MT Chapter 515


Chapter 515: Mutual benefit cooperation

The Elven Bank attracted a large amount of interest!

The elves had been in the Forest of Chaos for over ten thousand years, they were one of the most ancient races in the area.  Although the elves have weakened in the past millennium, they were still a group with strong influence!

The Dragon Lord, the Titans, and the Behemoths weren’t weaker than then in terms of influence, but the trust they had was far lacking.  The elves had the support of Miracle City’s technology, so they were the power most suited to creating a bank!

Because of this.


Once the Elven Bank was established.

What would happen to Miracle Bank?

The elves had tens of cities and towns in the forest under them, their territory was enough to far surpass that of Miracle Bank and instantly made them the number one bank in the forest.  Such a large cake, Miracle City would give it up like this, how could they be willing?

Meng Qingwu was not anxious to give her views, she understood Chu Tian’s personality very well.

Chu Tian’s thoughts were very sudden, but he never suffered a loss.

Chu Tian had to have a reason for doing this, but what was he thinking?  Meng Qingwu was slightly stunned as if she could guess Chu Tian’s thoughts, “Delores, don’t be anxious about this.  This matter is not a bad thing for us, let’s first observe the situation.”

Delores was stunned seeing that Meng Qingwu didn’t react to this.

This fox girl had a head for business, but growing up in a local tribe of the Forest of Chaos, she wasn’t as experiences as Meng Qingwu who had controlled Miracle Commerce for a year.  After Meng Qingwu wasn’t too shocked by this, she began to have her doubts.

On the other side.

Vivian was high spirited.

The Elven Bank headquarters were set for the Eternal Forest, with the Elven King as the director and the various elven City Lords and her as the Miracle City’s vice City Lord as vice directors of the Elven Bank.

This momentum was unprecedented!

The prestige and influence of the elves were among the best in the Forest of Chaos.  With this kind of support for the elves, it would be a matter of time before they became the number one bank in the Forest of Chaos!  Vivian didn’t have a brain for business, but she still knew how significant it was for them to control the entire forest!

At that time, the elves would definitely have more rights to talk compared to before!

The Forest of Chaos elves could even become a large financial group on the continent!

The day the elves became rich was close in hand, wasn’t this what Vivian always wanted to see?

But Vivian was still a bit reluctant, “Big brother Chu Tian is supporting the elves like this, wouldn’t Miracle City suffer a huge loss?  A bank can only be established with Miracle City’s unique technology, so if Miracle City is given enough time, Miracle Bank covering the entire forest would happen sooner or later.”

Vivian was an elf, so of course she wanted to improve the lives of the elves.

But Vivian was also a part of Miracle Commerce and was Miracle City’s vice City Lord.  She was very loyal to Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce, so she wouldn’t destroy Miracle City’s benefits to help the elves.

Chu Tian casually said, “For our princess Vivian, so what if Miracle City suffers a bit of losses?  Relax, I’ll let you take care of this matter. You will become the greatest hero of the elves and the benefactor that brought riches to the elves.”

Vivian was flattered and nervous, “This…..How could this be?  We can’t hurt the company, I have to decline big brother Chu Tian’s good intentions.  How about I talk to my royal father first and we’ll discuss this matter later? Otherwise, I really don’t know what to say to big sister Qingwu.”

“Vivian, don’t listen to this fellow’s nonsense!”  Meng Yingying couldn’t watch any longer and pulled Vivian to her side, “After being with us for this long, do you still not understand this fellow!  I don’t believe this fellow who can’t afford to lose would suffer a loss, so stop worrying.”

Chu Tian laughed, “Miracle City is not a dictatorship and we can’t be even if wanted to.  Sometimes you need to share benefits, but you can gain much more. Just wait and see.”

Vivian didn’t really understand.

Chu Tian truly wasn’t someone who caused losses for himself.

Vivian relaxed while also feeling gratitude and awe towards Chu Tian.

When the news spread to each elven city and the elven forest, it caused countless elves to become excited.  This was because the elves had been still for too long and opening a bank was definitely an era changing move!

It was inevitable that the Elven Council would argue against this, but the Elven King and elven City Lords all supported this and up to 90% of the citizens all supported this.  The Elven Council could not go against the decision of the people, not to mention that this didn’t require the elves leaving the forest and it followed all the laws!

The plan spread like a raging fire.

This bank could not leave the technical support of Miracle Commerce, therefore the Miracle City high level members joined in the cooperation discussion.

Chu Tian just gave the idea.

The ones truly discussing this was vice City Lord Meng Qingwu and financial minister Delores.  The two were the ones behind Miracle Banking and could represent both Miracle Commerce and Miracle City, as well as Miracle Banking.

The top secret conference lasted for three days.

