MT Chapter 516


Chapter 516: Assassination

Father is a true talent, just a random thought could yield this kind of effect!

The young miss contacted Chu Tian with the cell phone.  The first wave of funds collected by the Eternal Forest and the elven cities have already been prepared and now they were preparing to handle the second deposit.  She wanted Chu Tian to come to Moonshine Town to sign the contract with the Elven King, also having Chu Tian bring over the Smart Brains for the elves.

Even Chu Tian wouldn’t have imagined it would proceed this smoothly.

The Elven Bank had received two million in deposits, but because it had just been established, they couldn’t use up too much funding.  Therefore, they would first deposit one and a half million into Miracle Bank.


Because the interest for Miracle Commerce was more than double that of the Elven Bank, even if the elves did nothing, just the interest from Miracle Bank was enough to support the Elven Bank.  This was simply lying down and earning money. Moreover, this was only the first deposit and the elves would keep depositing more and more. In short, whatever the elves couldn’t consume would be stored into Miracle Bank and would Miracle Bank be lacking in money?

I’ve placed all the Smart Brains being sold to the elves in the Space Warehouse.”  Meng Yingying ran over to Chu Tian. She was going to Moonshine Town together with Chu Tian, “One and half million source stones, Miracle Bank can have one and half million source stones deposited, this is simply too incredible!”

That’s right!

Who would have expected this ending?

Chu Tian was supporting the Elven Bank on the surface, but Miracle Bank earned quite a bit.

What Miracle Bank didn’t excel at was given to the Elven Bank and what the Elven Bank couldn’t do was giving to Miracle Bank..  This was simply a win-win scenario, creating a happy result!

Chu Tian was not modest at all, “How about it?  Are you shocked! What did the young miss and that fox say?”

Meng Yingying replied, “Delores said that your move was very beautiful, instantly solving Miracle Commerce’s financial problem.  Moreover, elder sister had to admit that this move was just too beautiful. You actually thought of a way of underhanded development, almost perfectly solving several problems.”

Chu Tian broke out in laughter, “So don’t blame big brother for not doing work normally.  It isn’t that I’m not willing, I’m just too strong and you won’t have anything to do if I make a move.”

Meng Yingying pinched him and rolled her eyes, “Stop showing off!”

This wasn’t Chu Tian being smart.

Chu Tian’s business sense was particularly bad, but he had tens of thousands of years of experience.  Even if he can’t think of anything new, can’t he just copy someone? This was very normal for the later generation.

The two of them arrived in Moonshine Town.

The elves had been waiting for a while.

The elves looked at Chu Tian like he was their savior.

The Elven Bank did not just let the elves who normally did nothing strive for a goal, it also created ambition in the hearts of the elves.  They believed that with the ability of the elves, they could make the bank better and better!

“Ten warehouses and ten Smart Brains, three hundred thousand at a friend’s discount.  It includes after service and upgrades. Any objections?”

“No problem, we hope we can cooperate more in  the future.”

It was rare for Chu Tian not to rip someone off.  Whether it was the warehouses or the Smart Brains, they were all things that weren’t sold, with only them possessing it in the world.  Even if Chu Tian sold it for a sky high price, the elves would have no other choice. Being able to buy them for just three hundred thousand, it wasn’t exaggerated to call it a friend’s price.

“The Smart Brain is the essential component of the bank.”  Chu Tian said to the Elven King and City Lords, “This is because the Smart Brains have artificial intelligence, allowing them to have powerful calculation, analysis, and memory abilities.  Not only can it keep the storage space safe, it can also store the customer information for the bank. No matter how complex the data is, it will not make a mistake. Other than that, it can also service the bank customers, store loan information, analyze loan profitability, reduce bad loans, and control risks.”

The elves were dizzy hearing this.

But understanding a bit was enough.

The elves were not good at business and calculations, but the Smart Brains would make it so the elves wouldn’t have to worry.

“Very good.  We’ll deliver the source stones to Miracle City in three days.”  The Elven King was in a very good mood, after all, this was a giant transformation for the elves, “As for the bank’s deposit, I have already reached an agreement with vice City Lord Meng Qingwu and you just need to sign it.”

Of course Chu Tian had to sign it.

This was a deposit of over a million!

Chu TIan simply looked it over.  There were a total of one and half million source stones, split into four parts.  One was at the highest interest for five years, one was at three years, one was at one year, and the remaining was kept for use as needed.

There was no problem at all.

Chu Tian placed his spiritual imprint on the contract, “To our happy cooperation!”

The Elven King carefully took back the contract, “The elves will remember your grace.  How about coming to the Eternal Forest, we’ll properly receive you.”

