MT Chapter 550


Chapter 550: Returning to Miracle City

The Abyss World was an incredible place.

Chu Tian lived in the planar era where several empires and large companies had already begun planar expansion.  Chu Tian had gone to the Abyss World more than once and the Forest of Chaos area was the most important entrance to the Abyss World on the continent.

At that time, the Purgatory World was a special place for the continent.

It did not belong to any empire or super powers.  The value of the abyss pathway was too big, it was not something a single power or country could monopolize.  Therefore the Purgatory World was very rich and prosperous, it was completely different from the current Purgatory World.


In the history books.

There was a large disaster for the continent in the past, it was around the early to mid source energy technology era.  Countless demons and unknown life forms appeared and the Abyss aura polluted large amounts of land, turning normal beings into cruel demons.  This was the most serious time in history, around three thirds of the continents intelligent beings were lost in a hundred years. It took an entire thousand to two thousand years before they recovered from this event.

The base of this disaster was from the Purgatory World’s seal breaking, causing the aura gathered over countless of years burst out at once.  However, because of this large problem, the people of the continent found the Abyss pathway underground and it became the foundation of the continent’s colonization era.

Chu Tian had found this place ten thousand years ahead of time.

The Purgatory World under the Forest of Chaos was one of the Abyss pathways sealed since ancient times.  This was not just a path into the Abyss, it was also a ruin filled with great treasures left by the great ancient ancestors!

This was an adventure filled with risk and opportunity.

Chu Tian did not know if prematurely exploring the Abyss was a blessing or curse for the continent.  After all, the continent’s technology level was very low and it wasn’t ready to explored the Abyss yet.  Moreover, rashly moving in the Abyss could draw the attention of the Abyss demons. If these damn locusts invaded the continent, it would be a great disaster for the continent!

This was not a small matter and needed to be considered.  The Purgatory World had many Devil’s Gates and a break in one region will not create a complete collapse.  Therefore, the Abyss Gate hadn’t truly opened yet and Chu Tian had time to prepare.

Because of the energy sealed inside the Demon Burial Cave and the Abyss tunnel for tens of thousands of years, although he knew that there were treasures hidden inside, with Chu Tian’s current abilities, he couldn’t survey it.

“The evil aura and Abyss energy stored in the Demon Burial Cave for tens of thousands of years has begun to spread over the area.  This will become an area of destruction in the next few days, we should quickly leave this place.”

Because of the energy attack from the Demon Burial Cave, the Devil’s Gate barrier was very weak and they didn’t need to leave from the entrance.  Chu Tian using the Netherworld Flame and with the little fox’s ability, he could easily make an exit in another place.

This adventure ended mainly in failure.

This was because they couldn’t find a high Immortal Grade Herb and Chu Tian didn’t have the mind to look for it.  First, the Devil’s Gate barrier was weakened, so they could directly come in as they wished without having to wait for opportunities.  Second, there was no meaning in finding the high Immortal Grade Herb.

Chu Tian and Mei Ji ran into the remnant Darkness City soldiers who had escaped, which numbered around four-five thousand.  Mei Ji learned from these people that the City Lord was killed and the Darkness City army suffered heavy casualties, so most of Darkness City’s people chose to surrender.

They couldn’t return to Darkness City.

Mei Ji drew in the remnants and had to find a place to hide.

Chu Tian suggested, “My Tyrant Barracks can probably hold your people.”

“No, the Tyrant Barracks are too close to Darkness City.  Returning to the Tyrant Barracks now will attract attention, should we just walk into a trap?”

Chu Tian felt this made sense.  Right now his plan was to build the Transport Tower before having plans for other places.  Chu Tian arranged for Mei Ji to hide near the spatial ore mine and had Mei Ji take in other refugees from Darkness City.  Chu Tian directly entered the spatial crack to the spatial ore mine, using several days to personally mine spatial crystals, finally succeeding in building a Transport Tower.

This Transport Tower stood right in the middle of the spatial ore mine.

Chu Tian was filled with excitement, he had finally completed the Transport Tower.  This trip had taken close to half a month, he really didn’t know what Miracle City had developed to.  Chu Tian first went out to tell Mei Ji that he was going to the surface to bring back reinforcements to take Darkness City.  He didn’t care if she understood or not, Chu Tian directly used the Transport Tower to head to Miracle City.

With a flash of light!

Chu Tian appeared at Miracle City’s Transport Tower.  The fresh air hit him, it was not something the underground world’s air filled with sulfur could compare to.

The city manager Zero’s voice sounded out without any expressions, “Hello sir City Lord.  The vice City Lord has ordered that as long as you come back, she should be immediately informed.  Do you wish to be connected to the vice City Lord?”

Chu Tian looked around.

Miracle City’s Transport Tower was originally out in the open, but now it was surrounded by a magnificent hall.  In such a short time, Miracle City had built a palace for the Transport Tower. This efficiency could clearly be seen.

Meng Qingwu saw that Chu Tian didn’t come back after such a long time, so she was worried about him.  She had Zero immediately report to her as long as there was any news on Chu Tian.