Finally Miracle City and the Eternal Forest came to an agreement.  The elves would open up the Elven Bank and Miracle City would support them with all their technology.  Other than that, they would buy each other’s stocks, with the Eternal Forest having 10% of Miracle Bank’s stocks and Miracle City having 10% of the Elven Bank’s stocks.

The details of this cooperation was kept secret, but both banks sharing stocks with each other clearly showed without doubt that the Elven Bank was not competing with Miracle Bank, but rather working with them.

Miracle City and the Eternal Forest became closer with this.

Delores underwent an one eighty degree change.

She was confused and even angry at first, but she soon became very passionate.  With Delores’ supervision, the elves changed their hesitant style and immediately held the bank opening ceremony in the Eternal Forest.  Because there was already coverage in the elven area, there were various advertisements for the Elven Bank which the elves all paid close attention to.

How could they not pay attention to it?

This was a large matter that shook the elves.

It was also a large matter that shook the forest.

Meng Qingwu had people film the entire process because this could become historically significant material for future generations.  This allowed the elves that couldn’t come to see a live broadcast of the ceremony through their image transfer mirrors and screens.

Each large City Lord gave a speech.

The Elven Council also approved of this matter.

Finally the Elven King announced the official opening of the bank!

In that moment, all the elves began to celebrate!

The Elven Bank’s establishment was announced in the Eternal Forest, but there were many elven cities and towns that also participated.

The model was basically the same as Miracle Bank.  First they would offer interest for deposits and then give out loans with higher interest rates.  Although spreading benefits was the major source of income, it wasn’t the only source of income. There was also income from services and intermediate services.  Such as off site withdrawal fees, guaranteed loans, leases, pawning, mortgages, and many other services that hadn’t been discovered yet.

After the establishment of the Elven Bank, before their location was set, they announced the interest rates.

The Elven Bank’s interest was much lower than Miracle Bank’s.  A year’s interest was a small 2% and yearly interest on monthly deposits was only 3%.  For half year deposits, yearly deposits, and even higher, they weren’t even half of that of Miracle Bank’s.

Although it was like this, it was still enough.

Before the Elven Bank was established, a large amount was already deposited.  This was the deposit of the elven race, storing five hundred thousand source stones for the Eternal Forest.  The other elven cities all stored close to two hundred thousand. In other words, this newly established bank already had over two million in deposits!

This was just the official deposit of the elven race!

Miracle Commerce also worked closely with the Elven Bank.  After the Elven Bank was established and cards were made, they could also be used to buy things from Miracle Commerce.  This made life much easier and made it much easier to manage items.

The elves were a very united race.

They had absolute trust in the Eternal Forest and the Elven King!

The Elven Bank was the major pivotal change in the elves!

Therefore the elves didn’t hesitate to support it and they wouldn’t suffer a loss, so why wouldn’t they deposit their money?  Would the Elven Bank be lacking in deposits? There were over twenty million elves in the Forest of Chaos!

The elves had prestige.

The elves had might.

The Elven Bank had several million in deposits right after being established and it would wildly grow in the future.  There was the Eternal Forest and the elven cities guaranteeing it and it was impossible to be swindled with the disposition of the elves.

Would the major forest races be afraid that the elves would cheat them of their money?

The tribes of the forest would certainly run to save money in the Elven Bank one by one!

Miracle City had a strong popularity, but they were weak in the end, how could they compare to the elves?  So the Elven Bank smoothly developed and sucked in most of the source stones in the Forest of Chaos!

But a bank couldn’t grow properly with just deposits!

If the bank only has large amounts of deposits and didn’t have any large loan projects, the deposits would in turn become a burden.  The revenue and expenditure wouldn’t be able to form a cycle and the interest from the deposited source stones would create losses for the bank.

The problem arrived.

How could the elves have that many projects?

The elves had just started their reform, how could the elves need loans this quickly?  Not to mention that with the speed the Elven Bank took in deposits, they couldn’t consume it all with just the elves!

What to do?

They couldn’t keep large amounts of currency in the bank to suffer a loss over the interest!

It was best for the Elven Bank to transfer the large amounts of source stones into Miracle Bank with a seat deadline and interest rate.  This kind of deposit would not only reduce the risk for the Elven Bank, Miracle Bank’s interest was even higher than the Elven Bank, so the Elven Bank could earn from this difference!

Miracle Bank’’s situation was turned around by the Elven Bank.

The elves lacked projects, but had plenty of funds and Miracle Commerce had plenty of projects, but lacked the funds.  The elves had large rallying power and influence and Miracle Commerce developed slowly because of their lack in strength.  Now that it was this way, wouldn’t it be a mutual cooperation?

The Miracle Commerce high level members understood this and finally knew Chu Tian’s goal!

After going around, he was still raising funds for Miracle City!

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