MT Chapter 514


Chapter 514: Elven Bank

Chu Tian being surrounded by large amount of worshippers, with most of them being beautiful and young elven girls made Meng Yingying on the side look jealous.  Didn’t you say you came to participate in the meet? You just came to pick up girls!

“Ke, ke!”

“What are you all doing!”

“This is all improper!”


The Elven Council speaker Augusta reprimanded them and the elves quickly moved away.  The Elven King and several high level Elven Council members all came, as well as several elven city City Lords.  Vivian was following behind them and winked when she saw Chu Tian.

The elven meet, Vivian was very happy that Chu Tian could participate.

The speaker’s expression was not good and his eyes were a bit unkind, after all, this was the fellow that destroyed the tradition of the elves, so how could he feel good looking at him?  Chu Tian didn’t care about that at all since his face was as thick as a wall. He immediately brought Meng Yingying over with a smile to greet them.

“You are Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian?”

Several unfamiliar elves looked at him with curiosity.

These were all famous people among the elves, all of them being City Lords of elven cities.  They were considered first class experts even in the Forest of Chaos.

As for Chu Tian and Miracle City, these elves weren’t unaware.  Although Miracle City wasn’t that strong itself, now that it was guarded by the Treants, unless it was a giant level power, other powers would find it hard to threaten it.  It was considered quite influential in the Forest of Chaos, becoming very famous recently.

“Who else would it be if not Chu Tian?”  The Elven King Lancelot introduced Chu Tian to the City Lords before saying to Chu Tian, “It’s said that City Lord Chu Tian has subdued the northern Great Zhou Country, your influence is expanding quite quickly.  It’s gratifying that even though you’re this busy, you came to the elven small town. The elves are filled with gratitude.”

Meng Yingying saw the Elven King was this polite and was extremely flattered, “No, no, no, being invited here is our honour.”

Vivian added in, “I invited big brother Chu Tian.”

Augusta looked very dissatisfied.

This was clearly an elven gathering, how was it proper to invite humans?

“Today is a very festive day, we don’t want to just starve here.”  Chu Tian didn’t treat himself as an outsider, “Miracle City and the Eternal Forest has cooperated for this long and it seems like there has been success.  The Forest of Chaos elves being able to gather together, it really is a hard thing to do!”

An elven City Lord said with a smile, “If the Transport Towers weren’t established in our cities, unless there is a very important matter for us elves, we would never even talk to each other, much less gather like this.”

“That’s right.  City Lord Chu Tian’s technology, we are filled with admiration for you.”  Another elven City Lord praised, “The elves are too far behind the humans!”

Chu Tian immediately said, “Actually the humans are still the same.  The elves are cooperating with Miracle Commerce, so they are considered quite advanced, ha, ha, ha!”

Augusta and the other old fashioned council members all had ugly expressions.

The elves working with Miracle Commerce had already made more and more elves petition for reform.  These City Lord rarely interacted with the Eternal Forest, not even meeting for hundreds of years, so they weren’t as strict as the Eternal Forest in keeping traditions.

Now that the Elven King had connected the areas with the Transport Towers.

The elven City Lords stood on the Elven King’s side.

Chu Tian sat together with the Elven King and Meng Yingying took out the prepared steaks, “Everyone come and taste Miracle City’s steaks, these were prepared by our most skilled Source Energy Chef.”

“Thank you Yingying!”

“This is just too delicious.”

“Try our Silver Moon Forest’s Magic Fruit.”

Meng Yingying was beautiful and had a pure disposition, so she was very easy to get along with.  Not to mention that Meng Yingying’s image frequently appeared in movies, which the elves loved, so Meng Yingying was a celebrity among the elves.  Everyone rushed over to give her delicious things to taste.

“This is my cell phone number, everyone can contact me when you want.”

“What?  You don’t have cell phones and don’t even have communication devices?  No problem, we’ll arrange everything soon and have the signal coverage spread over there.”

This elven gourmet meet not only allowed the elves of different regions get to know each other, it allowed the elves to get to know Chu Tian and Meng Yingying.  Everyone tasted the delicacies of the different regions and soon they became close to each other. Meng Yingying decided to bring everyone to play in Miracle City tomorrow, which made the young elves of the different regions very excited.

The elves had a very rich spiritual life.

When the gourmet meet was half over, all kinds of fashion shows, art displays, tea ceremonies, and music symposiums began to appear.  Chu Tian understood why the elves developed so slowly. The elves spread to many different paths, especially things like art and music.

This should be the innate nature of the elves.

The elves didn’t like fighting by nature, so they didn’t desire strength, influence, and wealth as strongly as humans.

Chu Tian saw the elves partying and his heart felt very happy, “I suggest that we hold this kind of gathering more often.  We shouldn’t limit it just to the elves, we should include the races of the forest and even the continent, that way we can progress from these exchanges.”

