really good plan.

Did he mistreat Death Wing and Burst Claw?

Most of Miracle Commerce’s firearms were being sold into their areas, mainly being sold to their enemies.  Perhaps it has already made them incredibly miserable. But Chu Tian didn’t think that this was a mistake. Even if the assassination matter wasn’t their work, those fellows didn’t have good ideas for Miracle Commerce.

Chu Tian didn’t care that much, “The Purgatory World is very important to us.  As long as we can control the Purgatory World, we can control the Abyss Gate. This will be our foundation for Abyss expansion in the future.”

Meng Yingying was secretly stunned.

Abyss expansion?

This was too arrogant!

Meng Yingying had learned many things from Chu Tian during this time, so she had some understanding of the Abyss World.  Miracle Commerce couldn’t even be considered a peak power on the continent and Chu Tian was already having plans for the Abyss World.  This fellows steps were too big!

Meng Qingwu neither approved or disapproved of this, but she was very interested in the Purgatory World.  After all, this was an underground world and many resources that couldn’t be found on the surface could be found in the Purgatory World, therefore there was strategic value to Miracle Commerce to set up a foothold in the Purgatory World.

“We have enough weapons, I think it should be enough to deal with a Purgatory World city.”

“No, it’s not that simple.”  Chu Tian explained the general situation with Darkness City, “It isn’t enough to depend on our strength this time, I’m hoping to ask the Elven King Lancelot to make a move.”

Meng Qingwu thought about this with furrowed brows.  Lancelot’s current relationship with Miracle City wasn’t bad and if Chu Tian asked him to help, Lancelot probably wouldn’t refuse.  But the wood elves and dark elves didn’t have a good relationship, which could even be considered bad. Lancelot making a move wouldn’t have a good effect, right?

But they couldn’t consider all of this now.

“The Miracle Academy has been finished in Miracle City and we’re preparing to hold the opening ceremony.”  Meng Qingwu planned things for Chu Tian, “The Elven King has attached a great importance to this matter and I’ve also invited the Elven King to attend, so you can use this chance to mention this to the Elven King.”

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