“Ha, ha, no need for this,”  Chu Tian gave a yawn, “The Elven Bank has just been established, so I imagine your highness is busy enough, but thank you for your hospitality.  There are still matters left in Miracle City, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“That is also fine.”  The Elven King said to his daughter beside him, “Vivian, send City Lord Chu Tian off!”

“Yes, royal father!”

Vivian left Moonshine Town with Chu Tian and Meng Yingying.  Her face was red from her excitement and her hands danced as she illustrated what happened over the past few days.

“The elves have benefited a lot from this cooperation.  The Elven Bank will be very important in the Forest of Chaos in the future, the elves will increase their influence and strength!  However, there is too much unused money in the elves, so storing all the extra capital in Miracle Bank, we can earn quite a bit! Big brother Chu Tian, this idea of your is too great!”

“The Elven Council not stopping this actually surprised me.”

“There is still a bit of criticism from the Eternal Forest Elven Council, but it can’t surpass the citizens and the City Lords.  They had no choice but to agree in the end because there are no losers in this cooperation. In this period of them, the Elven Council has enjoyed the convenience of the Transport Tower and the benefits of the communication device, so their attitudes have already began to change.”

The elves could not just use the Elven Bank to increase the value of their resources, it could also incite and help the elves.  The entrepreneurial loans, the personal loans, and other kinds of loans were all related to the lives of the elves, making it more convenient for the elves.

The elves could grasp all of the Forest of Chaos’ capital through the bank.

If even their purses were controlled by the elves.

Wouldn’t they have to give the elves face!

Miracle City seemed like they were giving up control over the Forest of Chaos’ capital, but they were using the elves to develop faster.  So what if the elves controlled the Forest of Chaos? They had already gathered enough funds for Miracle Commerce and Miracle Bank would spread across the continent, so why would they be set on a small Forest of Chaos?

The Elven Bank being established was a good matter for the large and small forces of the forest.

This was because they had a reliable power taking care of their property.  It would also allow them to spread their business to other areas, being able to directly pay with the Elven Bank’s card, as well as allowing them to earn a stable profit.  When they met a bottleneck in their cultivation, they could take a loan to help them break through. When their business lacked funds, the loans would help take pressure off them.  When they had an idea for a business and didn’t have enough funds, they could apply for a loan…..These various things could all improve a person’s life.

The elves, Miracle City, and the forest tribes all benefited from this!

The Forest of Chaos would still be a chaotic place in the end.  Miracle City couldn’t become a deep power like the Eternal Forest, so why would they waste time trying to open this market.  It was better to give it to a suitable group to open instead.

Now that the cooperation had been established.

Miracle City and the Eternal Forest became allies that couldn’t be separated!

The cooperation would become deeper and Miracle City’s position in the Forest of Chaos would become more stable, which was the result Vivian wanted to see.  Chu Tian had created another miracle.

“I’ll use space teleportation to send you back!”

“No, no need.”  Meng Yingying shook her head and said, “I’ll go to the nearby industrial district to look at the newly built automated factory.”

Chu Tian waved his hand at Vivian, “Alright, you are a vice City Lord and the Elven Bank’s vice director.  They need your help right now, so quickly go. Don’t disappoint me!”

Vivian loudly said with a straight back, “Yes, be assured!  Vivian won’t disappoint big brother Chu Tian!”

After saying goodbye to the two of them, she immediately teleported back to the small town.

Chu Tian went with Meng Yingying to the factory and they were both in good moods on the way, especially Meng Yingying.  She didn’t dare believe that the financial pressure they just talked about a few days ago would be easily solved like this.

Meng Yingying said to Chu Tian, “Miracle Bank has obtained this much deposits, we can invest in the company while also investing in the Great Zhou Country and the Northern Militant Country.  I believe that the company will expand even faster!”

Was there still a need to say this?

When Chu Tian wanted to speak, the cell phone in his pocket rang.  When Chu Tian took it out, he felt very surprised. The one calling him was not the young miss, Nangong, or anyone else, it was Zero.

“Sir City Lord, Smart Brain Number Two has just detected strange powerful life signatures half a minute ago who are currently approaching you.  It’s suspected they are outside experts, please be careful.”

“Strange life signatures?”

Chu Tian slightly knit his brows and immediately became vigilant.  He released his Divine Sense into the sky and in that instant, he felt a strong and strange killing intent.

Chu Tian grabbed the unaware Yingying before jumping away from where he had been standing.  In an instant, an invisible power created a large hole on the spot.

“This is bad!  There’s an assassin!”

Meng Yingying’s face fell!

Miracle City can’t compare to before, so assassins that could come in were definitely not normal people.  Who would send them here?

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