“Nonsense!”  Augusta gave a snort and said, “The uncouth spirit beasts and the sly humans, nothing good will happen if those races come together with the elves!  The elves will not allow contact with those evil races!”

This old man’s thoughts were too extreme.

Chu Tian wanted to properly teach him a lesson.

The Elven King said with a smile, “City Lord Chu Tian’s idea isn’t bad, but the Transport Tower costs aren’t cheap.  Although the elves have a free quota, but to hold this kind of event, it wouldn’t enough!”

With several dozen Transport Towers in the forest, if it was frequently used in the future, it would be normal to earn several hundred thousand source stones each month.  If tens of thousands of people were transported back and forth, it would consume too many resources. Even for a large power like the Eternal Forest, they wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

Chu Tian’s heart skipped a beat and said without any changes in his expression, “The elves are that rich, you care about this little bit of money?”

“City Lord Chu Tian is wrong.”  An elven City Lord said, “The elves don’t have any income.  Although we do have some source stones, it was passed down by our ancestors.  If we keep wasting source stones like this, we’ll run out.”

“Now that the elven area and Miracle City are linked, the chance to deepen our cooperation has come.  I think that if we join our strong points together, the future is something to look forward to.”

The Elven King said with a nod, “Vice City Lord Meng Qingwu has already negotiated the terms.  The elves will accept the communication technology into their area and also build Miracle Shopping Centers in each city.  Even if the elves don’t go out, they can buy all kinds of products from all over the continent. Even if the elves don’t peddle, we can also sell our specialties across the continent.  Even if we don’t break the elven race’s rules, we can still allow the elven race to prosper.”

Augusta didn’t directly refute this.

This is probably the Elven Council’s bottom line, no wonder the Elven Council didn’t stop the Elven King.

The young miss already discussed the cooperation terms?  Does she have three heads and six arms?

Chu Tian’s mind slightly moved and he suddenly thought of an idea, “Actually, I have another suggestion.  I think it would be greatly beneficial to the development of the elven race.”

The Elven King knew the humans had many sly ideas, but since Chu Tian said this, of course he had to hear it, “What is it?”

Chu Tian carefully told him his idea.

The Elven King’s eyes lit up as he discussed this with the surrounding elven City Lords.  The elven City Lords all nodded, as if they supported this idea very much. Some of them even had red faces and kept thanking Chu Tian, after all, Miracle Commerce would be giving the elves a lot of help with this matter.

Vivian was even more pleasantly surprised.

She had invited Chu Tian to allow Chu Tian to know more elves, but she never thought there would be such a chance.  They actually discussed such an important matter for the elves. In the future, the elves would work even more closely with Miracle City!

Chu Tian saw the elves happily accept this matter and he felt very satisfied.  This was because Chu Tian knew that although it seemed like Miracle City suffered a loss, it was actually a win-win scenario.

It even alleviated a large part of the largest problem Miracle City had right now.


The next morning.

“Vice City Lord, did you hear?”

“The elves have just announced an important matter with the City Lord!”

Delores quickly charged in.

Meng Qingwu was currently processing paperwork and her brows slightly knit hearing this.  She knew that Delores was not an excitable person and only something huge could make her this excited, “Why did Chu Tian run off with the elves?  What did he do this time!”

Delores swallowed a small mouthful of saliva, “The elves have announced that they are creating the second bank of the forest and the continent, the Elven Bank!”

Meng Qingwu’s eyes popped out.

The elves were opening a bank?  Was there a mistake!

Meng Qingwu quickly found out the situation and the results shocked her.

The elves were truly prepared to open a bank.  Looking at the benefits to the elves, this was completely understandable because the elven regions are opening transport and communication channels, as well as building Miracle Shopping Centers soon.  The communication platform would also be constructed soon.

Whether it was selling items, manufacturing items, selling specialty items, creating new technology, or creating new forms of art, a business boom would come to the elves soon.

The elves announced they would create a bank just for this reason.  The Eternal Forest and the large forest cities would all invest money into this bank and would offer loans for elven businesses.  Wouldn’t this promote elven development?

Of course, even if the bank model was good, it wasn’t something they could do just if they wanted to.

Chu Tian played a key role in this.  He first sold ten Space Warehouses to the elves to let the elves use them as storage space for their bank.  Other than that, he also announced that he would sell ten Smart Brains to the elves, allowing the elves to create a refined and intelligent banking platform.

This also meant.

Miracle Commerce in terms of technology fully supported the Elven Bank.

But why was that?  Once the Elven Bank appeared, most of Miracle Bank’s popularity would be taken!  After all, the elves have a large influence in the forest. Even if one didn’t mention the influence of the elves, just the several elven cities and towns were enough to create a large business opportunity.

The elves had absolute trust in the Eternal Forest and the Elven King, so they were assured in storing their source stones.  Even the other races in the forest trusted the elves. In the future, the Elven Bank could develop faster than Miracle Bank, so what was Miracle City planning?

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