Zero was the city’s most advanced Smart Brain.

Chu Tian’s authority in the city was higher than Meng Qingwu, so Zero didn’t immediately report to Meng Qingwu, he first asked for Chu Tian’s permission.

“Tell the young miss I want to see her immediately.”

“Understood, sir City Lord!”

Zero’s voice disappeared.

The matter Chu Tian was worried about didn’t happen, Miracle City had been very peaceful over the past half month.  When Chu Tian came out of the Transport Tower palace, the scene before him stunned him.

Miracle City had changed too much in less than a month!

Various large constructs rose into the air and the population had clearly increased.  What made Chu Tian most surprised was the mode of transportation. Miracle Commerce’s most common mode of transportation was the airship and currently the skies over Miracle City were filled with airships.

Most of the airships had the same basic model, but there were large improvements to the structure, especially large amounts of machinery placed at the bottom of the airship.  There were large engines to the left and right that were releasing light blue flames to propel it, giving the quite slow airship considerably greater speed.

Other than the change with the airships, Miracle City had many kinds of unseen modes of transportation.

“Chu Tian, Chu Tian!”

Chu Tian heard a clear and familiar voice in the distance.  Meng Yingying was riding a strange flying car charging at Chu Tian.  This vehicle had two wheels running on the ground with metal wings to the left and right, which also had soaring source energy arrays on it.  This vehicle was also releasing light blue flames, allowing it to fly through the air.

Meng Yingying’s hands were holding the flying bike while she wore a pair of cute goggles and a simple ponytail fluttered in the wind.  She used an elegant curve to stop in front of Chu Tian. She fixed the wild hair on her forehead and jumped off the bike, waving her hand as she shouted, “You finally know to come back?  I heard elder sister say that you ran underground, is there anything fun there? It actually took you this long to come back, you have to explain to me today!”

Chu Tian laughed and immediately changed the topic, “Yingying, what is this toy?  It seems quite interesting?”

“Humph, of course, this flying bike is the newest and best mode of transportation.  However, it is still in testing and there are only a few models, so it can’t be mass produced.”  Meng Yingying said in a proud voice, “Don’t underestimate this bike, it was developed by five departments working together.  From the source energy array to the design, it was finally given to the machine technique expert elves of Silver Moon City to make.  This was made with a lot of effort, but the most important thing is still the engine. This is Miracle Commerce’s first generation engine, the newest airships all use this technology.”

The Source Energy Engine was very similar to Miracle Commerce’s products.

This was an engine that used source energy, creating large amounts of kinetic force.  It generally used a Source Energy Battery to power it and when it was used up, one could use their spirit energy to power it.  It was a very convenient, easy to use, and stable.

“I’ll get even with you later.”  Meng Yingying sat down on her bike again, “Quickly get on, I’ll take you to elder sister!”

Meng Yingying’s bike could support two-three people.

Chu Tian had just sat on when Meng Yingying drove off, rumbling off like an arrow.  This kind of speed was not something normal people could withstand, but it was nothing to cultivators whose cultivations weren’t low.  According to Miracle Commerce’s Yun Sect’s experiments, this first generation engine could propel a flying vehicle to supersonic speeds.

This kind of engine was not just used for airships and bikes, it was also used in factories to move machinery.  With the special speeds of the engine, it was also used on weapons like missiles.

Meng Yingying said that there were many companies established by the elves now.

There was a company called “Eternal Forest Elven Chamber of Commerce” that was very famous.  This company had over three hundred capable staff and they were studying the matrix language developed by the Yun Sect, currently beginning to do system programming.

This company had given an upgrade to Miracle City’s cell phone system and were currently developing a system for personal non artificial intelligence items, even developing a weapon control system.  This matrix language was a very useful modern programming system, which could give orders to Source Energy Matrices.

“Do you see the operating system of this bike?”  Meng Yingying pointed at the keys and monitor on top of the bike, “The operating system of this flying bike was developed by this company and bought by our Miracle Commerce for five thousand source stones.  This is one of their work.”

Chu Tian was secretly astonished, “That powerful?”

“Of course, other than Miracle Commerce, the most specialized are the elven companies!  We now have more and more kinds of equipment, they all need micro systems to manage them.  Miracle Commerce was incredibly busy, but now the elven elites are helping us, it has saved us quite a bit of work.”  Meng Yingying gave a sly smile as she said, “The major shareholder of this company is Vivian and the second major shareholder is this young miss.  We took a loan of fifty thousand source stones from the Elven Bank and it is one of the most important companies in the Eternal Forest!”

Chu Tian always thought the elves were a stubborn race.

He never thought that the elves’ creative ability would surpass his expectation.  From research and development to the new elven cell phone system, the elves seem to regard these things as new works of art.  The elves pursued perfection and requested excellence, giving their products quite the competitive edge!

The Elven Bank had been established for less than a month.

The elven reform had been in effect for less than a month.

There were already sixty two companies among the elves and countless small and large factories.  Hundreds of elven products were now placed in Miracle Commerce, being sold to the three northern countries and surrounding countries, bringing the elves constant wealth.

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